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ETA (17 February 2011): Just an FYI to anyone and everyone who might be reading my strange Twilight/True Blood crossover story...this story, True Twilight: Leah's New Sam, is on pause at the moment, because I'm just not in the mood for it...and because I'm obsessing on and writing a Harry Potter story (which you shouldn't bother reading if you expect book characters, because it mostly involves original characters (six children of sired by Severus Snape just prior to his death), though there is quite the spattering of JKR's characters as well). But don't fret, I'll get back to "Leah's New Sam"...I think I just need season three of True Blood to start (summer 2011) for me to be in the mood again. Cheers! xoxo

Okay's the second installment of my "True Twilight" crossover series...this one is called, True Twilight: Leah's New Sam, and is about Leah Clearwater and Sam Merlotte (the hot owner of Merlotte's in Bon Temps, Louisiana)...though other people will be brought in.

*** Note - for those of you who are new readers to my stories...go back and read, True Twilight: New Home, as it is the first installment of the series.

Soooo, after Dr. Carlisle Cullen moves his family to the sunny south, and they run into the very different kind of vampire that doesn't live there, what happens next? What happens when a Quileute shifter imprints on one who is completely different? Or is he?

All characters belong to their creators (Stephenie Meyer and Charlaine Harris), unless you don't recognize someone...then they're mine...or someone from another show/book. :p

Pairings - Pairing are as they are in the books/HBO series (I think you guys call that canon), though I reserve the right to play with them later...maybe...if I feel like it.

Cast of characters (probably):

Twilight - Leah Clearwater, Carlisle/Esme, Emmett/Rosalie, Jasper/Alice, Edward/Bella, Jacob/Renesmee, Seth Clearwater (and possibly other characters from Twilight)

True Blood (Southern Vampire Mysteries) - Sam Merlotte, Sookie/Eric (officially, but not willingly)...hehe...and Bill and Jessica (living together, but not together), Tara/JB, Jason Stackhouse, Pam Ravenscroft

Rating - I've rated this M, because I don't know what the future holds (or, God forbid, if it'll even be continued)...but there's most definitely profanity within (if anyone's seen the HBO True Blood series, then you understand)...and there's bit of citrus right here in chapter one...but just a a drop. =)

POV - You will never, never, NEVER see "POV" at the top of one of my posts...that's yet another pet peeve of mine. If you can't tell whose POV it is, then I'm sorry (and shame on me)...I do my best to make it clear, but I tend to head-hop, which is just wrong, wrong, wrong (according to the publishers for first time that a word)...but I've been told I do it "gracefully" (thanks Matera the Mad…who probably wouldn't be caught dead in here),! You'll have to be the judge of that on your own. And if you still can't tell whose mind I'm in, then...too bad! :p

So...if you find this fan fiction enjoyable...then read on. If not, then MOVE ON!

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Chapter One

Having just hung up on her mother (something, despite her volatile temperament, she'd never done before), Leah Clearwater tossed the over-priced, cordless (Hammacher Schlemmer, but who really gives a damn what brand) phone onto the plush—very Esme Cullen style—sofa and growled ferociously, then began pacing the length of the over-sized "cottage" she'd been sharing with her brother (and sometimes Jacob Black when he needed a break from his bloodsuckers—which was less and less often these days).

"How could she!" she seethed, her jaw clenched.

Trembling with fury, she took a few deep breaths, which didn't really help, then glared down at the couch when the phone started its high-pitched ringing. God, we really need to change that ring, she thought as she quickly reached down and grabbed the annoying device. Looking at the screen...

Charlie Swan!

"Oh. My. GOD!" Leah roared her frustration as she sent the phone sailing through the back window, shattering the delicate glass—and feeling no remorse for her actions (at the moment)—then ran her shaking fingers through her long, black hair (she'd let it grow long again in the three plus years since she'd first joined the pack—but it might be time for a hacking), clutching it at the scalp and pulling as hard as she could to try to settle herself (or focus, she didn't know). She wanted to phase and go for a run—sometimes that was the only way to stop her almost uncontrollable rages—and even started to unbutton her blouse (no sense in ruining another top if it could be avoided—though part of her would love to throw that in the Cullens' faces too, since all of this was their fault to begin with). But then she stopped with a jerk, as if suddenly remembering she was supposed to be somewhere else.

"Alice's party." she whispered. Then snarling, "Damn it!" she started pacing again. How could I possibly forget all the things this life forces upon me, she thought with a frown. "Nice timing, leech!" she growled as she picked up a pillow and sent it flying onto their not-so-small dining room table—narrowly missing the Waterford Crystal vase that Esme had so lovingly placed at its center. Staring at it for a moment, Leah was struck by the urge to pick up the vase and scatter its shards on the far wall, but took a deep breath and decided against it. Her gaze then went to the shattered back window and, for a second, she felt bad—the Cullens had never been anything but nice to her...especially mom and dad Cullen—but then her cell phone (another "gift" forced on her by the Cullens) started screaming at her from her bag in the kitchen (why it was set on the highest volume was beyond her). It was her mother, she knew by the ringtone without even retrieving the blasted communication device.

Screaming again, Leah dropped onto the flowery sofa and squeezed her eyes shut, hoping to stop the tears she felt burning in her eyes. She hated crying; she saw it as a weakness, and she definitely wasn't weak.

No! I won't cry!

But convincing her body to hold back was harder than she would have liked to admit. In fact, without wanting to, she sniffled, then her lungs constricted and she heaved a sob. At this point she let herself fall into the soft couch cushions and, burying her face in them, screamed out her pain and anger.

But after only a few moments though, she sprung up again.

"Stop!" she commanded herself through her teeth.

Pushing angrily at the tears rolling down her cheeks, Leah jumped to her feet and sped to the first floor bathroom (one of five in the house—like two people needed five bathrooms, or four bedrooms almost the size of the entire house she'd lived in on the rez for that matter) to wash her face. After turning on the cold water and splashing herself, she grabbed the hand towel (so perfectly folded on the countertop) and blotted the wetness away, then stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, but her copper coloring would make it difficult for the others to see it—and thankfully, her perfect skin needed no make-up—but her eyes were a touch red.

Quickly opening the medicine cabinet, Leah had to laugh at the pharmacopeia she found there—everything a household might need (and some)—from decongestants, stomach ache relief, minor painkillers, and after-sun lotion to much stronger prescription meds—just in case. Snorting, she grabbed the eye drops (not just the regular, over-the-counter brand...oh no, that wouldn't do), twisted off the top, then tipped her head back and blinked several times as the cold, almost silky liquid immediately soothed and cleared away the redness. Then, fluttering her very feather duster-like lashes, she leaned forward and looked in the mirror again. Then she shook her head.

"How could you do this, mom?" she whined pitifully. "Charlie Swan, of all men."

Leah didn't hate Chief Swan. In fact, she'd always liked him—he'd been one of her father's very best friends—but the idea of being related to the man's daughter (now a Cullen), infuriated her. Not that she hated the chief's daughter either though, but...

Feeling tears welling again, she took a deep breath and tried to think of something else. Anything to get her mind off what her mother had just told her. But then an image came to mind. Bella. Isabella Marie Cullen.

"Bella!" she hissed, then turned and rushed out of the cottage, storming toward the back entrance of the Cullen home.


Wasting no time, Leah grabbed the door handle of the large back door and, using all the strength she possessed, pulled hard. As she wrenched it open, slamming it into the wall, it was so loud that it sounded very much like a great hurricane wind might have ripped the entire door, and possibly the door frame, clean off the house—not that Leah heard anything at the moment, except her own boiling blood coursing through her veins.

"Isabella Cullen!" she hollered furiously. "Why didn't you tell me?"

At this she heard her brother say, "Uh-oh," then whisper (probably to Jacob), "I bet she talked to mom," but Leah was too enraged to realize her brother obviously knew why she was seeing red (which was a good thing—for his sake).

Sweeping into the full dining room through the wide main entrance, Leah went straight to Bella (who merely turned her head and looked up at the angry woman). Trembling in her fury, her words flew out so quickly that, when she finished (with a snarl), all she received were looks of confusion from everyone at the table. And Bella, hardly moving (in typical vampire fashion), except to raise her brow, shifted her eyes to Jasper Cullen—who just shook his head (as if answering an unspoken question), which only served to piss off Leah more.

Then someone else spoke.

"Leah?" Seth said with uncertainty as he slowly stood to go to her.

At this, Leah's head snapped in her brother's direction and she lashed out, a stream of Quileute, with its total lack of nasal sounds, spewing out at him, and causing him to immediately snap his mouth shut and drop back into his seat.

At this Jacob's chest rumbled angrily—and with embarrassment. Shifting Renesmee on his lap (obviously not wanting to wake the child), he barked a harsh alpha reprimand (about her inexcusable behavior), demanded an apology and commanded her to join the group—all in their native language.

Leah flushed then, her dark eyes flashing with undisguised anger and frustration, turned toward Esme and quickly did as she was told.

"Please forgive me, Esme," she said ground out. "That was very...rude." Though the apology was forced upon her (alpha's orders always got matter what), she sincerely meant it—but that didn't mean she was pleased that it was against her will. Her eyes downcast, she went to the only empty chair (another part of her pack-leader's order)—which had been pulled out for her—and sat down heavily.

Once sitting, Leah stared blankly at her plate, her thoughts turned so inward that it was as if she were the only one at the table—or in the room for that matter. An awkward silence had fallen (due to her outburst), but she didn't seem to notice that either. And neither did she notice that everyone's eyes were upon her.

And then conversation started again, as if the woman hadn't blown into the room like an out of control windstorm.

Not at all listening to those around her, Leah kept her eyes on her plate for several minutes while she worked her jaw, clenching and unclenching the muscles in her neck in an effort to regain her composure. Loss of control was something she struggled with often (thanks to the return of the Cullens) and, though she didn't like it, she knew she had to get a handle on it.

They're not bad vampires. They're not bad vampires, she thought over and over again, taking a deep breath with each repetition.

Slowly, and with one more breath, Leah picked up her napkin and placed it on her lap, then reached for her fork and stabbed a piece of meat (someone, probably Seth, had filled her plate while she'd been zoning). Bringing it to her mouth, she took the bite, chewed and swallowed, then poked the utensil into another chunk without looking up at those no longer watching. Thankful to be eating in human form (she still didn't like hunting and eating as a wolf), she took several more bites (once again amazed that Esme Cullen's cooking was so delicious), then picked up the glass of white wine (Sauvignon Blanc) sitting in front of her and took a large gulp. Grimacing, because she'd meant to pick up her glass of water (also in a wine glass), she moved to set the alcoholic beverage down—but stopped and drained it instead. And that is when her eyes flickered up and connected with the vibrant blue ones of the man sitting directly across from her.

Instantly, she felt an electricity flow from her center, radiating out to her extremities and humming over her skin, making the tiny hairs all over her body stand on end (not that there were many—Native Americans don't have much body hair). Nervously, she looked away, her eyes flitting first toward others at the table (they didn't seem to have felt the jolt that had so electrified her), then quickly back to her plate. Noticing that the charge had retracted some, she frowned briefly at her uneaten food. But then she felt it again—the charge—and her head snapped back up. Cocking it slightly, she narrowed her dark eyes on the very light ones of the man across from her and pulled her brows together in a confused frown. A deep blush darkened her copper-colored face, then, as if an epiphany came over her, the heat coloring her cheeks reversed itself, giving her formerly glowing skin an almost a flat gray pallor. Then, sucking in her breath, she dropped her glass (which shattered on her plate) and abruptly stood (overturning her chair), then turned and fled.

Out! she thought. I must get out of here! her mind screamed in panic as she scrambled, desperate to escape the overly crowded dining room in vampire house—and the man who'd somehow sent a jolt of...something...through her entire body.

Yanking the front door open and running out into the night (leaving the door wide open behind her), Leah's eyes filled with tears, causing her to stumble—though she was usually as sure-footed as the rest of her kind—and fall to the ground at the bottom of the stairs. Grunting on impact (her knees and palms scuffed), she was quickly on her feet again and moving—she had to get out of there!

"No, no, noooo," she whined as she rounded the main house and headed for the place she now called home. Could my life be any more of a disaster?

But, as she approached the ridiculously large cottage, she felt the annoyingly unavoidable urge to change forms vibrating in her stomach—so she ran for the trees instead, phasing on the fly before she could even make and attempt to suppress the need. For the most part, she was amazingly controlled—when it came to the phasing part of what she was—but something had happened in the Cullen dining room and, knowing exactly what it was (but not wanting to admit it), she'd had to get out before she ripped out of her clothing in front of everyone.


Silence had descended upon the Cullen dining room. For a moment no one spoke or moved; everyone just sat there and stared at the opening through which Leah Clearwater had disappeared—it was awkward.

Then someone moved.

Picking up his drink, Jason Stackhouse said, "That's not at all weird. What the fuck's wrong with your sister, Seth?"

"Jason!" Sookie hissed.

Jason looked at his sister, his eyes typically vacant and full of puzzlement. Then he seemed to figure it out and glanced at Seth. "Sorry," he said, giving the man a nervous smile.

Seth glanced at Jacob, then looking back at Jason, he shrugged. "Leah is weird."

From across the table, Sam Merlotte watched the two darker men exchange their look, but he wasn't really paying attention to the conversation going on—until the two men narrowed their eyes on him.

"I'll...go after her," Jacob finally said as he slowly rose to his feet.

This seemed to amuse Seth, who grinned and nodded toward Sam, then said, "Maybe he should go after her."

This stopped Jacob in his tracks. Half the table had risen to help with the mess (including Sam), but now Jacob stood staring at the bar owner—they all stared at him, but only a few with comprehension.

"OH!" Esme said as she sucked in an unnecessary breath. Smiling, she was on her feet in a millisecond, making the mess disappear in another, but her eyes kept going to Sam. "You really should go after her, Sam," she said before whisking the broken glass out of the room.

Frowning, first at the woman's retreating back, then at everyone else, Sam's eyes settled on Jacob, who, clearly not going after Leah anymore, had lowered himself back into his chair.

"Me? Why me?" Sam asked—but no one answered him.

With a shake of his head, Emmett Cullen leaned in and said, "What's going on?"

Rosalie rolled her eyes, but didn't answer. Instead she looked at Alice and silently mouthed something which caused Alice to drawn in her breath sharply.

"Oh! I see," Alice said as she grinned at a returning Esme. Then she frowned. "Well, I don't really see, because you mutts are so good at keeping me out, but...this is just perfect!" she exclaimed excitedly.

Still smiling, Esme nodded. "All will be right with her world now." Then she looked at Bella and said, "Drop your shield, honey, so that others will have some understanding."

Frowning, Bella nodded, and it was immediately evident that she had complied when the eyes of the two mind-readers at the table widened. First Edward, as comprehension dawned, then Sookie, at the other end of the table, when she started receiving the thoughts of those around her. Her end of the table was completely confused, but after reading Jacob's thoughts she no longer was herself.

"Oh! Sam," Sookie said, "you have to go after her."


"Just go!" Sookie ordered, pointing in the direction of the foyer. "Hurry! And don't be afraid to show her who you really are."

Frowning, Sam slowly moved around the table and left.


Once outside, but still standing on the porch of the Cullen house, Sam raised his head and inhaled deeply. By the time he'd gotten outside, the Clearwater woman was gone, but he picked up her scent immediately and started in the direction she'd gone. Circling the house, he came upon another smaller house in the back and, thinking she'd gone there, he headed that way. Then he stopped as he received another smell; it was the woman and yet it was not.

Breathing deeply again, he looked around, then started toward some bushes. Squatting down, he pushed some brush aside and frowned at what he found—a pile of shredded material. Picking them up, he examined them, then brought them to his nose where he realized they belonged to the woman he was pursuing.

"You're a shifter," he whispered with surprise, a smile quirking up the corners of his lips. Then Sookie's words came back to him. Don't be afraid to show her.

Dropping the now useless material that, until just seconds before, had been the woman's clothing, Sam shifted as well (to make tracking her easier), then began following her scent through the foliage.


Leah had been running at full speed, in a direction that was away from the dinner party and the blue-eyed man—until she heard something behind her and realized she was being followed. At first, thinking it was either Jacob or Seth, she slowed, then came to a stop—too late realizing that it was neither her pack-leader nor her brother; that, had it been either of them, she would have heard them inside her head by now (which she hadn't). Too late now to continue her flight, she decided on fight. She was, after all, spoiling for a good one. At this point, anyone would do.

Maybe it'll even be a vampire, she thought hopefully, a smile tugging her wolf lips up as her mind went to the fight they'd had with newborns Victoria (and Riley) had created. That is why we exist, she mused, almost with glee.

Crouching, to be ready to attack, she raised her hackles and started to rumble a warning growl, but was shocked when a medium-sized dog (tiny compared to herself) appeared.


It hadn't taken Sam long to find the woman (she'd not gone far), but he wasn't at all prepared for what he found. In front of him, seemingly poised to attack, was the largest gray wolf he'd ever seen. So large was she, in fact, that he (in his usual go-to form of a collie) could have easily walked right under her without even brushing the fur of her underbelly.

"Holy fuck!" Sam said after unconsciously shifting back into his human form.

Standing there naked, Sam was frozen in awe—but not for long. A split second after becoming human he shifted again—this time into a wolf nearly identical to that of the woman.


Leah had been prepared to fight something menacing—a vampire, perhaps—but the tiny dog hardly seemed threatening. Then, in the next moment, when the dog became a man—a very naked one—she immediately recognized him as the man who'd been sitting across from her at the Cullen's dinner table. And then, a second after that, the man changed again—he became a wolf that, except for now being slightly larger than her and having crystal clear blue eyes, was nearly indistinguishable from herself.

Confused, Leah dropped to her belly, but kept her muzzle pointed at the now larger animal. Suspiciously, she watched as the other wolf, first only eyed her, and then slowly approached. Pulling back her ears as he neared, she fought the urge to roll to her back and whimper with fear, then hated herself for feeling such an emotion. She hadn't run from danger since she'd joined the Quileute wolf pack and she didn't plan on doing it now.

But it took more of an effort to push herself to her feet than she thought it would, like she was weighted down with lead or something. It was almost as if her alpha had given her a direct command and she was being forced to submit. Sort of. But not really. Because, if that was the case, then she probably wouldn't be able to break free.

But this was different too and she knew why; she was fighting a losing battle. She'd been told what it would feel like—it would be all-consuming and unstoppable. But she hadn't believed—not really. She'd been so devastated by what she'd perceived as a betrayal by the two people she loved more than anyone else that she didn't listen—she didn't want to. She couldn't. But now she felt it too.

But she also felt anger, because she didn't like this loss of control. Something inside her was forcing her to want this man that she didn't know and she didn't like it. And, though she knew it wasn't his fault, she wanted to strike out at him—attack him. But she could not. Instead, she mustered all her strength and turned to run, but only got a few yards away before the other wolf pounced on her.

Letting out a yowl of fear, she struggled against the wolf she knew in her heart to be her soul mate, then growled and took his ruff by her teeth. Biting down hard, she continued her futile fight against fate, only to find herself securely pinned beneath him. He was stronger than she, and she hated that too. But then, as her resistance finally drained, because she knew it was a losing battle, she whimpered defeat (for the moment) and lay still. That was when the wolf on top of her began licking her muzzle—an unexpected act for one in his dominant position. In an instant, and before either one realized it, they both shifted back to their human forms. The man, his naked body pressing down against hers, stared into her dark eyes, caressed her cheek to brush away her tears, then lowered his lips to hers.

"Marry me, Miss Clearwater," he whispered between kisses.

At this Leah sucked in a breath, but lay there motionless—and speechless—but only for a moment. When the man's words finally reached her brain and comprehension dawned, she scowled and began struggling against him again.

"Get off me, freak!" she spat as she pushed against the man's bare chest. Unable to budge him, she curled her fingers and, digging her nails into his chest, broke his skin (drawing blood), then did something she'd always thought beneath her—she tried to bite him like one of the bloodsuckers would/might have.

At this, the man grabbed her wrists and effortlessly pinned them to the ground on either side of her head, effectively making it so that her snapping teeth had no chance of reaching him, then maneuvered his hips and legs so that she couldn't do any damage below his waist.

"Get. Off. Me," she growled through clenched teeth, her eyes wild in her fury.

"Not a chance, cher," the man drawled with just a touch of a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his clear blue eyes. He'd never forced his attentions on a woman before—and rarely called anyone besides Sookie, cher—but he hadn't missed the instantaneous connection between himself and the wildly beautiful woman who lay beneath him—naked.

Leah blinked, then resumed her struggle—to no avail; the man was just too strong. She considered phasing again, to thrown him off (both literally and mentally), but figured he'd just do the same—it wouldn't help. Stopping again, she tried to calm herself. Her chest heaving as she drew in breath after breath, Leah glared up at the man. He was a stranger (just like everyone else in this weird place; Bon Temps was like living on another planet, as far as she was concerned), and yet there he was, lying on her—naked!

"What's your name?" he asked quietly.

Ignoring the question, Leah turned her head to the side. Her eyes going in the direction of the Cullen's enormous house (which she couldn't see through all the trees surrounding them), she wondered why no one was coming to her aid. Surely Jacob and Seth knew this man had followed her out—but they were nowhere to be found.

"They aren't comin' for ya, cher," the man said sympathetically. Then, with a slight smirk, he added, "I guarantee it."

Her eyes flashed furiously at his audacity and, frustrated, she turned and looked into the man's eyes; they were shining brightly, almost glowing, even in the lower light of the last quarter moon. "How do you know this?" she asked him.

The man grinned. "Because they sent me after you."

Leah's eyes widened in surprise and her jaw dropped open. "You're lying."

The man only shook head.

"No," she whispered. "They wouldn't." The thought of Seth and Jacob betraying her cut deeply. She knew she got on Jacob's nerves (admittedly, she'd been pretty bitchy), but she didn't think he hated her, not enough to abandon her. And Seth—he was her brother! Feeling a familiar, and agonizing, pain rising in her chest, Leah's eyes filled, then quickly overflowed.

"Ahh, cher," the man said as he slowly released her left wrist and brought his hand to her tear-streaked left temple. Using his thumb, he wiped away the wetness, then lowered his lips and kissed away the ones on the other side. "Don't cry. It's not what yer thinkin'."

Taking a deep breath, Leah squeezed her eyes closed and tried to concentrate. No, it's not what you're thinking, she mused silently. How could this be happening to me? she wondered, her heart constricting with pain. After all this time, she'd actually begun to hope she'd never imprint on someone. She saw how it turned them all into mindless idiots and didn't want that for herself. But now she understood—completely. No wonder Jacob insists on staying in the main house; he needed to be with Renesmee. There was no choice. And Sam! Swallowing hard at the thought of what she'd put Sam Uley and Emily (and the pack) through, Leah's eyes filled again. But this time the tears were gone before they could trail down her face.

"Please...tell me your name," the naked man asked again as his lips traveled over her face.

Shaking her head, because she didn't know if she had it in her to speak, Leah slowly moved her free hand, which still lay in the dirt beside her head, to the man's forearm and curled her fingers firmly around it.

Smiling, the man halted his kisses and stared down at her. "Shall we go back inside so someone can give me your full name, Miss Clearwater?" he asked.

Her eyes widened once again, mortified by his suggestion (not that most of those in the house hadn't already seen her unclothed—nudity, unfortunately, came with the territory of shifting and, at one point or another in the last three plus years, she'd been seen by both packs and all of the Cullens), she swallowed again, then whispered her name. "Leah."

"Now see, Leah Clearwater, that wasn't so hard, was it?" he asked.

Hmph! Well, something else sure is, she thought, feeling the definite arousal of the man on top of her. Then she blushed—then opened her mouth to lash out at him again.

But, before her sharp tongue had a chance to tell him what she thought (or answer his question), the man started kissing her again. Angry at the situation, and at him for unknowingly putting her in it, she tried to resist—but quickly found that she was unable; the imprint was too strong. Soon she was kissing him back, and just as passionately. He'd released her other wrist and had both hands in her hair—and her own hand, now free, had tentatively moved up to his slightly scruffy face.

"Marry me, Leah Clearwater," he said again, this time as he rained kisses over her face, then down her neck to her bare shoulder.

Leah shook her head. "No. I can't. I don't know you."

He chuckled, then shifted his position so that his lips could travel lower, his hands following—one finding a breast and pinching her nipple (quite hard), while his lips found and latched onto the other.

Gasping at his intimate touch, and the pain/pleasure he was inflicting with his hands and mouth, Leah frowned. She'd only had one boyfriend in her lifetime and that hadn't ended well, but she couldn't say that she wasn't enjoying this attention. Actually, Leah couldn't say anything at the moment. Instead, she just moaned as the man continued to devour her. After Sam Uley, she'd avoided any and all romantic entanglements by keeping her distance from men—she didn't think she could stand another broken heart—but here she was, entangled again (quite literally), and outside in the dirt, and liking it.

"Oh, Leah," he groaned, burying his face in her neck and grinding his hips against her. "You're so warm."

Breathing heavily, Leah almost laughed; her body temperature did run higher than a human's so she was used to being warmer than them, but she was surprised that his body wasn't as warm as hers. "What are you?" she asked.

Chuckling, he lifted his head and stared down into her questioning eyes. "Now I know how Sookie feels when people ask her that."


He smiled. "She works for me. She's at the dinner party, but someone didn't stay around long enough to meet everyone," he teased.

Leah blushed and glanced away.

"Sook was pretty blonde sitting between the two bloodsuckers at the guest end of the table," he explained as he took hold of Leah's chin and turned it so that she was facing him again.

"Sounds like leeches aren't your favorite people either," she gathered.

The man shrugged. "Not particularly."

"And yet you came to the Alice Cullen's party."

"I had to find out what was going over here."

" A freak show...that's what's going on here!" she snapped angrily. Then she took a deep breath. "So...what are you?" she asked again after a short pause.

"A shifter," he said, as if that should explain everything. "Same as you."

"No! Uh-uh," she said with a shake of her head as she pushed at his chest. This time the man allowed her to get free, standing as she scrambled to her feet and following as she started walking back the way they had come.

"I am not like you. First you were a dog, and then you looked just like me. I can't do that! I am only a wolf!" she exclaimed with a gesture at herself.

Taking her hand to stop her, he said, "And I have never seen such a huge wolf. What are you? A werewolf?" he asked tentatively.

Leah shook her head. "Carlisle says we are shifters."


Leah nodded. "Yes. My people...the Quileute."

"Jacob and Seth?"

Leah nodded.

"Holy fuck!"

The corners of Leah's lips quirked up a bit at the man's profanity, which she rarely heard living among the Cullens (Esme wasn't a fan of such language). "Well, if you think my wolf form large, you should see Jake. He makes me look small," she said. Then pausing for a moment, she stared up into the man's almost glowing eyes. "What's your name, shifter man with the very blue eyes?"

"I was wonderin' when you'd get around to askin' me that," he chuckled, then reached for her. Holding her head, he kissed the tip of her nose, then spoke. "Since we've now gotten naked together and all."

Leah laughed nervously, then closed her eyes when he began kissing her again. This went on until her knees were weak, making her wish they were still lying in the dirt. And the he gave her a shock that almost stopped her heart.

"My name is Sam," he whispered, kissing her again. "Sam Merlotte."

Instantly Leah stiffened, then twisted out of his grasp. "S-Sam?" she repeated as she took first one step, and then several more, away from him, her hand going up to cover her mouth.

Sam nodded, a confused frown on his face as he watched her back away with an almost horror-stricken look on hers. "Yeah," he said, taking a step toward her. But then he froze when she burst out laughing.

"Sam? Your name is Sam? Are you kidding me?"

Shaking his head, Sam frowned. "Why would I do that?" he asked, studying her closely. She was laughing, but it was more...manic, than anything else. Obviously his name bothered her. Why, he had no idea. Deciding to try again, he reached out to her.

"Do not touch me!" she exclaimed, holding up her hands and backing away. "Stay away from me!" she said, then turning, she started away from him, phasing as she went, and disappearing into the trees.

Watching her retreat for only a second, Sam shifted and went after the strange wolf woman. He just had to find out what was going on—and marry the woman.

Author's POST Script

Oh...I also meant to mention something else...I went back and changed a few things in the dialogue of chapter 17 of "New Home" (first story in series). I felt that I'd used Leah's name too many times and that Sam should have already known it...unless he's just stupid (which he's not). He probably should know it, but I needed him to ask if this chappie was going to work. Anyway, you can either just assume he was completely zoning the few times her name was used...or...that he was asking to be a southern gentleman. =) Sorry for the inconsistency. *sigh*