Title: What If

Disclaimer: I do not own the movie "The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice", TNT does.

Author's Note: I couldn't help after watching after watching the movie on DVD. What if somehow Flynn does convince Simone to come back with him? This and chapter 2 is just my imagination.

Genre: Romance

Rating: T (to be safe)

Pairing: Simone/Flynn

Chapter 1: Their New Beginning

Flynn knew he could not live without Simone in his life so he tried again.

"Simone I know that you want to leave and rest in peace, but I need you in my life. Now I am not trying to clingy but," began Flynn and added, "How about this if you come back with me and we can test the relationship. If it doesn't work out then I will let you leave in peace. Deal?"

Simone was silent. Somehow she could never resist his charm; especially after the first kiss he gave her.

"Okay I will take your deal and will leave it doesn't work out. We just need to stop by my place for a few things if that is okay with you for the short term and when I need more I will just quickly go there and back."

"Not a problem," said Flynn knowing what it was she needed.

With that they made their way back to his hotel so he could get his stuff, checkout, and change the reservation for his flight home to after sunset and add hers as well.

Once she got what she needed and shipped the rest they had a few hours of interlude in between.

As soon as they got back to New York that first he noticed it was dark, perfect to take her to the library.

"How about we drop our stuff off and you can get the blood in the freezer, would you like to come with me to the library so that I can drop of the Chalice? And maybe afterwards I can show you around."

"Sounds great," Simone said with the smile that still made his heart beat fast.

A short time later they walked hand in hand down the stairs and they first stopped at Charlene's office.

"Flynn you're back," began Charlene then noting the happy look on his face and had a woman on his arms.

"And I see that New Orleans treated you well."

"Yes it has. Charlene there is someone I would like you to meet, this lovely lady here," began Flynn, "is Simone Renoir. Simone this is Charlene."

"It's nice to meet you Simone," said Charlene shaking Simone's hand thinking I knew that Flynn would be able to find someone new.

"Pleasure is mine."

"Uh I need to need to get the Chalice to Judson and then I have a lady to show the sights and sounds of NYC."

"You know where to find him."

"I most certainly do."

He whisked Simone around and he led her out of Charlene's office.

Soon they entered the private collections room and Simone was a bit surprised.

"This is where the Chalice will be kept mon cher," said Flynn leaning and gave Simone a quick peck on the cheek.

"Flynn you're back," said Judson out of the blue and he added, "and you seem rested."

"Yes sir and with the Chalice," said Flynn handing Judson the Chalice.

"Who is the beauty here?" asked Judson taking the Chalice.

"Oh where are my manners? Judson this is Simone Renoir, she is the one responsible for helping me find the Chalice. Simone this is Judson."

"It is such as pleasure to meet you," said Judson offering his hand and added, "I see one of the reasons why Flynn is happier."

"Thank you sir," said Simone shaking Judson's hand.

"Well Judson. I am off to show Simone around town and then get home. Oh and Judson we may need talk about one important thing on Monday."

Judson had a good idea what it was.

They got back to his place so that they could change out of travel clothes and into leisure clothing and took her out for a night on the town.

A few hours later the two were back at his place and as messy as it was maybe they could work something out.

After getting her daily meal, Flynn snuck up on her, wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered, "You know there is something I am looking forward to."

"Oh what is that mon amour?" asked Simone cuddling into his embrace.

"Remember after that first night we met after the good time you showed me had me cornered?"

Simone knew exactly what he was talking about.

No sooner did he leave teasing kisses did she become the fierce kisser and proceeded to do the same thing. Only this time they both knew that she wouldn't leave in the morning.

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