Chapter Forty:

"Sara? No, you can't take her!" cried Grissom.

Warrick patted the man on the back. "I'm sorry. You misunderstood. I didn't come to take Sara. I came here for Sara."


Warrick smiled at the sleeping child.

"I always knew Sara would be a good mother…just as you're a good father," stated Warrick. "I…know Eli will become a fine man."

"He's sick."

"It's just a viral infection. He'll been fine in a few days."


Sara stirred.

"Sara is so afraid of losing him…like she lost David. She's overdoing it."

"I know. Warrick, is she…is the baby going to be alright?"

"She's going to be just fine," he said with a smile. "But she…needs to slow down. Stop worrying so much."

"She's so protective of Eli…afraid something is going to happen to him."

"Yeah, well, she needs to talk with Greg. He can tell you what it was like to have an overprotective mother."

Grissom chuckled.

"So…it's a girl?" grinned Grissom.

"Yes. Tell Sara she can decorate the nursery…for a girl."

Grissom smiled.

"This is the last time I get to come. I know Eli is going to be fine now that you and Sara are fine."

"Warrick…we're going to adopt Eli."

"That's great," smiled Warrick.

"I was thinking about keeping Eli's name…as Brown."

"I would prefer that he used your last name," stated Warrick.


"He'll belong to a family who share the same last name. Besides, it will give a few brownie points to have the last name of the well known entomologist, Gil Grissom."

Grissom grinned. "Are you sure?"


"Sara is saving photos as well as collecting stories from the team about you. Your son will know you, Warrick. I promise."

Grissom rubbed Eli's back when he stirred.

"Remember to have a talk with Sara."

"I will."

"Specifically tell her to 'let up'. She'll understand."

Warrick started for the door but stopped. "Hey Gil?"


"It's a good thing you have a house with five bedrooms. You're going to need them."

Grissom frowned. "What is that supposed to mean?"

Warrick chuckled. "You don't want me to tell you everything. It will spoil the fun."

"Yes, I do! Warrick!"

Warrick chuckled as he waved goodbye.

Grissom hurried to the doorway, hoping to get a glimpse of Warrick but he was gone.


Grissom turned and smiled at Sara. "Go back to sleep."

Sara checked Eli's temperature.

"He feels cooler," she sighed.

"It's just viral."

"I thought I heard your voice. Were you talking on the phone?" she asked.

"No…Sara, I want Eli's last name to be changed…to ours."

She smiled. "Okay."

"Also…you need to let up."

She frowned. "Let up?"


She glanced down at the sleeping child.

"You think I'm being too overprotective?"

"Yes…we do."


Grissom smiled. "He said you would understand."

Her eyes widened. "Warrick told you to tell me that."

"Yes, he did."

Sara sat up immediately.

"Okay…I will."

Grissom sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I take it that was some kind of code between the two of you?"

Sara grinned. "Sometimes Nick and Warrick would harass Greg, so I would tell them to let up. When Greg went into the field, it made me a little nervous. Inside the lab he was safe…but out in the field he could get hurt. Warrick would tease me by telling me to let up…stop being an overprotective parent."

"You did become a bit overprotective after Greg was beaten."

"And you didn't?"

He grinned.

"He also said that it's a good thing we have a house with five bedrooms."

"Does that mean the team is going to be staying over a lot?"

"You have to admit. We have a good supply of babysitters when we need them."

"Yes, we do," she grinned as she caressed her abdomen.

"Is everything okay?"

"She has the hiccups," replied Sara.

"So you think it's a girl too?" he asked.

"It's better than referring to her as an 'it.'"

"We need to get started on the nursery."

"But…we don't know…."

He hushed her with a kiss.

"I have some inside information….that's it's a girl."

"Warrick told you?"


"Are you okay with that?" she asked.

"We'll have a son and a daughter," he said with a twinkle in his eye.

A few months later, they brought their daughter, Elizabeth, home.

Eli marveled at the baby, bringing toys to her along with a book, The Velveteen Rabbit.

"She looks so much like you," whispered Grissom as he watched his daughter sleeping.

Sara sat nearby rocking Eli to sleep.

"He's so in love with her," gushed Sara.

"He's going to be a wonderful brother to her," smiled Grissom.

Catherine appeared in the doorway.

"Okay, I have first shift," she announced. "Sara, you better get some sleep while you can."

Catherine took the sleeping toddler from Sara.

"I'll get this little fella to bed."

Grissom helped his wife to her feet.

"How are you feeling?"

"I can't stand the stitches…but I'm good. I still can't believe she's finally here," stated Sara as she reached over and caressed her daughter's cheek.

Grissom pulled her into his arms. "We should have done this years ago," he said gruffly.

She grinned as she slowly pulled her husband away from the crib.

"Come to bed," she whispered.

"I can't…stop looking at her," he admitted.

"She's angelic when she's sleeping but you'll see her other side when she wakes for a feeding," teased Sara.

Grissom spooned his body up next to Sara's.

"Already she has you wrapped around her finger," stated Sara.

"Yes…she does…and I never want it to end," he confided.

Sara groaned when she heard a crash upstairs.

"I'm not sure I want to know what that was," stated Sara.

Brass chuckled. "No doubt it's another broken lamp. You know, you told them they couldn't play football in the house."

"Yes…but it's raining," defended Grissom.

"Gil…you have two grown men and a toddler playing football upstairs," whined Sara.

"Sara, Eli loves to play with Nick and Greg," replied Grissom.

There was another crash.

Sara tried to get up but Langston stopped her.

"Sara, you can't go up the stairs," warned Langston.

"I wasn't. I was going to go to the kitchen for a snack before dinner."

Catherine and Grissom exchanged looks.

Sara caught the exchange.

"Look, my doctor said I could walk…around."

Brass chuckled. "Sara, you haven't walked in months…you waddle."

Sara swiped at him and he ducked.

"Sorry honey, but it's true," admitted Grissom.

"You try carrying twins and see how you walk," she huffed.

"Sara? Sara, I didn't mean to upset you," soothed Grissom as he caught up with her in the hallway.

He grinned when she turned, her stomach colliding with his.

"You're very beautiful," he said softly.

"I'm large…and I can't see my feet. I'm always hungry and…I spend most of my time in the bathroom these days," she groaned.

"You're carrying twins," he answered as he reached out and caressed her abdomen.

"I'll just be glad when I can see my feet again."

"I've enjoyed this…every moment of it," assured Grissom.

"You're not waddling," she huffed as she headed toward the kitchen but then halted.

She grabbed his hands immediately.

"Why is the floor wet?"

Grissom stepped back and looked.

He glanced up. "Sara, I think you're water broke."

"Does this mean I don't get my snack?"

"This is a joke," muttered Sara.

"Sara, take the test."

"Gil, I can't be pregnant."

"Yes, you can."

"We've been careful."

"Explain your symptoms."

She moaned.

Bruno ran through the house as the twins chased after him.

"Eli, will you read me another story?" asked Lizzy.

"We'll read it together," he offered.

An hour later, Sara remained curled on her bed.

"Have you taken it?" Grissom asked from the doorway as he held one of the twins.

Sara nodded.

Grissom kissed Matthew as he whispered into the young boy's ear.

Grissom set him down and he ran into the other room to play with his brother.


"I'm pregnant…again."

Grissom sat down on the bed.

"You don't seem happy about it," he said.

"I hate morning sickness," she groaned.

He smiled slightly. "It will pass…unless it's like…"

He didn't want to remind her how sick she was with the twins.

"Have you called for an appointment?"


He leaned down and kissed her.

"Five children," she said softly.

He grinned.

"You look rather smug," she miffed.

"I get another chance…for a girl…like Lizzie," he replied.

"What if it's another boy?"

"Then I won't have to worry about Lizzie. Her brothers will protect her."

Sara smiled.

Grissom curled up next to Sara.

"I was thinking…Jim is considering retiring. He's inquired about…the Toliver property."

"The bank finally cleared it in probate court."

"He would make a good neighbor."

"You just want some help with the boys."

"That too," smiled Grissom sheepishly.

"Gil, are we crazy?"

"I don't understand," he said as he caressed her cheek.

"Eli is seven, Lizzie is four and the twins are going to turn three next month. The baby….will be here in seven months."

"I don't understand why you think we're crazy?"

"You were looking forward to getting your study back."

"I'll take another child over a study any day," he beamed.

"How are we going to…"

He interrupted her with a kiss. "Eli has wanted to move upstairs for the past year….and you know that wherever Eli goes, Lizzie will want to go as well. The twins will be next to us and the nursery will get to remain a nursery for a few more years. I can wait to have my study back."

"You think they will be okay…up there alone?"

"They will Bruno as well as Leo. Not to mention at least one of the guys or Catherine and Lindsey on the weekends."

"Jim is coming this weekend. He wants to go fishing in the creek."

Grissom frowned. "Sara, there are no fish in the creek."

She grinned. "He knows that. He just wants to come and sleep in the hammock out back."

"Sleep around here?"

"Okay so he likes being around Lizzie and the boys."

Grissom smiled. "Catherine and Detective Vartann are getting serious. She asked to bring him to dinner tomorrow night."

"Oh that," she said softly.

"Oh that?"

"Catherine hasn't been serious for…years."

"She was serious about Warrick."

Grissom's jaw dropped.

"Catherin and Warrick…were together?"

"Catherine never let anything happen…she's regretted it."

He eyed her. "I don't understand your reaction to this Vartann fellow."

"That is old news," she said pursing her lips.

"So…you've known about him for some time?"

"Yes. Just like I know Greg is dating one of the techs on first shift while Nick has met this new girl who works on the bomb squad."

Grissom looked shocked. "Bomb squad?"

"They confide in me."

He frowned but then grinned. "Well, I know something that you don't."

"Really?" she challenged.

"Brass has been coming so he can visit with Mary. It seems the two of them are getting serious."

Sara looked excited. "Really?"

"Mary confides in me," he teased.

Sara elbowed him.

"That could be considered spousal abuse."

She chuckled.

Grissom pulled his wife into his arms. "Just think Sara how much we've accomplished in just a few years. We have a house full of kids."

There was a crash in the other room.

"If we turn out the lights, maybe they will think we've gone to sleep."

Grissom covered them up as small hands tapped on the covers.

"Mommy and Daddy are sleeping."

There were a few giggles as small bodies descended upon the bed.

In a matter of moments Grissom and Sara were surrounded by their four children.

"At least we can still fit in the bed," commented Grissom.

Leo jumped onto the bed.

"It's just Leo," giggled Sara as they felt the cat trying to get under the covers.

Bruno ran into the room and leaped onto the bed.

"Bruno!" whined Grissom.

"It's okay," soothed Sara.

Grissom tickled Lizzie and she giggled.

He then attacked the twins who burst into laughter.

Eli was next.

The bed finally stilled.

"This is nice," smiled Sara. "We're together in one bed."

"The family that sleeps together…"

The bed fell to the floor with a thud.

"Honey, I think we need a new bed," he announced.

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