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His Betrayal

The white walls of my room mocked me, as did the icy silence that followed my every move now. Life just wasn't the same. No one really understood that I needed a life outside of Evos and saving people. Under the hero, I'm still a teenager.

I got a long lecture on disappearing and betraying Providence when I got back.

Betraying, yeah, sure. I snuck away when I wasn't supposed to and I did a lot of things that were dangerous. I lied a little bit. I showed off a little bit. And most of all, I met Circe.

And that definitely counts as betrayal.

I know I did a lot of things wrong on my little spring break away from Providence. But I'd rather accept the harshest punishment they can think of like a man then live my life without those experiences. Because those experiences were all I wanted.

I betrayed Providence. Hell yeah. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat, no questions asked. I was never going to listen to anyone. I'm an independent person and no one can control me. Not even if they put a shock collar on me.

Nothing could control me. Ever. Nothing.

And my parents are my main priority. I kind of turned my back on them. I learned a lot about myself with my short lived spring break, and I realized that family isn't all you really need. Friends and love and a warm beach are enough to keep me alive and well for about three or four days. And I never had a single thought about my mom and dad.

And going back to Providence repaired amens and it had to have healed the opened wounds. And if it hadn't, then I don't know why Doc Holiday hugged me like crazy when we got back. And Six even decided not to shoot at Bobo for being a useless ape that couldn't control me.

So it couldn't have been a bad thing, right? They welcomed me back instead of kicking me out.

I think that the hardest part of it all had to be that I couldn't help the person I cared about most. There was always just something about Circe that set me off. Maybe it was her way of just setting me off to save her or the fact that she was the only one who didn't yell at me because she was mad. Only because she was annoyed. And there is a difference there.

But Circe needed my help. I should've helped her. I could've set her free from Van Kleiss. But I couldn't. I tried so hard, but she kept pushing me away, further and further until I was nothing more than a long lost shadow on the edge of the horizon.

But for a mere moment, less than the blink of an eye, I had thought of leaving Providence to be with Circe and Van Kleiss. Then I could have all I ever wanted. But no.

And the worst part is that I could've saved Circe.

I should've saved her.

Because I betrayed her.

And now she's gone.

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