Leader: Icestar-White tomcat with amber eyes and a scar down the eye and on the side
Apprentice: Quickpaw

Deputy: Shadowheart-Beige she-cat with yellow eyes and dots under the eyes

Medicine Cat: Snowdrop-Black and white she-cat with white spots on her back and head, and hazel eyes
Apprentice: Dreampaw

Elders: N/A

Queens: Featherstream-(silverstream101)-Gray tiger-print she-cat with blue eyes
Kits: Stormkit-Shadowkit-Snowkit-Cloverkit

Warriors: Frostleaf-Black tom with white underbelly and a lot of spots; icy-blue eyes

Whitewater-Brown tabby with blue eyes

Lightningrain-Silver she-cat with black stripes and purple eyes

Apprentices: Dreampaw-Medicine Cat Apprentice-Grey she-cat, distant blue eyes, and white paws, stripes, and belly
Mentor: Snowdrop

Quickpaw-Warrior-A small white tom with tiger stripes and brown eyes
Mentor: Icestar

Kits: Creamkit-5 moons old-Cream-colored she-cat, blue-green eyes, white belly
Mother: Snowdrop (Adopted)

Cloverkit-5 moons old-Light brown she-cat with darker brown markings and clover green eyes
Mother: Featherstream (Adopted)

Graykit-5 moons old-Red kit with cream-colored belly, inner ears, and tip of the tail; gray stripe running from head to tail and gray paws; green eyes
Mother: Unknown

Snowkit-4 moons old-white she-cat with blue eyes
Mother: Featherstream

Shadowkit-4 moons old-black tom-cat with yellow eyes
Mother: Featherstream

Stormkit-4 moons old-a black she-cat with amber eyes


Leader- Sparrowstar: A rusty-brown tom with a grey back and a black stripe that goes from his nose to his tail. He has light black spots on his feet as well as white paws and stomache. He has blue eyes.

Leafpebble- a black she-cat with orange eyes.
Goldencloud - A tan she-cat with brown paws and a light brown-white stomache. She has yellow eyes. And is Pinknose's mate.{Deceased}

Foxfang- a she-cat that looks like a fox. She has blue eyes and a black stripe from her head to the beginning of her tail. She has a cement looking gray color on hwe back and a white belly and muzzle
Foxheart- a she-cat that resmbles Foxfang though the gray is located on her forehead, ears, noe, tail, back and legs. She has purple eyes and no black stripe like her sister. Her belly is white.
Iceclaw- A grey she-cat eith light grey paws and a dark grey tail, back and forehead. She has blue eyes and five black dots under her eyes.
Redfeather- a red tom with grey paws, back, and tail. has orange-brown eyes.
Ravenclaw: A black she-cat with purple eyes, white chest, white stripe on face, and white paws.
Jadeeye: A white she-cat with jade eyes,silver tail, and one black paw.
MoonStripe: a black and grey she-cat with small with dot on back.
Dewpelt: a small black she cat with bright blue eyes
Mistheart: a blue- grey cat with white stripes and white ear tips, she has green eyes.

1. Devilnose: A pure black tom cat with one red eye and one yellow eye. (The medicine apprentice.)
Applepaw: An orange tabby tom with spots and brown eyes. {Mentor: Sparrowstar}
Tigerpaw- An orange tom with three black stripes on his back. He has green eyes.{Mentor: Leafpebble}
Ravenpaw- A black she-cat that looks dark purple. She has red eyes.{mentor: Moonstripe}

Hawkkit- A brown tabby tom with a white chest, he has one yellow eye and one blue eye. Should be an apprentice but clan leader, mother and Medicine cat won't let him. (You will find out why.)

Precious- A kittypet thaty wondered into the teritory. She is black and white and has green eyes. Leafpebble wanted to return to her duties so she is nursing the kits.

Pinknose- an orange cat with black spots and purple eyes. He has multiple battle scars. His mate is Goldencloud.

Medicine Cat-
Angeltail- A grey she-cat with a tan stomache and muzzle. She has spots like a leopard. She also has green eyes.


Leader: Orangestar -A tabby she-cat with blue eyes.{Apprentice: Deathpaw}

Deputy: Darkheart- A white she-cat with red eyes.{Apprentice: Bloodpaw}

Medicine Cat- Grayheart- All gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Warriors: Shadowtail- darkgray she-cat with green eyes and whitepaws.
Bloodheart-A pureblack she-cat with red eyes. {Apprentice: Snakepaw}
Birdpetal- a brown she-cat with green eyes.
Firestreak- A golden tom with amber eyes. {Apprentice: Whitepaw}
Willowcloud- a black she-cat with a white curve that in circles her eyes, nose, and mouth.{Apprentice: Diamondpaw)
Rubystar-A pure black she cat with a scar on her head and red eyes.
Ravenfrost-A grey and lightbrown she-cat with green eyes and spots like a leopard. {Apprentice: Tigerpaw}
Berrypetal- A light colored she-cat with dark blue eyes
Blackheart-A pureblack she-cat with lighter flecks and deep blue eyes.

Falconpaw-small little tom with black stripes across its red-fur.
Diamondpaw-Tiny little she-cat with crystal clear blue eyes.
Deathpaw - Runt of the litter she-cat who takes after her mother with all black fur and red eyes but very sweet. ( Bloodstar's kits)

Snakepaw~ reddish brown tom with blue eyes, white chest, paws, and tail tip.
Whitepaw~ silver she cat with darker stripes and dark purple eyes.
Bloodpaw~ golden tom with emerald green eyes and brown markings. (Falcondance's kits)

Queens:Shadowpetal ~ a black she~cat with silver eyes and one white paw. Expecting kits
Demon- a black she-cat witha white paw and a white back leg and a golden neckles with a blue cross .
Falcondance~ russet she cat with darker stripes and
emerald green eyes (expecting kits).
Eagletalon- A bluish gray she-cat with red marking on her. She has a strange glowing pendant, and her eyes are purple, and she has white paws. She is expecting kits.
blossomwing,a gray tabby she-cat with white spots and silver blue eyes.

Silverkit,silver like she-cat with white spots and green eyes.
Darkkit,black tom with one white paw and green eyes.
dovekit,white and silver she-cat with silver blue eyes.
(Blossomwing's kits)


Lionstar-Golden yellow tom with distant green-gray eyes
Apprentice: Falconpaw

Apefoot-Dirty gray tomcat, black stripe down the back, beige underbelly, muzzle, and paws, gray eyes
Apprentice: Strompaw

Medical Cat:
Diamondpelt-Black & white she-cat, leopard spots, blue eyes
Apprentice: Crowpaw


Noear- Deaf tan tom with orange eyes. He is still young, but isn't allowed to be a warrior.

Toadtail- Old, sickly, brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Dovespirit-A gray she-cat with a white underbelly, paws, and tail tip; blue eyes

Infernotail-A red tom with deep green eyes and tiger stripes
Apprentice: Morningpaw

Wheattail- Brown tom with amber eyes.

Pathheart- White she-cat with a black muzzle. She has one green eye and one orange eye.

Falconpaw-Russet she-cat with darker stripes and white paws; green eyes
Mentor: Lionstar

Crowpaw-A sleek black tom with a white underbelly and green-gray eyes
Mentor: Diamondpelt

Morningpaw-(Fireheart126)-A light gray tabby tom with yellow eyes
Mentor: Infernotail

Stormpaw-(ase)-A dark gray tom with raccoon-like markings and brown eyes
Mentor: Apefoot

Redkit-5 moons-Red tom with blue eyes and leopard spots

Spottedkit-5 moons-Orange spotted tom with yellow eyes.

Grasskit-5 moons-Brown she-cat with green eyes.
Mother: Dovespirit

Okay. These are the cats in my new story. The first 3 clans are RPGs on . Check 'em out if you want! They are cool! The third was origianlly called LionClan so check that out. Some of the cats are made up in it since it isn't very large, but I can use it with permission. I am the leader of two while my bestfriend is the leader of two as well, so I have right of passage to use them. I hope you like the first chapter of Hawkkit's Prophecy.