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Hawkkit put his paw in front of his eyes. "Not yet mom… five more minutes."

"Hawkkit, a time if war is coming. Several times of war are coming."

Hawkkit's tail twitched.

"You must prepare for these battles. Only one half of a prophecy has been seen. StarClan must get the other half to the clans."

Hawkkit moved his paw and blinked away the blurriness in his eyes. A cat with a starry pelt stood in front of him. "Holy StarClan!"

The cat tilted its head. "Remember these words Hawkkit. Let the Hawk and Raven soar and the Tiger fall to the darkness bellow."

Hawkkit snapped his eyes open. He looked around and saw an unfamiliar nursery. When he glanced around confused he spotted a brownish-red she cat curled up beside him.

"That's Graykit."

Hawkkit looked to the right and spotted Shadowkit licking his paw. "She was found in the forest. No mom or anything. Icestar felt bad and accepted her into the clan. She is going to be a warrior soon."

Hawkkit's tail twitched. Abandoned? He stared at Graykit as she slept. He slowly stood and slid around Graykit quickly and silently. Padding out of the nursery, he took a big whiff of cold air.

He yawned and stretched his tired muscles. He closed his eyes and let the wind blow threw his fur. He opened his eyes when he heard so ice crunch. He glanced to see a brown tabby tom padding toward him.

"Hello Hawkkit. My name is Whitewater. Icestar wanted me to tell you to wait by the entrance. Shadowheart and he will be ready to leave in a few."

Hawkkit nodded and left the brown-eyed tom to himself.

He yawned widely as the GlacierClan leader and deputy stalked up to him.

"Wonderful day for a long trip!" Icestar said cheerfully,

Shadowheart glared at him with smite. Wonderful day? It was freezing.

Hawkkit yawned and shivered slightly. He didn't like the cold weather. The sooner he got back to the SparrowClan camp, the better.

Hawkkit yawned loudly as they left the camp. He padded on slowly after the two cats.

They had just passed bush of blue berries when Icestar stopped and looked at Hawkkit. "You must be tired little one. Climb on my back. I will carry you."

Hawkkit blinked then shook his body. His mother had taught him not to rely on anyone! Not even her! "I'm fine Icestar. I can walk." He said the leaders name with no respect at all. He only needed his clan. Not anybody else.

Shadowheart let a hiss out. "Watch what you say you little—"

"If you say so Hawkkit." Icestar gave Shadowheart a look before going forward along the path. "We're almost to the border... we need to turn left a little so we can take the two-leg bridge!"

Hawkkit nodded and picked up his pace. He wanted to get home. If he didn't Tigerkit will take the soft moss in the nursery. He opened his mouth and stopped. He wasn't certain, but his mom often smelled like the scent he was smelling... was it... Hawkkit squeaked in terror and ran behind Icestar. He shivered and stared at a nearby bush.

"What's wrong, Hawkkit? You're safe with us, and there's nothing in these woods that poses a threat." Icestar stated this in amusement. He was partly trying to convince himself.

Hawkkit's tail twitched nervously. Something smelled familiar. Something not safe. He just couldn't put his paw on it... But, Icestar and Shadowheart were skilled warriors. Leader and Deputy... If they didn't smell anything then there was nothing there... r-right? Hawkkit slowly continued walking on. He stared at the large bush until it was out of sight; he let out a sigh of relief. Maybe he was just being paranoid. They would get back to SparrowClan. Safely. His fur that had been puffed out from fear was now lying flat and looking sleek.

Shadowheart rolled her eyes at the kit.

"Ahh! The bridge! Almost there, Hawkkit, almost there!" Icestar quickened his pace.

Hawkkit scrunched up his nose at the scent. He hated how they smelled. Hawkkit noticed Shadowheart smirk at his discomfort. Evil little she-devil.

"Hawkkit, are you okay?"

He wanted to say yes but he could smell something strange, that wasn't two-leg. Hawkkit shuffled his feet and looked around uncertainly. Something was wrong. He had a bad feeling in his paws. "Nothing." He would keep it to himself.

Shadowheart growled. "Can we go now?" She asked impatiently.

Hawkkit smiled as he started to recognize the terrain. Forest and Plain. They should be in SparrowClan camp by the sunset!

"Lead the way, now, Hawkkit...we have no idea where the camp is." Icestar pushed Hawkkit forward with his tail.

They walked through the open plains for a few before padding into a thick forest.

"So, about how much farther, Hawkkit?" Icestar asked casually.

Hawkkit glared at Icestar. "Keep your pelt on you flea bag. We're almost there." Hawkkit huffed and opened his mouth. Mewing happily he darted to the right and ran quickly.

The two GlacierClan cats hurried after him.

Hawkkit smiled as they came to a large pile of bramble. "Don't get you fur stuck." Hawkkit slid under the bramble with a small, "Ouch."

Hawkkit heard Icestar chuckle and Shadowheart grunt before following him inside the camp.

Yes! He was finally home!

I hope you enjoyed this. :D