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"Ahhhhhh!" Starfire's screams echoed down the halls.

Four teens ran into the room weapons at the ready. " What is it Star?" Robin asked fretfully.

Starfire blushed as she shuffled her feet. " Oh Robin! Ummm, I was excited of over..." she mumbled sheepishly.

The others groaned as Beastboy cried, " Staaaar! I was beating Cy in a video game!"

" Were not you little grass-stain!" the big metal teen retorted.

" Were too tin man!"

They bickered like old maids all the way down the hall as Robin followed calling to play winner. " Well, I guess I'll leave then-" Raven started.

" Oh no friend Raven you must see what friend Bumblebee has sent me in the mail of e!"

" Email?"

" Oh yes! Come look! It is most exciting!" Starfire could barely contain her squeals of delight.

Hey Titans Girls!

The Leader of Titans East invites all female Titans over for a sleepover at my tower! Don't worry the idiots will be staying over at Titans Tower. RSVP the minute you get this and be here at seven. Get ready to have a load of fun!

"Oh joy. Can I go now?"

" Raven! We must go! It would be most fun. We will talk about our...crushes, yes? And try on each others clothing and eat pizza. Oh Raven please!"

" Sleepovers aren't really my thing..."

" Oh but Raven, you might actually have fun, besides, do you really want to stay here with the boys?"

She had her there. " Alright, alright, quit pestering me."

"Oh glorious! I thank you friend Raven! You are the best friend ever!" she hugged the lavender haired girl tightly and flew off to tell the rest of the Titans.

" What have I gotten myself into this time?" Raven shook her head and levitated off to pack.

" Friends! Raven and I shall be leaving in one hour and will not be coming back until tomorrow morning." Starfire announced as Raven looked embarrassedly at the floor.

" What! Starfire, where are you going? Why? You can't go! What if we have trouble?What if-mmph!"

Cyborg had clamped his hand over the Boy Wonder's mouth. " What he means to say is, I'm really worried and I don't want you to leave." he said wiggling his eye-brows as Robin karate chopped his arm. " Ow! Man what was that for?"

" Starfire!" Robin cried.

Raven had had enough, " Listen you three, Starfire and I are going to a sleepover over at Titans East with Bumblebee and the rest of the Titans. We're leaving in an hour and-"

" WHAT! Your sleeping over with boys!" Robin exploded.

" Raven! Starfire you can't go! There are boys!" Beastboy yelled.

Everyone stopped to stare at him. " What?"

Cyborg stepped in, " Girls, be reasonable-"

Raven cut in, " Starfire, have we not been room-mates with these idiots for around two years?"

" Oh yes Raven, we have been sleeping on the same floor with them for quite some time.''

The boys faltered at this. " Well-still, that's,"

" Different!" They all shouted.

" Oh please, besides. Bumblebee kicked them out, they're bunking here anyway."

" Well still." Robin huffed.

" Do not worry Robin we shall be back before you know we've been gone. You can now have the bonding time of boys."

" Still. It might be dangerous."

Raven rolled her eyes. Time for their secret weapon. She nudged Starfire's stomach. Starfire walked up to Robin slowly and quite seductively and he gulped. Oh god.

" Robin..." she asked.

" Y...yes?"

" We must go. Please. It would mean a lot to me. And I promise to spend extra time with you once we get back if you miss us."

She had put on...The Face. The adorable face that even Raven couldn't resist. Pouty eyes and lip quivering just a bit with a large smile and a hopeful look on her face. Robin was putty.

" S..su..sure Star. Whatever you say.''

She grinned victoriously, " Oh thank you Robin!" she swept him up in her arms and gave him the hug of his life.

To add to the lets-make-Robin-putty-game she kissed him on the cheek leaving him banging into walls with love. " Anytime Starfire." he murmured with a glazed expression on his face.

Cyborg and Beastboy tried stifling their laughter as Starfire grinned naughtily with her hands on her hips. A faint murmur of "Whipped" ran through the room. Even Raven had to chuckle a little.

Their moment was ruined when the doorbell rang and two mini tornadoes swept in the room. " Hola signora Starfire!" they held identical boxes of chocolates and love struck looks on their faces.

Robin growled and would have pounced on the spanish twins when Starfire's voice broke out. " Farewell friends, we shall be back tomorrow! As she and Raven flew out the door.

Robin looked at Cyborg, who looked at Beastboy, who looked at Speedy, who looked at Aqualad, who looked at Mas, who looked at Menos. Three seconds later a sigh erupted from each of them. It was gonna be a long night.

The minute they landed at Titans East, they could hear the screaming. Starbolts and black energy swirled in the girls' hands as they burst through the doors. It was utter destruction and havoc. Bumblee was tied up in a chair red lines running around her face. Her eyes were closed and you could see the blackness on one of her eyelids. Looking around the room, they noticed clothes strewn all around the Ops room and several broken chairs.

Starfire flew to Bumblebee," Bumblebee? Bumblebee! Answer me! What has happened?" panic touched her voice as she shook her.

Bumblebee finally opened her eyes to stare at Starfire's frantic ones. " Run Starfire, before they get you too."

The next thing she knew was the sound of evil laughter and suddenly everything turned into pink sparkles.

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