A/N To all of my readers out there, I'm sorry I haven't finished this story until now. I just lost my inspiration for it and I've actually tried writing this several times but could just never finish it. I know this isn't the best ending in the world, but this is the least I could give you. Thank you so much to my 13,000 or so viewers and my 92 reviewers, you my friends have made my day and have given me the push I needed to actually write this.

The Titans narrowed their eyes and leaned back into fighting stances. This time, the Hive Five were getting thrown behind bars for good. They had gone beyond their childish thieveries and pranks, this was full-fledged crime and if the cuts on Jinx's face had anything to do with them, then they were in for a world of pain. Kid Flash turned around, eyes brimming with relief. "Took you long enough." He said in a way of greeting.

Bumblebee got right into his face as she yelled at him. "Just what in the HELL were you thinking running away like that?"

"I'm sorry guys, but…I had to be the hero of this story. No one else, just me."

Rolling her eyes, Raven chucked a large trashcan at Mammoth before throwing a comment from over her shoulder. "That's great Kid but can we please just talk about this later?"

"Titans, spread out! There are five of them and seven of us. We need to get them in a circle before we can take them out. Kid, take Jinx back to the tower." Robin ordered quickly before pulling out his staff and spinning it quickly in the air. "Bring it."

Smirking maliciously, Gizmo fired two missiles from his rocket launchers and giggled sadistically as they flew straight at Raven and Bumblebee and exploded in their faces. Five faces swivelled around in horror and worry until they saw the black shimmering energy field surrounding the two and the look of extreme fury on the empath's face. "Oh you're going to pay for that." Flying straight at him she formed black daggers from her fingers and sliced them across the metal attaching the missile launchers to his robotic body.

Clattering to the ground with a clank! Gizmo widened his eyes dramatically before whipping out a gun like object and turning to shoot.

Kid Wykyd came out of the shadows to grab Starfire from behind and drag her into the wall. Squirming in protest, her beautiful eyes glowed radioactively and she wriggled her arms in front of her chest before exploding out of her grip. "You will not take me anywhere!" she yelled as she launched an assault of star bolts at the cowering boys face.

Flying around him, she pushed him into the middle of the street along with Mammoth who was being pushed by Beastboy in T-Rex form, roaring all the way. Gizmo was now fully reduced to just his jet pack, although that was now slightly scorched thanks to Bumblebee and See-More was being thrown forcefully into the pile by Cyborg. Robin was currently engaging in an intense fight with Billy Numerous before yelling to Raven who promptly pierced his mind and broke the connection between him and his other selves. Kicking him into the circle of enemies the Titans all grinned satisfactorily as they whimpered pitifully on the floor. "Maaaaan. I knew we should have stuck to stealing! This is all your fault Gizmo!" See-More whined.

"What?" an outraged expression exploded on the techhies face as he smacked the other boy on the head. "How's this my fault you stupid moron?"

Still bickering, they barely noticed a thing when Raven stepped into their circle and vanished with them in an orb of twisting energy. Three minutes later, the physic returned empty handed and an exhausted glint in her eyes. "Ugh." Was all she said, but Beastboy chuckled all the same.

It was at precisely that moment when the rest of their team arrived, all huffing and puffing and out of breath. "Awww, we missed all the fun?" Speedy complained, grinning teasingly.

"Yeah, because dealing with a bunch of idiots is soooo much fun." Raven responded dryly.

Moaning in boredom, Speedy slouched, "Yeaaaah, but you could have at least left a few for me."

"Quit pouting and let's go home." Bumblebee ordered, thwacking him on the head affectionately, laughing as he sputtered and pulled out his ever-handy mirror and hurriedly fixed his hair.

"Titans out."

Not bothering to argue with their leader, Kid suppressed the overwhelming urge to beat the living crap out of the sorry punks, but the worry in his heart for his girlfriend won. Securing the unconscious rosette on his shoulder, Kid focused on his location and zoomed out of the battlefield ignoring the angry calls from the Hive and pushing his legs for all he was worth to the Tower. Dodging speeding cars and jumping over obstacles, Kid made it in record time, rapidly jabbing the passcode into the pad and running into the Ops Room hurriedly.

Laying his girlfriend down gently, he caressed her face lovingly before running to the medical room and grabbing a worn bottle of rubbing alcohol, gauze, and bandages. Jinx was still asleep when he returned, so Kid gently dabbed some alcohol on a tissue and patted her face, cleaning her cuts before sticking tiny bandages on her face.

When the last cut was cleaned and Kid was about to go and grab some snacks, a groaning sound caught his attention and he turned down surpisedly, a smile widening on his face. "Jinx?" reaching for her hand, he squeezed it comfortingly and grinned when a pair of groggy eyes met his.

"Kid? What are you doing here?" she asked, her voice slightly off from lack of use.

Smirking, his lips brushed her nose teasingly. "I think the better question is what are you doing here."

Looking around confusedly, Jinx's eyes suddenly snapped open as the memories of what happened slammed her brain and the fury rose with the tenseness of her muscles. "Those sorry bastards. When I get my hands on them-wait. How did I get here?" the last thing she remembered was being in that damned cell. How did she get in the Titans Tower?

Looking away like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Kid grinned sheepishly. "Well…I kinda went and busted you out."

At first, Jinx was confused as to why he looked like he was gonna get in trouble, but the minute he said the word "rescue," she knew.

"You went out alone?" she screeched, batting at his chest with her hands in an enraged manner. "Do you know how stupid that was? You could have been hurt, or captured! Or-"a forceful kiss shushed her and her eyes widened in surprise before she kissed back, letting his arms wrap around her protectively.

"And it would be worth it. I will sacrifice everything to save you." He stared into her shiny eyes expressively and sincerely, his arms draped around her neck.

Looking away, Kid caught the faint blush dancing along her cheeks and smirked. "You know how cheesy that is right?"

Laughing into her hair, he smiled. "Only you Jinx, only you."

They stayed like that, in each other's embrace until the door burst open and the rest of the Titans came in, all of them joyous and smiling. Their sleepover may not have been what they thought it would be, but they couldn't deny that what had transpired that night didn't help their friendship grow and expand.

Yes, there were still a hundred things that still needed to be fixed; betrayal wasn't an easy thing to forget after all. But Kid thought everything would turn out okay. Watching Terra laugh with Aqualad, you couldn't help but think they were meant to be. And maybe Beastboy didn't get the happily ever after he thought he would, but he couldn't deny that he found something better. Maybe being with the purple haired Goth would help him move on from his past hurts, Kid hoped so; the Titans needed a laugh like Beastboy.

As for everyone else, Argent and Speedy seemed to have hit it off quite nicely and everyone totally saw Robin and Starfire coming. But that didn't mean they were any less cute. In fact, Robin almost seemed, dare he say it, human when he was around the smiling alien. It was nice seeing him so relaxed. Cyborg and Bumblebee still flirted continuously and Kid wondered when they were finally going to just kiss and be done with it. He wondered if he should just push them together when Mas y Menos zoomed through the door, rubbing their eyes blearily.

Twelve shocked faces locked onto theirs and Mas turned to Menos, "What did we miss?"

Twelve consecutive face-palms ensued.