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I wiped the sweat of my forehead as the sun's rays pounded on me. It didn't help that I was completely dressed in heavy battle armor. A couple of curly blond strands fell out of my tightly made bun, as I waited in the arena. I looked up to see Percy getting ready to fight me again. We were at camp practicing our sword fighting, but this time, I'm going to win. We had been going at it for hours. So far, he had won every time (stupid invulnerability), but now I was going to use a new strategy.

Travis, the referee for the battle signaled that the battle has started. At first, we were staring each other down, trying to decipher what the other's first move would be. Then suddenly, Percy charged. Silly mistake. Luke always said let the enemy make the first move. After a couple of slashes, I used a quick disarming move, kicked away his sword, and held my knife to his throat. According to my calculations, I had 87.53 seconds before riptide appeared in his pocket.

"Any last words?" I asked smirking, pleased with my victory. This was it! I had finally won.

"Just some advice, watch out." He warned.

"Watch out for what Seaweed Brain? Your sword is all the way over there." I asked cautiously, my confidence wavering. What was he talking about? He couldn't do anything. He was disarmed.

"Theā€¦ TICKLE MONSTER!" he exclaimed. What? The tickle monster? What is he-

"AHHHHHHHHHH!" I can't believe it! He's tickling me! I can't stop giggling! I clenched my sides in pain from laughing so much. I was so overcome by the laughter, that I lost my balance and fell on him.

"Percy. Stop. Tickling. Me!" He found my sensitive spot on my neck. Suddenly the sensation of being tickled was gone. I got up of the floor and tried to tame my tangled hair. Then Percy appeared out of no where, with riptide centimeters away from my throat.

"I win."