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I thought that after thrashing around under Patch, just as naked as he, I would have no reservations about climbing into the shower with him. Turns out I was wrong.

Once we were enclosed in the small space of the bathroom, the haze of lust gone, I felt extremely shy in my naked skin. That damn blush gave away my inklings, which had Patch on alert right away. He brushed a hand over my shoulder, turning me around to face him. I avoided his eyes.

God, where has the sex kitten gone? I asked myself.

Patch, either choosing to ignore my inner ramblings, or had missed the thought, said nothing. He looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to break the silence.

I sighed, knowing he was going to wait until I blabbed. "We don't have to... do anything in the shower, do we?"

I looked down, catching red on my thighs. My cheeks flared with more heat. How could I have forgotten?

He must have caught my gaze because he pulled my chin up, forcing me to look at him. "I love you. I'd never force you into anything. Except that bra." One side of his mouth lifted up. Even with my serious mood hanging over the two of us, he found a way to crack through it.

I smiled faintly, able to appreciate his attempt at humouring me.

"Let's get in the shower, there are a tons of tangles in your hair." He plucked a loose strand from behind my ear and showed me what I already knew.

I nodded and turned on the water hot. Despite the summer heat, I needed the water scalding hot. When I was under the stream I let out a moan of bliss. It was heaven on the sore muscles in my back and legs, loosening the tension.

I jumped when Patch wrapped his arms around my waist, a bar of soap gliding over my sensitive skin. When it came to the crevice between my legs, Patch took deliberate care not to rub hard. The skin felt sore and over sensitive even with his careful touch. Either he sensed the sudden tension in my body, or he read my thoughts and pulled his fingers away once the soap had been liberally applied. It didn't stop him from running the bar of soap it in small circles over other parts of my flesh, drawing back only to get me to turn around. He kept his eyes on my face while he repeated the process on my back. I smirked when he took extra care on my bottom, squeezing it slightly before he pulled back again.

"I could have done that," I mentioned when he pushed me further under the water to rinse off the soap. My eyes were closed as I let the water soak my hair.

His hands ran through my hair, careful not to tug where they stopped in knots. "Where's the fun in just watching?"

My eyes stayed closed, making my skin hyper aware of his touch, and let him pour shampoo on my head. His fingers worked magic, carefully undoing the worst of my tangles. Attacking them with a brush was useless, but the care he was taking to help tame my curls was the best solution I knew.

When he finished with the conditioner he pulled away. I opened my eyes to look at him.

With the majority of the water on me, Patch was still dry. I grabbed hold of one of his arms and pulled him, manoeuvring our bodies so he could stand in my spot. His dark hair hung longer wet, covering his eyes. I pushed his hair back, not wanting my view obscured.

There was a larger drop of water that I watched slide down his chin, splatter on his chest, and travel further south. I bit my lip and continued my gaze downwards. I let out a short gasp.

Patch just chuckled deeply in the back of his throat. "I can't help it. You're so bloody sexy in the shower. Just like I imagined." He put a finger on my collarbone, letting it trail down to my belly button before he pulled it away.

I groaned and closed my eyes. I wanted a simple shower, but his hands were doing a pretty good job convincing me otherwise. "Don't stop," I said in a hushed tone.

He complied and put both hands on me, fingers splayed on my rib cage. "I'm not going to take you in here, not so soon after. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeves," he murmured in my ear before he licked the skin just below it.

I shivered in anticipation. My nipples hardened in reaction.

His hands moved up, cupping my breasts. It took all I had to not moan. I bit down on his shoulder to keep silent.

Patch growled and pressed his body flush with mine. We moved backward until my back was to the wall. I didn't need to look at his eyes to know they were blue.

Just kiss me, I spoke to him in my mind.

He obliged and kissed me harder than he had before. His lips moved with mine feverishly, his tongue jutting out to meet mine. We stayed like that in the shower, hardly any of the water hitting us as we embraced. Patch bit down on my lower lip when I pulled back for air, then he let it go to lick water off my chin. I was panting, needing air, but wanting him to kiss me more.

Patch moved his hips forward and I could feel his need, hard and ready on my belly. Without thinking I reached down, grasping it with a firm hand. Before he could react, I moved my hand in a steady motion. I put my other one on the small of his back, keeping him close.

His only movement was to reach out on either side of me, resting his forearms on the wall of the shower.

I peeked up at him, trying to gage his reaction. His eyes were only slightly open, his jaw slack. I could see blue eyes peeking out from under his dark lashes. My earlier guess was right.

My gaze stayed on his face, watching his features change ever so slightly as I changed my grip, pumping him at a faster speed. Every so often Patch's hips would move forward, changing the rhythm.

There was a slight change to his breathing, then his hand came down over mine, adjusting the pressure I was applying. "Just a little harder, Angel..."

He bent his head down to kiss me just as I felt his body convulse. When he released his grip, I brought my hand up to his face. I caressed his cheek as his mouth continued its slow motion on my lips.

If we could have stayed like this, I would never argue. Only, the heat took a turn for the worse and soon we were standing under cold water. "I hate to say it, but I think you have me beat, this time," Patch announced and turned off the water. "I'll have to return the favour later."

I nodded, shivering partly from the difference in temperature, but mostly from the promise he made. Patch was out of the shower, towel in hand before I even had the mind to step out. He held it out for me, wrapping it snug around my body. He pulled a second one off the shelf and tied it low on his hips before he opened the door, letting out the steam.

Vee had called my cell phone four times while Patch was having his way with me on my bed. Things hadn't gotten far when my house phone went off. Patch grumbled but let me answer it.

I was reluctant to pick up, knowing by the time on my alarm clock that we were already running behind.

"Just checking to see if you're still coming," Vee said after I greeted her. "You weren't in the middle of anything, were you?" Her voice was just a little too innocent.

"Nope," I answered, refusing to give us away a second time.

"Good. So we'll be seeing you in twenty minutes and not a moment later?"

I mumbled a yes and hung up after saying good-bye.

Patch was on me again before I put the phone down. It landed on the floor with a loud thump, but I could care less if it broke. His mouth was sinfully good on my skin, and all purpose of getting ready disappeared.

We were only twenty minutes late when Patch drove up to the restaurant. He made up for lost time, going double over the speed limit.

The waitress gave Patch a once-over when we made it inside, and once her back was turned to me, I shot her daggers.

"If looks could kill," Patch whispered in my ear before nibbling on the lobe a moment. His action made me stumble and he grabbed my shoulder to keep me walking.

I'm turning into a mess and we've been here thirty seconds, I complained.

But a hot mess, Patch added to my grumblings. I brushed his hand away as it squeezed my butt, intent on keeping some semblance of my cool demeanour.

Vee was sitting with Samuel in a corner booth, lip locked with him. It was almost indecent the way he was holding her, but after thinking him dead, I could understand their need for closeness.

The waitress cleared her throat when we approached. Samuel broke off first, gave the waitress a smug grin, then a small wave to Patch and me. Vee looked just as cool when she sat back in her spot. I knew I would never be able to that.

She caught sight of the waitress, who was doing a poor job at hiding her irritation. "Well, if you put us in a secluded area, what did you expect?"

"Vee!" I exclaimed.

My best friend sighed and looked at the waitress. "Sorry. I will refrain from embarrassing public encounters while in your restaurant." She turned to me. "Happy?"

"Mostly," I replied, scooting in beside her. "Samuel, um, hi." I waved at him.

Last I had seen him he had sort of died, then turned into golden light and disappeared. He looked the same, blonde hair, dark eyes, and very striking features.

"Hi," he said back with a small smile.

I looked over to see Patch scrutinizing him with a cold stare. His eyes still had a bit of the blue in them. I elbowed him several times until the frown on his face changed into a grim line. It wasn't a nice look either, but it would do. Patch had every reason to be sceptical; no guardian angel had disappeared and come back. He had explained his reservations on the way over.

I had argued that he couldn't be here to do harm, not without raising the suspicion of other angels. I reasoned that if he had come back for harm, she'd likely have another guardian angel lined up for her protection. Still, Patch held onto his suspicions.

"You aren't an angel any more are you?" Patch cut strait to business.

Samuel leaned back, assessing Patch in a similar fashion. "Nope." He pointed to his eyes. "See these? They're green."

When I got a better look, I could see his eyes weren't black like I assumed, but a dark forest green.

"And what are you, if you aren't an angel?" I asked.

He looked to Vee first, then to me. "I suppose I'm human. My sensations aren't completely there, but they've been coming slowly. It started with my eyes, then my skin. I still don't eat, but I'm sure if things keep developing the way they are, that will come too."

I looked at Patch, worried. He, more than any of the angels that I'd met, wanted a human body. Now that Samuel had one, there was no doubt in my mind he was trying to figure out if what was happening to him was the same. His eyes were coal now, but it seemed more and more often they switched to blue.

Vee was quick to change the subject, rambling on about unimportant topics I could easily talk about, too. I kept one hand on Patch's knee, rubbing it in a circle under the table.

By the time we ordered our food the silent treatment Patch was giving us was getting to me. I didn't care for the waitress, but when he only shook his head at her, I was ticked off.

"You could have said 'no thank you' and made things a hell of a lot easier," I snapped when the waitress walked away.

"I'm not up to no good Jev," Samuel, who had also lacked a voice, spoke up.

I turned to look at him. "Jev?"

"My name," Patch answered.

"Really?" I couldn't help but ask.

Patch nodded, apparently exhausted of words.

I looked from him to Vee, seeing the same look of curiosity I felt on her face.

Why haven't you told me this before? I asked him silently. If he wouldn't speak, he had to answer me in my mind.

I was irritated more by his silence. It meant he didn't want to talk to me. And if he didn't want to talk to me, I would ignore him.

Conversation lagged, and I felt a frustrating sense of déjà-vu. By the time food was served we were all so hushed even the waitress noticed.

"Is everything okay?" She looked quickly around the table. Likely she was trying to gage who to direct the question to.

"Actually, no. We'll just get the bill and take our food to go," I answered first.

Vee frowned, but I knew she wanted to leave as much as I did. Double dating was now off the list of things we'd be doing together.

The silence followed Patch and me back to my house. I grumbled when I noticed I had left off the porch light. Finding keys in the dark was never fun.

Patch stood behind me, out of arms reach. I had seen him run his hand through his hair a total of five times since we left the restaurant. I was fine with his distance. And his distress.

Actually, if he decided to go home right now, I wouldn't even bat an eyelash. I was that irritated.

There was no doubt he knew I was seething on the inside. When I finally got the door unlocked I let my anger out when I slammed the door behind him.

"Angel," he said when I stormed to the kitchen. Maybe I was being unreasonable, but I didn't need him to tell me. I ignored him as I swung the fridge door open and threw my uneaten dinner on the top shelf. My mood had done a good job suppressing my appetite.

I brushed past him as he leaned in the entrance to the kitchen, partially blocking my way.

He grabbed my wrist before I got to the third stair. "I should have told you."

I shook him off and continued up to the bathroom. Patch stood in the doorway as I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I kept my gaze averted as he followed me into my bedroom. I turned my back on him as I wretched my shirt up and off.

Something soft traced up my spine, only interrupted by the back of my bra. A feather.

My anger subsided immediately. I took a deep breath and turned around. Patch's eyes had turned blue. I couldn't deny the instant rush of excitement that sent my blood flowing faster. There was familiar warmth south of my belly that I couldn't ignore.

As angry as I was with Patch, I couldn't rationalize my anger. I was hurt, he was trying to apologize, and me acting like a five year old was getting us nowhere fast.

He opened his arms and I stepped into them, grateful for his patience. "Maybe I over-reacted."

Patch kissed the crown of my head and mumbled "Maybe."

"I want you to be human, but I don't want what happened to Samuel to happen to you. Promise me you won't let it happen to you. We can find another way."

He held me for a long time. Just as I thought he was going to argue he said "Okay."

I went to sleep after Patch explained his reason for withholding his name. It was simple enough; he had a ring made for me with both our names inscribed on the inside. Nora and Jev was all it said. He planned on giving it to me sometime during the summer, but with all the chaos that had ensued, he held off.

As much as I wanted Patch, sleep was much more necessary.

I woke early in the morning, just after eight. My bedroom was already warm from the direct sunlight and I lounged in bed with Patch, happy to just hold him.

Sometime later Patch decided to return the favour he missed. It took me a long moment to realise that his hand was no longer stroking the outside of my hip. Instead, it had migrated inwards, drawing random shapes on the smooth skin of my thigh. My body went on full alert when I was aware of exactly what he was doing.

To his request, I slept only in my bra and panties. He had ogled the leopard print, mumbling something unintelligible under his breath before I fell asleep.

My only request was that he slept naked. He easily accepted.

Now I had a good idea of what he had said. He moved from lying beside me to straddling my hips in a fluid motion. Instead of kissing me on the mouth, he sucked on the skin between my breasts, tongue darting out of his mouth to taste me.

I sat up, intent on giving him better access to my breasts when his hands went over mine. "May I? I've wanted to take this off you since last night."

He didn't need my consent as I moved my hands away, letting him take it off. He dangled it in front of his face a moment before flinging it onto the floor. He had a devilish grin when he moved down my body, returning his lips to my skin.

If there was such a thing as dying from anticipation, I might have done such a thing. Patch was agonizingly slow in his tour south. I came close to telling him to touch me when his fingers finally found purchase between my legs.

I hadn't realised how completely turned on I was until two of his fingers slipped inside me. The moan that left my lips was so loud I clasped a hand over my mouth. Patch just chuckled and pulled my hand away.

His fingers continued to move inside me, pushing in and out slightly. I felt the tender flesh being probed and bit down on my lip. It still hurt enough that the pleasure wasn't all-encompassing. But I didn't want Patch to stop. Because with every movement of his fingers the pain was slowly replaced with the steady throb of pleasure.

He had me undone in only minutes and I climaxed with his fingers inside me. "Wow," was all I could say as my chest rose and fell quickly.

Patch moved back up to lay on top of me, pressing me down further into the bed. I didn't need to look down to see he was ready for another round. His eyes were such a clear blue I didn't want to look away from them.

"Take me," I murmured against his lips.

His mouth just brushed mine lightly as I felt him push into me. I let out a squeak, adjusting to his size. It was easier, but he held still as I got comfortable under him.

It took less time, and I was glad to feel the burn change into one of pleasure, not pain. We moved slowly together. It was different this time, to little surprise. With the experience from the night before, I had a better idea of how to move under him, moving my hips in conjunction with his, rubbing my hands up and down his back, fisting his hair. Anything I did to him resulted in a growl, or a moan, or a deep kiss that left me breathless.

He returned the favour, rubbing me where we met, licking my nipples, holding me closer. I didn't even try to suppress the noises coming from me. From the looks Patch gave me, they were very encouraging.

The second time we made love was just as unbelievable as the first, and I was surprised at how sudden our climaxes hit. I was beading sweat all along my body, my lungs burned like I had run miles, and I still felt ready to go again.

"Does it always feel this good?" I asked, snuggling into his side.

"It gets even better, angel." Patch grinned. "And we have all day today and tomorrow to see how much better it gets."

"You're not even breathing hard," I pointed out, poking him in the chest.

"My need for you is insatiable." He shrugged and held me closer. "But I think we need to feed you."

Right on cue, my stomach growled. Right, I never ate dinner.

"What do you think? Waffles with whipped cream?"

I laughed. "Yeah, and chocolate syrup and strawberries."

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