Bowser Jr. ran through a dense, dark forest, with the wild life watching him cautiously. Bowser Jr. spun through within the contents of his spiky green shell, knocking down the eerie trees in the way as he ricocheted about, popping out of his shell after crashing into a large boulder, causing it to crack into half after the huge impact. Rubbing his head, Bowser Jr. closed his eyes, sensing the Koopalings.

"They're close by. I won't let their scent run out." Bowser Jr. promised as he dashed off towards the northern direction, determined to permanently rid of them for good.

Meanwhile, in the deep part of the swamp, the seven Koopalings were in the middle of their recovery after the brutal wounds they received from their battles. The seven of them were completely unaware that they were being hunted down.

"Damn it, Bowser doesn't want us anymore." Morton Koopa Jr. lampshaded as he sipped some lemonade.

"But what are we to do about it?" Lemmy Koopa suggested as he was juggling balls on his big, yellow ball, falling off and landing on his head.

"It's not like we can just go and storm the place with an armada of doomships," Wendy O. Koopa stated as she placed some make up on herself.

Roy Koopa stood up as he slammed his right fist on his left palm. "Actually, that's a brilliant plan! knowing that Bowser is a brain dead idiot, we'll be able to-"

"Wait a minute, we're getting signals! Someone is coming towards us!" Ludwig Von Koopa announced as he looked at the gigantic green screen he had installed, seeing a big green dot heading towards them, which was represented by a big blue dot.

"Who is it? Who is it!" Iggy Koopa shouted as he pulled the tug of his tall green hair, which oddly looked like a turnip.

Larry Koopa deviously smirked as he rubbed his hands together. "We don't know, but whoever it is, it's going to receive and unfriendly welcome... fufufufu..."

The Koopalings all looked at each other as they all started chuckling evilly in unison, planning an ambush attack on their unknown visitor...