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"Mommy, how is my sister within you?" Asked a seven years old Winry to her eight months pregnant mother at dinner.

"Well darling, since your father and I love each other he gave me a kiss and a seed inside me sprout and your sister appeared!" Answered her mother.

"Really! That's how people become pregnant?" asked a very amused Winry. "Wow, cool!" Obviously she had believed her mother's story.

"Is it okay if I go outside and play?" Asked Winry after having finished her meal.

"Ok darling, but be careful, ok?"

"Ok, thanks mom!" She answered by running to the door.

"Ed! Al! Let's play!" Called Winry once she got to her friends' house.

"Al can't play, he is studying." Explained Ed while exiting from his house.

"Ok, let's play you and me then! Catch me!" She shouted while running away from the house.

"Hey that's cheating!" Shouted Ed and started running after her.

"Gotcha! I win!" Said a cheerful Ed after a few minutes of running after her.

"Ok you win!" Said a not so cheerful Winry after being beated.

"Hey do you know how people become pregnant?" Asked Winry once they had reached Ed's house.

"No. How?" Asked a very confused Ed by the sudden change of topic.

"Like this!" and she gave him a kiss on his cheek .

"Hey! What was that for!" Asked Ed even more confused.

"Now you are pregnant! When you kiss a person you love a baby appears inside them!" Answered a very cheerful and proud Winry.

"W-what? I'm WHAT?" Ed asked with wide eyes and a face of horror.

"Now you are pregnant! I put a baby inside you!" Answered Winry with a wide smile in her face obviously very happy by the fact that her friend was going to have a baby.

"W-WHAT?" Ed started to shout and cry, obviously scared to dead by Winry's declaration and while running inside his house


To be continued…


(Looks around nervously for signs of the doctors) (takes a deep breath)

(panting by all the running) Ok, it's safe now.

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