Thunder Trouble-

"Well if it was you, Haruhi-chan, we'd let you sleep with us."

Haruhi woke up in the middle of the night with a start, her eyes wide open. A split second later, lightning flashed and illuminated the room while thunder tore open the skies with its roar.

Haruhi's scream was covered up by the thunder. Her face was pale and cold sweat was pouring from her forehead. She was terrified.

Karuizawa wasn't supposed to have bad thunderstorms! She thought frantically, eyes darting around her room for a hiding place, but there were none.

She screamed again as another bolt of lightning danced amongst the clouds.

She shivered violently. She feared thunderstorms.

"We'd let you sleep with us."

The Hitachiin twins' voice again popped up in her head. That's right! They said that today during the refreshing battle didn't they?

Next thing she knew, she was already standing on the chilly wooden floor.

CRASH! The next loud clap of thunder sent her tumbling to the floor, her legs giving out on her in fear.

Holding back her tears, she shakily got back on her feet and made her way to the door.

The hallways were engulfed with pitch black darkness. The electricity must've gone out sometime during the thunderstorm.

Why is no one else up? Don't they hear this? Haruhi thought, anticipating the next thunder clap-


-to be soon. She can't do this; she was too petrified to move from her spot. But… she had to reach safety. She could count on her friends. She could count on the normally mischievous twins.

The next flash of lightning illuminated the twins' room's door. With a shaky hand she grasped the handle and prayed that it wasn't locked.

Click. It opened without resistance, Haruhi sighed in relief, but that didn't last long.

CRASH! This thunderclap was the loudest yet, and it completely took out the power left in Haruhi's legs.

However this time her scream of pure fear was heard.

She heard steps.


She couldn't be any happier to hear that voice.

"What is it, Kaoru?"

That voice too.

BOOM. Scream.

By this time Hikaru also left his bed and knelt beside the trembling girl who's clinging onto Kaoru's leg for dear life.

"Could it be that you're scared of thunderstorms Haruhi…?" Hikaru asked, his normally energetic voice sounding a bit scratchy from sleep.

She nodded, eyes clenched shut. Then she felt herself being lifted up and carried. She slowly opened her eyes and blinked, catching a familiar pair of yellow eyes staring into hers and a smile. She blushed.

She felt herself lowered onto a soft surface. Ah, bed… she thought and blinked when the sides of the bed sunk.

"Shh, lie down and sleep Haruhi, we'll take care of you," the two bodies lying beside her said together in perfect sync.

She smiled, and whispered, "T-thank you, H-hikaru…Kaoru…"

They laughed and replied, "We said we'd let you sleep with us didn't we?"

She closed her eyes. Another loud clap of thunder resonated outside, but the arms that lay on top of her shielded her and provided comfort. She felt warm… and safe.

Nestled snugly in between two warm bodies, Haruhi fell into a deep, comforted sleep, a smile on her face. She fell asleep so fast that she didn't feel the twins leaning in and each pressing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

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