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I'm Leaving What I Know Behind

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Chapter 1

"Take a breath let it out slow. Seasons change with a break of a lifetime. Remind me again why we thought twice about it.- We Say Summer, All Time Low

I was sitting in the car with my little sister, Abby and my Mom, when I realized that moving to Baltimore from Nebraska wouldn't be so bad after all. The town was pretty big and I discovered that I lived pretty close to the high school. I had plenty of neighbors and my house was a good size. But I shouldn't forget to mention the biggest reason.

You see, it all started in eighth grade. My now ex-friend Anna decided she wanted to screw me over on so many levels. She brought me into her problems and sent me into depression. She was the only reason I wanted to just leave Omaha, but it wasn't that easy, until my Mom got a job as a lawyer here in Baltimore. Yeah, I missed everyone, but I didn't mind starting over. This was my junior year and I wanted a new beginning. Anna was an important part of my life, but my biggest regret.

We pulled into the driveway of our new house. It was two-story had white paneling, and a big front porch.

"Nice." I said to myself.

I started to pull boxes out of the moving van labeled "Hayley's bedroom." I picked up one of the lighter boxes and carried it to my room. About fifteen minutes later I was unpacking my boxes. So much work, I thought.

I decided to start with my posters, knowing that would be the easiest. I pulled out my Story Of The Year poster first and went from there. By the time I was done, all of my walls had posters and old drawings my friends had given me on them. It made my white room look colorful.

I put up my clothes, laid out my purple sheets on my bed, and put up all my books and CDs up within an hour. It was about eight at night and I was just about to start putting up my DVDs when I noticed my neighbor glancing at me through the window. He was tall, had brown hair, and looked about my age. He looked away when he saw me looking at him. but he kept turning his head to me, probably to see if I was still looking. I walked to the window and sat on the window sill.

Alex's P.O.V.

So Jack had a new neighbor. From what I could tell she liked music...a lot. She had about 13 posters and a countless number of CDs. She saw me watching her so I looked away but kept looking back every few seconds. She was wearing white basketball shorts, a grey tank top, and her hair was up in one of those ponytail things. She was sitting on her window sill when I looked over once. She saw me because she started laughing and gave a small wave. I chuckled and waved back before she closed the curtain. I saw her light go off so I turned away from the window. Jack came back from the bathroom.

"You have a new neighbor." I said to him.

"Really? Cool." he said. I nodded and went back to our video game.

Hayley's P.O.V.

"Hey Mom is it okay if I go hang outside for a little bit?" I asked when I got into the living room. She looked up from her book.

"Sure, just don't stay out too late. Take your phone." she said. I nodded. Before walking out the door she shouted "Don't get raped!" with a laugh.

I chuckled and said "Wasn't planning on it, Mom." then walked out.

I sat at the end of the driveway hugging my knees to my chest shuffling through the songs on my iPod. I saw a car pull into the next driveway over. A guy who looked to be about my age also and was pretty buff got out. He rang the doorbell and two other boys answered. The one that was looking at me through the window and another one with black hair and blonde streaks on the front of it and he was pretty tall and skinny. I quickly looked away so they didn't see I was looking, but I over heard their conversation.

"New neighbor, Jack?" one of them asked. Probably the one that just got out of his car. There was silence so the one named Jack most likely nodded.

"She's hot." A different guy said. I smirked at that.

"Be sure to jump on her like a wild dog, Alex." one of them said. I laughed quietly to myself as they shut the door. I guess I should avoid Alex, I thought. That is, if I ever meet him. Which I kind of wanted to, but it's probably too late for me to go over there now.

I heard a door open and close and then heard footsteps. They got closer to me and I saw three sets of feet. I looked up to see the guy that got out of the car, the tall, skinny guy, and the guy that was watching me through the window.

"Hey, you're the creepy stalker guy that was watching me." I said with a smile as I stood up.

"You have a past together?" the buff one asked, looking at Stalker Guy.

"Oh yeah. I stalk her all the time." he replied.

"Anyways," the black haired one chimed in, "I'm Jack. That's Zack. And your own personal stalker is Alex." he pointed to each of them.

"I'm Hayley, and I take it you live there?" I pointed to Jack and then pointed to the house behind him. He nodded.

"So Hayley," Alex said as he stepped over next to me. "Will you be going to Dulaney?" he put his arm around my shoulders.

"Is that the high school right down the street?" I asked. He nodded.

"Then I guess so." I grabbed his hand and pulled his arm of my shoulder. He looked at me confused. "I'm new, not stupid." Zack smirked and Jack high-fived me. Alex shook his head.

"Not nice." he said. I shrugged.

"Well, I should probably get back inside," I glanced over my shoulder at my new home, "considering the fact that my Mom will probably give me a lecture about staying up too late. So I'll see you guys tomorrow?" I said. Jack nodded.

"We'll walk to school together." I smiled. I turned around and started to walk back to my house, but waving once I got to the door.

I said goodnight to my Mom and little sister, Walked up the stairs to my room, climbed into bed, but was too anxious to sleep because of my first day at my new high school tomorrow. I was ready to start over.

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