Ahh...Yet another story. I don't know if I can handle three at once but this was begging to be written. I just...had too. -_-; I don't know if any of you have ever had that feeling.

This chapter is more of an introduction than anything else but I hope that you enjoy it none the less!

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"Ah! Sir, you can't go in there! Please stop!" The guard's words fell on deaf ears. Kakashi stalked deeper into Konoha's prison, radiating an aura of pure fury. He ignored the guard's please and the prisoners begging for freedom. All he could think about was Naruto. Little Naruto, son of his sensei, imprisoned in the dark.

Kakashi had never taken an interest in Naruto while he was growing up. All that Kakashi had done was throw himself into his work and ignore everyone around him and now he was paying the price. Naruto had finally snapped. The ten year old child had attempted, and to a degree he had succeeded, to kill a large group of villagers by drawing on the demon fox's chakra.

No one had ever been there for Naruto. No one had ever smiled at him, or told him he had done a good job. Villagers had beaten him, teachers mocked him, peers bullied him, and ninja just stood by and laughed. The people that care about Naruto had never done a thing. It was Kakashi's fault, who else was there to blame? The Hokage was too busy to spend time with the child and there was no one else that could care for Naruto.

Kakashi walked deeper into the mountain prison until he was deep underground and his breath froze in the air. This section was never used but Naruto was a danger to other criminals so he had to be in seclusion. The guard slowly fell further and further behind Kakashi until he could no longer hear his cries. Good. Kakashi wanted to be alone.

The hall abruptly ended as if the diggers had just dropped their shovels and left. The wall was jagged with a tiny iron door in the center. The last cell. Kakashi took a deep breath before he pushed the door open and saw…nothing but a wall of darkness.

For an ANBU, darkness meant nothing. It was their ally, it hid them from their enemies but this was true darkness and that was something he couldn't help but fear. Kakashi pulled a seal tag out of his pouch and activated it, creating a tiny light. Far in the back of the cell, chains rattled at Naruto retreated from the sudden light. Kakashi felt a little guilty, how long had Naruto been down here? Three months. Of course he would retreat from the light!

Kakashi put the seal on the inside of the door and left it on. The light so dull that he could only see a foot in any given direction but it was better than nothing. "Naruto-kun?" Kakashi called out softly but the only response was the rattling of chains.

"Kill…" Kakashi heard a tiny voice mutter and his exposed eye widened.


"Kill…Are you…here…to kill…me?" Naruto said a little louder but his voice was cracked from disuse. The sound of the child's voice was more than Kakashi could take.

"No, I will never hurt you." Kakashi managed to say before he broke down into tears. He stood there for hours, silently crying with Naruto staying hidden in the depths of his cell. Nothing could ever be done, Naruto had crossed beyond the point of no return and it was all Kakashi's fault.