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"Oh, Kakashi? Would you mind staying here to talk with me?" The Third Hokage asked and he folded his fingers in front of his face.

"Yes Sir," Kakashi said and he looked down at his genin team. Some resentment still bubbled up at the sight of them but he hid it. Innocent as they might act, they had played their part in hurting Naruto. He couldn't help but to think about the blonde every time he saw them. "You guys are dismissed for the day." He said. "Meet me tomorrow at the usual place."

"Yes Sensei!" Sakura said and she and Ino followed Sasuke, who had become an unofficial ring leader, out. The sound of their loud chatter echoed unpleasantly around the halls and Kakashi studied the withered, old man before him while he waited for their voices to fade.

"Kakashi!" The Third stood up and folded his arms behind his back. Kakashi blinked and shut his book before pocketing it. Evidently, this was not just about his team's progress.


"I must request that you stop seeing Naruto from now on." Kakashi's eye went wide but the Third cut him off. "He killed a guard and collected her bones. I send two ANBU in however he killed both of them in the same manner. He was playing with their skulls when I got there. I am sorry, Kakashi, but Naruto's prison has been moved."

"Where?" Kakashi demanded but the Third shook his head.

"Worry about your team, forget that Naruto ever existed. I only let you see him in the first place because I thought he might become the boy he had been once more. Unfortunately, he's just fallen further."

"Further?" Kakashi repeated. "He still thinks he's a demon, right? How can it get worse than that?"

"Kakashi, do not worry about it."

"He's Minato's son! How can I not worry about him?" Kakashi balled up his fists in frustration. The Third was asking the impossible! But, the worst thing was how calm he was. Saratobi was sentencing the boy he had once loved as a grandson to a terrible fate and he was completely emotionless. "I can still save him!"

"That's enough." The Third said. "He is no longer something that Minato would have considered to be a son. He has gone past the point of being something I consider to be human."

"And whose fault is that? We-I-let this happen to him!"

"Kakashi! That is enough! You have a team to worry about now! You will never see Naruto again and even if you did you would not recognize him. More and more he's living in a fantasy world. He didn't even see me when I went to get him!" Saratobi shouted. "He just talks to himself!" The outburst left the old man winded and he stood panting for a second while both ninja tried to collect themselves.

"Does," Kakashi finally said quietly. "Does…he still think that his blood it…silver?"

"Yes." Saratobi said and he sat down heavily in his chair. "No matter what I say he won't believe me. I even nicked his finger to show him that it was red but he just started to laugh. Naruto has been consumed by his own insanity. I order you to let this mater rest Kakashi. Please, just trust that I will do my best."

"I…Yes Sir." Kakashi said.


Naruto licked his lips and looked around once more. So odd…he had been imprisoned in a simple cave before but this new cell vexed him. Where was he?

I think…this is someplace I can't get out of.

I won't know until I try.

He was floating in the middle of what looked like a giant lake within some sort of flooded sewer. The room was huge and the walls appeared to be white…except for the one to Naruto's right which was simply an enormous cage. Only, the water was too clean and Naruto had no troubles breathing. Giant chains wrapped around Naruto and attached the walls randomly. There was also a simple seal in the middle of his chest on top of the chains. Whatever it was, Naruto was effectively bound in place.

Oh? And what exactly should I try?

Naruto ignored the nagging voice and he twisted in his chains to try to get at the seal on his chest. If he removed that…Naruto had a suspicion that the seal was the thing that bound him and if he could just remove it then the whole prison would vanish.

"Hello little human." A deep voice rumbled and Naruto looked at the cage. He could have sworn he saw a flash of red deep inside. "I must say, I never imagined that I would meet my host in this fashion." Something was defiantly moving in there…Naruto squinted and craned his neck.

Red eyes.

Crimson eyes, floating in darkness was the only thing Naruto could see but he was mystified.

"You have nice eyes." Naruto said and his voice came out as a scratchy whisper. He had not spoken out loud in so long and his voice strained with disuse.

"Eh? That's all you have to say?" The eyes asked and Naruto smiled happily. Although, to many, Naruto's happiness would have seemed more like derangement. "Interesting…you managed to become a monster without my help."

What is that thing?

It's pretty…I want eyes like that.

I'm scared.

I'm excited.

"Who are you?"

"I, pathetic host, am the Nine Tailed Demon Fox."

He's a demon!

He's a real demon!

The fox came into view and Naruto was seized by the desire to hug one of it's long, swishing tails.

I want a tail.

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

"You aren't afraid?" The Kyuubi asked and it seemed almost at a loss as to what to do. It had planned the meeting of his host many times but he never had expected to see his host imprisoned right beside him. It miffed him and he wanted to know exactly what was wrong with this fearless boy.

"Why should I be afraid?" Naruto asked. Then his eyes widened and his pupils dilated so quickly that the Fox was almost alarmed. "I'm a demon too…I had a throne. It was so pretty but they took it away…they took it all away. I want it back! I want my skulls back!" Naruto chattered excitedly. It struck the fox that this boy was not brave and nor was he stupid. He was insane. "I have to find a way out, I want my throne back! I want my cave!" Naruto howled and his eyes rolled back in his head. "Took it away…give it…give it…I want it back!"

"Interesting. They tried to destroy me and they created this." The Fox mused and it leaned forward. It's host was unearthly pale and thin. His hair was long and unkempt and he was dressed in a black and white striped prison uniform that was clearly far too big for him. Was he capable of killing? Oh yes...and of mush worse.

I need to stop this.

"Hey Fox!" Naruto hissed. The Kyuubi resented being addressed in such a manner but it just blinked at Naruto.

This isn't me.

"What, human?"

I never wanted to be like this.

"Can you take the seal off me? I want to get out!"

Shut up.

The Fox sneered at him before it tossed it's head.

This is exactly what I want to be.

"Fool, if I could do that, don't you think I would have freed myself long ago?"

I am a demon.

"Good point."

I'm not. I should listen to the Third.

Even if I did, what then?

He could help me.

I'm past the point of being helped.

No, not yet.

"Then I guess I'll have to get myself out." Naruto looked up at the water surface far above and he smiled. "Then I can destroy the village…and kill everything living in it's walls."

"Good luck with that." The fox scoffed but Naruto didn't even look at it.

"I want them to suffer. I want them to tremble in fear and beg for death…and I won't oblige them. I want them to suffer beyond what they could possibly imagine before I annihilate them."

"Good luck," The Fox said but this time there was no hint of doubt in his voice. "Little demon."