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July 18th, 2020: Seattle Community Library

"What story are you telling today, Mr. Spencer? What is it? Oh please, please, PLEASE tell that one about Princess Sam again!" A small girl with strawberry blonde pigtails hopped up and down from foot to foot, giving the man before her the best pouty face she could muster.

The man, who looked to be in his mid-thirties but still had an enviable head of hair, chuckled. "I don't know, Lulu. What do the rest of you guys think?" he addressed the crowd of kids before him.

The twenty-odd children all began chattering at once. "We heard that two weeks ago!" "I LOVE that story!" "I like the part where-" "Me too!" "Well I like when-" "I've never heard it before! What is it?" This was part of the fun of being a volunteer librarian; choosing the tale to tell. The summer reading program was in full swing, and even the most rambunctious kids seemed to enjoy storytime with Spencer.

He cleared his throat. "All right all right, everybody! If we all calm down...this IS a library...I'll tell you the story of Princess Sam." The majority of the kids cheered, while two little boys made grumbly noises. "I heard that, Nate and Noah. If you sit tight through this I'll tell a different story after- but you might be surprised. This is no ordinary princess tale. Once apon a time..."

...there was a rather unusual princess by the name of Samatha. She was unusual for several reasons: 1. She would threaten to have you beheaded if you called her Samantha, and therefore went by Sam. 2. She was actually adopted; when she was an infant, she had been left on the castle doorstep. Luckily, the king was an old softie, and raised her as his own along with her new big brother Prince Spencer and same-age sister Princess Carly. 3. She wanted no part of the typical "royal" lifestyle. You see, Princess Sam's favorite activities included feasts, naps, archery competitions, and sneaking out at night when she thought no one knew about it.

"Saaaaaaam!" called Princess Carly. "Sam, you'd better get out here fast! It's really important!" She sighed. "I"ll give you ham if you'd just get out here!" she tried once more. Suddenly, her adopted sister popped up out of seemingly nowhere.

"You said ham?" the blonde asked with her eyebrows raised in a you-better-not-be-messing-with-me sort of way.

"Yeah yeah, you can have your ham AS SOON AS you come hear what dad has to say! It's really important, I swear. Come on!" The brunette princess, the polar opposite of Sam, grabbed her sister's arm and began dragging her down the corridor. Sam knew she was strong enough to overcome the petite princess any time of any day, but she let her pretend to be stronger for a while. It seemed to make her happy.

The two girls skipped into the throne room where their father, King Shay, sat waiting for them.

"Ah, my beautiful daughters! Like night and day, you two are" said the king, winking at them. They grinned goofily back at him. As silly and old-timey as their dad was, they still loved him no matter what. "Do you have any idea why I've brought you here?" he asked. The girls shook their heads no.

"Am I too late? What's goin' on? Why the big secret meeting?" Prince Spencer's voice preceded him as he skidded into the room. He bent over double and puffed for breath, then looked expectantly at his relatives.

King Shay rolled his eyes at his son. Maybe his announcement wasn't the best idea...but he'd already made his decision, and he was going to stick to it. "Children- young adults- I've brought you here to tell you that I have decided to...retire."

Three gasps reverberated off the walls. There was a silence, and then- "Why?" "What the chiz!" "Are you okay?" "You're not sick, are you?" "You're not surrendering the kingdom to some evil warlock, are you?" "Why would you do something like retire?"

The king held up his hands to stop the flow of questions and comments. "I'm fine, and there's no evil warlock involved whatsoever. I've just gotten to the point in my life where I need to take it easy. Pass the baton, if you will. Spencer? Son? This means you will be the new king, I hope you realize. It's a tremendous responsibility. But of course, I will be there every step of the way to guide you for as long as I'm around. I have faith that you will be a good ruler. And my young ladies," he said, turning to his daughters, "you are now seventeen years of age. It is high time for lines of suitors to be coming around the castle, begging for your hands in matrimony. It will take some very special men to steal you away from me, but alas, I would not keep you from love if it is true. Your mother would have felt the same way. I have faith in you, also, to do me proud." There was a glimmer of happy tears in the king's eyes as he concluded his speech.

"Awwww!" said Carly, rushing to give her father a hug. "Oh, what the heck" said Sam, joining in. Spencer added his arms to the hug, but then pulled away. "I'm going to be KING? Of the whole COUNTRY? Seeattelonia will be in MY HANDS? That's awesome! I'm gonna be king! I'm gonna-oh." The spazzy prince slumped to the floor in a dead faint.

"Yep, the entire country will be in his hands" said Carly, looking down at her brother with a doubtful expression on her face. "King Spencer..."

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