Midnight; On a private flight to Italy

"Sir, you have a phone call from your wife."

'Eeeh? My darling Nana called?' Iemitsu wondered, happy yet confused. He hadn't talked to her since leaving Japan and the separation was already starting to worry him. The Ninth had recently asked him to become the Vongola's external advisor, a highly sought after position that could warrant envy from his peers. Needless to say, Iemitsu had accepted; he had owed the familigia that much. But the position had meant choosing to leave his loving wife and 8 year old child back at home, away from his potential enemies in Europe.

"Thanks," he replied as he took the phone from the flight attendant. Immediately, he was met by the panicked voice of his wife.



Iemitsu's eyes narrowed as his anxiety rose even higher. His wife rarely called him by his full name.

"T-Tsuna is missing!"

The missing boy in question was currently struggled to breath within the sealed space he was stuck in. He had no clue how he had gotten stuck in his situation. One minute he was wandering to the bathroom and then the next, there was a crash and he woke up to find himself in a dark, cramped space with clothes –and was that a pickaxe? - as his only companions.

He had tried crying, screaming, wiggling, but to no avail. It had all died down to broken sobs which also quieted after he had found it harder and harder to breath.

'I'm going to die…'

A primal fear struck Tsuna. He had been scared of a lot of things in life –the dog down the street for one. And the scary jack-in the box, the potential monsters under his bed, and the list continued on and on, but nothing had shaken him to this extent.

'I'm going to die!'

Something in him snapped. He knew he had to get out and he had to get out now. His attention sharpened to a point Tsuna didn't even think was possible for him and an odd calmness washed over his body. Small hands gently traced around his surroundings to find some hint, some clue about how to get out. And - 'There!' - he felt it. Ridges on the tough fabric to his side.

'A zipper!' His racing mind supplied.

Tracing the ridges to a tiny opening, Tsuna did his best to open up the zip. Slowly but surely, he was making progress but…

A blast of cold wind burst into the enclosed area.

'Why is it so cold?'

Still, facing the cold and scouting his surroundings would be better than remaining in hiding until something worse happened to him. To be safe, Tsuna wrapped one of the shirts he found in his vicinity around his head to keep it warm. Something in his gut told him it would be a good idea.

And it was. As soon as he peaked out, cold air blasted his partially covered face. It was still dark, but he could see the faint outline of a suitcase – that's what he was trapped in? – and some other crates and cargo. He saw no exit.

Great. He was either going to die of hypothermia or suffocation, Tsuna lamented before quickly retreating back in the suitcase.

'Why me?'

Iemitsu was doing his best to reassure Nana while trying to keep his panic down at the same time.

Tsuna was missing. Tsuna was missing. His eight-year-old son was missing and god knows else what could be happening to him now. He could be under torture right now. Or worse, dea-

'No, I can't think about that! I have to focus!'

Nana had already called the police and was about to make posters. There was nothing more that could be done in Japan except to wait. Nonetheless, he had reassured her that he would come back as soon as possible to help with the search.

'Even if I have to miss the initiation ceremony.'

After a distressful hour long talk, he hung up the phone and sat in pensive silence in the luxurious private jet owned by the Vongola. But it was hard to enjoy the velvet seat and large leg room when all he could think about was Tsuna Tsuna Tsuna. His precious oh-so-timid son. His son that shot him puzzled looks at nearly everything he said and tripped over flat surfaces.

"Dad, what do you do for a living?" The child asked with large curious brown eyes, eyes that he had inherited from his mother's side.

"I go around the world and control traffic in construction sites!" Iemitsu replied, waving a light stick that he had bought earlier for his fake disguise-job. Tsuna stared at the stick with puzzlement and slight disbelief. It definitely was not the typical job career choice.


Iemitsu grinned and fed his son his rehearsed lines. "Well you see Tsuna, if I don't, who knows when a stray bulldozer will run into this house! They need people like me to help direct things to keep people like you safe!"

'But I've failed at that, haven't I?'

He ran a rough hand through his hair. Had all his hard work in trying to separate his family and his other family failed? What would he d-

The noise of an explosion startled Iemitsu out of his thoughts. The plane trembled and it was not long until the flight attendant rushed in with even more bad news.

"We're under attack!"

Iemitsu swore. His day had just fallen from average to bad to deep shit.

"What's our status?"

"The right engine of our plane has been torn off by a missile. Enemy forces are unidentified. We are currently over Russian territory but there are no landing bases at the moment, emergency landing may be risky."

"It may be our only choice, lemme get my weapon and get a parachute for me."

"Yes sir!"

The mafioso in Iemitsu emerged. The "Young Lion" efficiently snapped off the seatbelt and made his way to the back. Normally, it would be impossible to access the cargo from the passenger section, but this was an emergency and drastic times called for drastic measures. He inhaled deeply and he began sprinting as he approached within a few feet of the back. The perfect balance of momentum and strength was necessary. With absolute concentration on his face, Iemitsu pulled back his curled fist and then released all of its wrath on the back of the plane where he knew the cargo would be. A devastating dent was produced by the force of his fist, covered lightly in dying will flames.

"Heh, I'm losing my touch..."

He quickly delivered a few more punches to the steel wall, ignoring the pain to his fists with the help of the adrenaline coursing through his body. The wall eventually gave in and fell over. Excellent.

With haste, Iemitsu scanned for his suitcase in the dark and hurried to open it to retrieve his weapon. He would just have to leave his other gifts for the 9th behind; the old geezer could do without more wine anyways.

Tsuna was curled up in the suitcase, trying to soak in as much warmth as possible from the clothes around him. A part of his brain was panicking and telling him 'I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die' yet another part was reassuring him with the odd prediction that 'someone will come, I need to stay calm and survive."

Yet both of these voices quieted when a large tremor rumbled the suitcase he was in. And if that wasn't enough, a few minutes later, loud banging erupted from nearby. Was this it? His chance of escape? Who would find him? A robber? Tsuna heard the zip being pulled open. His mother? The police?

He sprang up from his nest of clothes as soon as the zip had been undone enough. A shocked figure was half-visible by the light coming from the cabin of the rest of the plane.



A/N: Oh wow, I haven't written fics in ages. But this plot bunny has attacked me for AGES so I'll try to write it all out now. I have several chapters planned out. Basically the premise of the story is that Tsuna discovers his Hyper Dying Will persona/hyper intuition at a much earlier age without the help of magical bullets. And stuff happens.

I have NOT read reborn in a while and I am really bad with keeping up with the chapters. I think I kinda stopped keeping track midway through the future arc although I do know the ending. So if there are any plot holes, I apologize I actually don't care enough to read catch up on the series.

Also, I am horrible at writing pairings. I can write friendship, close friendship, yearning, etc. but my writing, for some reason, never progresses into a relationship. Silly brain. There will probably be a Tsuna x someone pairing and this someone will probably not be any of the female characters because I don't like them much...sorry. (In "I don't like them," I don't mean I will bash them though. I just mean I can't write them in a relationship with Tsuna past small friendship and maybe initial minor crushing). Feel free to leave a review pimping a pairing but it's waaay too early on to decide on anything now. I'll just kinda let the story take shape I guess.

And I promise there will be minimal/no OCs. By minimal I mean like random characters that just play small roles like the flight attendant.