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Chapter 1: No means No

As Ed stands on a transmutation circle in the opera house, he prepares to bring Al back. He can't just let Al die, not after he is the cause of why they were in this situation to begin with. He draws a complex circle on his forearms, chest, and head.

"I don't know if this is going to work, but I have to try. For you…"

With that, he claps his hands, both flesh, and places them on himself. The huge circle he is standing in glows a bright blue. The light grows in intensity until the whole room is whites out.

His body slowly comes back to consciousness. He becomes aware of a throbbing pain in his head. He sits up and rubs his head. Only then does he realize that he is shirtless.

"Great, so the gate doesn't have a retail store in it. Infinite knowledge and it can't bring itself to care about a little modesty."

He takes a minute to take a quick survey of his body. His 5'4" frame was now closer to 5' 8". His blonde hair in his preferred pony tail was now down to the middle of his back.

Ed looks around, finding himself in an alleyway, he gets up and peeks around the corner. He is surprised to find himself in the middle of a Metropolitan area with billboards and signs written in a language he doesn't understand.

"Where am I? Last time I was in London, but where is this?"

He looks back toward the alley and sees a discarded shirt. He lifts it up and sees it is a lime green with yellow stripes across the front with long sleeves. It is full of holes and way too big for him, but a shirt is a shirt. He puts it on and instantly feels like a lime.

Just as he secures the wrist buttons, he hears a scream from behind him further into the alley. Without thinking, he charges down the alley look for the source of the sound. He reaches a cross alley and peeks into it, what he sees horrifies him.

He sees a man in a suit crouching before a woman being held to the ground on her stomach by two other women. The man has his hand under the defeated woman and looks like he is about to kiss her. However, she doesn't just give up.

She pulls back and as he moves in and head butts him. That gets her a foot in her back from both women. The man then slaps her across the face, and then tries again. The man says something, but Ed doesn't understand it. As he says more, he somehow begins to understand them.

"… too late…you've… thorn in my side… now it is time to repay your dues."

Now infuriated, Ed claps his hands together out of instinct and to his surprise, he arm transmutes into a blade. Noticing the blue light, one of the women speaks. "Master, we are being watched."

'Shit, now what? I could probably take them on, but there are three of them. But they don't know who they are dealing with.' Ed steps out and addresses them.

"What are you guys doing to that woman? How you leave this alley will be determined by your answer."

The man turns around and faced Ed. He is wearing a white suit, white dress shirt, and a black tie. "What rude manners. My name is Izumi Higa. This is Katsuragi and Oriha. Now, what is your business here? Move along and you will live to see another day."

"I don't think so. Let her go or you none of you will be able to walk out of here." To make his point, Ed claps his hands together and touches the wall. A blue light emanates and a pillar shoots out of the ground right at Higa.

As the pillar shoot toward Higa, Katsuragi meets the pillar head on. A huge dust cloud envelopes the alley as the two collide. As the Dust clears, Ed's eyes nearly pop out of his face in amazement.

The concrete pillar is gone, totally turned to dust. Right where they had collided, Ede sees Katsuragi standing and blowing the dust off her fist.

"What the hell? What are you?"

"I think a better question is what did you do? I've never seen a Sekirei do that. Now answer my questions and you may live," Higa says threateningly.

"Don't count me out now. Things are just getting interesting." Ed claps his hands and reforms his metal fist, grabs a pipe on the ground, and transforms it into a sword. "I've got nothing to lose, now let her go."

'From the way she got rid of the pillar, she must be pretty physically strong. She is also very fast. If she does come at me, it will be a head on assault. Easy enough to dodge.'

Katsuragi looks back at Higa, who gives her a nod. She then bull rushes Ed, but he guessed correctly as to her style. Side stepping her fist, then jumping to avoid her foot, he uses the hilt of the blade and brings it down on her head, effectively knocking her out.

He turns back to Higa to find a fire ball come at Oriha from above, who is still holding the woman on the ground down. She dodges the attack and steps back.

"You win this time, Homura. But next time you will not be so lucky." Higa grabs on to Oriha and Ed is amazed as she jumps up to the roof of the two story building next to them seemingly without any effort.

Ed notices a figure in black jump down into the alleyway. Ed brings up his sword and prepares to fight some more. He takes a step closer to the man when he stoops to check on the girl on the ground as she seems to have passed out.

"Put that away, we are not enemies." He says to Ed.

"Yeah, really? I don't what the hell you are, so why don't you start talking."

The man in black turns around takes a step forward. "You are quite unusual too, with your powers. I want to thank you for protecting this woman. I really hate people like that man. But she is passed out and we need to find a safe place to take her and to talk. Now, can we agree to get her to safety before we talk?"

Ed slightly lowers his sword and nods. "I still don't trust you. Do you have a place in mind?"

"Yeah, I do. It's not too far from here. If you carry her, I carry the one you knocked out. Deal?"

Ed had completely forgotten about Katsuragi and nods his agreement. Clapping his hands together, he returns the sword to its original shape and drops it.

"Lead the way."

End of Chapter 1