Ed and Miya are sitting together on a new couch in their new home. Ed looks around the room. Chiho and Uzume are on another couch, Uzume's arms wrapped around her, and Takami and Kagari on a loveseat.

"So when is Minato expected to return?" Chiho asks Takami.

"Well, they took Kamikura Island easily. After they settle things down, they should be back here in a couple of days later."

"Good. I would like to meet all of Uzume's family. Having to be in a hospital the entire time makes for some bad scenery and even worse company as everyone want to poke and prod you with instruments." Uzume rubs her hand comfortingly.

"I must say that your treatment went extremely well. With the treatment data I got off of the MBI database, I wasn't sure if it would work, but it looks like you beat the odds."

Chiho smiles. "I love the house Mr. and Mrs. Elric. It looks brand new."

Ed smiles. "Please, call us Ed and Miya. Saying that makes me feel old. And it is. During the attack a couple of months ago, our house was destroyed. So it only seemed fitting that with the money Takami put into our accounts from MBI plus the insurance money that we build another Inn. Feel free to stay here as long as you like. A friend of Uzume's is a friend of ours."

The new Inn is double the size of their old one. With the destruction all around the city, they were easily able to buy a large plot of land. The new Inn also has a gym built in and a sauna, a pool, a hot tub, and two huge washrooms. The kitchen has all new appliances. They had a huge 60" TV with surround sound and a movie room. They spared no expense since they really had no limit.

"How can they do that? That goes against the laws of physics!" Ed exclaims at the TV. It is hooked up to Matsu's computers and it is streaming anime which everyone is watching/reading (for manga).

"I don't know. What if find disturbing is that they are for the most part middle school kids, especially the fat one. And the adults. Do they even work? How do they keep a roof over their head?" Uzume comments.

"I like the romance part. I think it is just exquisite how she likes him and he likes her, and even though they can't be together she tries anyways." Kazahana puts in her two cents while literally laying her immense bosom on Minato's back, making him blush.

"That doesn't surprise me. You always have been a stickler for the mushy stuff." Takami chides Kazahana.

"I can't help it! I think it is the best thing in the world when two people find love, even at such a young age." She leaves the realm of the sane and goes off into her own world muttering things about love and adorable.

"What I want to know is how the regalia are supposed to work. It is physically impossible to produce a shockwave like that with your foot and not be a Sekirei. And how do they maneuver in the air like that? Even with a micro motor, the power and acceleration needed to produce such speeds and a short time would are astronomical. And what that "Kazu" guy did on the rail was damn impossible. His nose was an inch from the rail which would decrease the available weight available to press down and make the motor go faster, but it increased it instead. It should be impossible, even for the anime's standards."

"Ed-tan, your forgetting the rules of anime. They differ from the laws of the real world. Like in Aquarion when a guy who knows nothing about the mech is able to pilot is with no trouble. Remember it is Law #28 Law of Technological User-Benevolence: the formal training required to operate a spaceship or mecha is inversely proportional to its complexity. And don't forget about #44- Law of Nominative Clamovocation: the likelihood of success and damage done by a martial arts attack is directly proportional to the volume at which the full name of the attack is announced (known as the Kamehameha effect).

"These rules cannot be disregarded and are used in almost every anime."

Ed undresses Miya. As he removes her chihaya jacket, he sees her bandages are wet.

"Have you been in the gym lately?" he looks up at her.

"No, why?" A playful smile on her face.

"Miya, you have to take it or you won't heal right. Come on, let's change your bandages, they are absolutely soaked."

"Maybe that was the point. It has been a while since we practiced."

Ed sighs. "The only thing keeping me from jumping you is the wet bandages, the doctor's orders, and the fact that your ribs haven't quite healed right."

Ed changes her in their room and afterwards, Miya changes the bandages across his chest. With fresh bandages they exit their room. They find Uzume and Chiho making out on a couch. Not wanting to spoil the moment, they slip past them to the kitchen.

Ed whispers into Miya's ear.

"Would it be wrong of me to say that was one of the hottest things I've ever seen?" He tries to jump away, but doesn't make it as she hits him on the arm.

Ed switches on the news as Miya prepares lunch.

"In related news, CEO and founder of MBI, Hiroto Minaka has been found guilty by a Grand Jury. Several of the convictions include destruction of government property and attempted murder. He is expected to get the maximum sentence of 30 years. The Grand Jury has also ordered the complete liquidation of all MBI stocks and assets.

"Meanwhile, clean up efforts are still underway. Several gas and water mains, a power station, 110 cars, and 43 building including the MBI tower were destroyed in the terrorist attack last month. Authorities are still looking for the group responsible. Any tips can be directed to the number below. They are assumed armed and dangerous. " Ed turns the TV off with a chuckle. They have no idea.

"I'm glad Homura decided not to kill him. He made the right choice."

"Me too."

"Oh that reminds me. What happened to Karasuba?"

Miya looks at him. "She came by earlier. She is still pretty injured, but she is recovering nicely. She said she is going to travel once she is well enough. I think it is good for her. She needs to see the real world."

"Morning everyone!" A red mound bounces down the stairs loudly. Hotaru spots Uzume and Chiho on the couch.

"Get a room you two!"

Uzume looks up.

"Damn interruptions." She mutters to herself, getting a giggle from Chiho.

A sly look comes over her face. She looks back to Chiho under her.

"You know, that might not be a bad idea." Uzume grabs Chiho's hand and almost drags her up the stairs.

Hotaru shakes her head. She continues into the kitchen where she sits down and watches Miya make lunch.

"Hey Miya, is it ok if I have someone come over for lunch?"

"Of course, the more people the better. It has been rather quiet around here without Minato and the others. May I ask who?"

"A guy. His name is Ouri Kagami. He is a monk and I think I like him. I don't know. He hangs around this weird girl. I think her name is Makina or something like that. She smells weird. She never leaves him. So there might be two people."

Miya gives a nod and turns to Ed.

"Ed dear, would you go and remind Uzume that illicit actions are forbidden in Izumo Inn?"

"I hope our illicit actions are allowed." This causes Hotaru to massively blush and she storm out of the kitchen mumbling something about sex crazed maniacs.

Later that evening Ed and Miya sit outside. Ed wraps his arms around her and breathes in her smell.

"Could this get anymore perfect? Setting sun, warm wind, and best of all you."

"How smooth. You get better every time. By the time your 80 you should have perfected it."

He mocks insult.

"Then how is this?"

He tickles her. In a few seconds, Ed has her squirming and laughing in his lap as she tries to fight back.

"Stop it Ed!"

"Never. Not until you surrender!"

He keeps at it. After a few minutes, she gives in by claiming his lips with hers.

In that instance, Ed realizes something. This is the happiest he has ever been. He has never been this content with someone before, not even Al or Winry. He snakes his arms around her torso and holds her tight.

"Don't ever leave me."

End Epilogue

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Ed: I really wanted him to grow up in this story. Worry less about what others think of him and do what is necessary, like taking care of Miya. I know that people always pair up Winry and Ed (my personal favorite couple in FMA alone) but I wanted to explore Ed in an environment he knows nothing about. Also, I had Ed be an emotional pillar for Miya to show how much me means to her and how close they are, also signs of a maturing Ed.

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Miya and Ed: Some people have said that their relationship advanced way to fast. I agree, but here is an explanation of why it happened like that. With the previous explanation of my take on the alterations, it also shows that Ed was Miya's one and only true soul mate. Sekirei establish bonds quicker than normal people. My take is that when they find their true Ashikabi, then it develops much faster than normal. It may not make sense, but that is a possible explanation.

Chapter 3: I didn't include Moy in the count because MBI doesn't keep track of her because they can't force her to anything. And someone erased all data on her, so she isn't in the system to begin with and that's where Matsu gets the counts from. I'm making it so Matsu didn't know that Miya wasn't winged by Takehito.

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Chapter 12: Sorry for the long delay, I was talking a break and reading the manga scripts. I thought of having both briefings in the story, but I realized that the Ashikabi version would just be the Sekirei version, just abbreviated with less detail.

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Chapter 13: didn't take me long to write this one. Wraps up Yashima's story and now she is a stronger person for dealing with her Ashikabi with no regrets as she gave him a second chance which is more than I would have given him.

Chapter 15: Here is it, the big showdown that everyone has been waiting for. I hope it is to everyone's satisfaction.

* A hakama is a traditional clothing item usually worn over a kimono. It is tied at the waist and falls to about the ankles. While women in the past wore hakamas only to formal event, Miya breaks with tradition by wearing one every day. Wikipedia it or Google it.

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