Title: The King is Gone
Rating: PG
Pairing: Nate/Sophie
Spoilers: General first season knowledge
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Word Count: 284
A/N: Though hardly my first fic, it's my first N/S fic. And I'm still getting into the Leverage groove!

Written for comment_fic's lonely challenge weekend. Prompt: Leverage, Nate/Sophie, she doesn't want to talk to him when he's like this

They'd been dancing around it for months. Ever since she agreed to help him with that first job in Chicago, she had been sending him all of the right signals. She had been flirting, dropping thinly veiled hints, and minimizing the physical distance between them whenever possible, but the man never made a move. He was absolutely infuriating!

So, after two glasses of her favorite red wine and a warm bubble bath, Sophie Devereaux had come to a firm decision. The next time she saw Nate, she was going to lay it all out on the table because she was tired of sitting around and waiting for him to sweep her off her feet.

However, the next time she saw him, he was drunk. Just a few hours after her decision, she got the call to pick him up from yet another bar in town. It was the fourth call that week, and it was only Thursday.

Pulling up to the curb, she saw him slumped against the front of the building picking at the buttons on his jacket, and knew she wouldn't be able to talk to him tonight. She wants to have that conversation with Nathan Ford and not the shadow of a man that has become, so instead she falls easily into what has become their routine. She drives him home and helps him upstairs to his apartment, taking off his shoes and covering him with an old blanket he keeps on one end of the sofa. All the while knowing that if he didn't hurry up, he was going to lose her because one of these days she was actually going to come to her senses and finally move on.