Near the plane site, Chris was throwing a huge Hawaiian style party in honor of Cody's win and everyone was invited….well…almost everyone.

Sierra could see and hear the bright lights and loud music from the beach where the challenge took place. The crowd was cheering, fireworks were going off…oh how she would have loved to be part of the celebration.

"You and I were not and will never be Together!"…echoed the harsh words from her former beloved Cody. Sierra found herself shivering uncontrollably, it was as if all the blood in her body was freezing over. She had been crying for a long time now, she was exhausted and tired, but she couldn't find herself going back to the plane area. How could she?…After what Cody said? And on live television?

Sitting on a rock near the calming rocking shores of the ocean, she looked out to the full moon, hoping for any sign or answer to what she could do now? Cody hated her guts, and looking back on her actions, she could understand why…but that still didn't help her in her current situation, Cody was her life and admiration…now that he was gone…what other purpose was there for her?

Sierras thoughts were interrupted when she felt a warm cotton blanket gently cover her from behind. She looked back to see who had given her the warmth and was surprised to see that it was Noah.

Noah looked at Sierra with a slightly worried look, he knew that look, he had older sisters back at home, so seeing her like this, kind of hit home for him. He took a spot on another rock beside her, "You okay?"

Sierra sniffled turning her gaze from Noah back to the sand sadly, "Do I look like I am okay?…"

Noah raised a brow as he crossed his arms.

She looked at him and sighed deeply turning her attention back to the sand, "Its just…I ….I feel like…everything I held dear….is suddenly….gone…I feel so lost."

"For what its worth there are other boys out there you can stalk."

She looked at him with a slight glare, "why would you care anyway?"

Noah sighs, "I have 4 older sisters back at home, I know what its like to see someone go through heartbreak."

She pulled the blanket over her tightly, hugging it dearly to her, "Have you ever gone through heartbreak?"

Noah shrugs, "No, not really, I never met anyone that actually caught my attention."

Sierra looked at Noah, "really? *sniffles* I thought, you kind of had a crush on Bridgette, you know with the…you know…hugging in the Yukon?"

Noah looked out to the ocean, "well, sort of, I just felt sorry for her, she looked so cold, and I thought I could give her at least a little bit of warmth…I am a little surprised that Geoff didn't bring that up at the Aftermath Mayhem…I thought for sure he would have reamed me for it."

Sierra wipes her tears from her face, "No…Geoff isn't that type of person, you didn't try to kiss her, so he doesn't see you as a threat."

Noah rolls his eyes, "figures…because Bridgette is so beautiful, and I am just a bookworm, no one thinks that a guy like me can't get a girl like her. But just for the record, I like to have someone who has a little bit of survival skills and a little more brains."

Sierra sniffles, " that's only half true…I can imagine you having a girl that had your IQ, I bet she would be really pretty…of course, your IQ is off the charts since you were in 3rd grade, and you could skip to college if you wanted to and get a college girlfriend."

"Meh" Noah shrugged, "I could, but I choose not too…but how did you know that?"

"I told you at the beginning, I know everything about everyone," Sierra looked sad and started to cry again, "But not as much as Cody!"

Noah raised a brow, "why do you like him so much anyway?"

Sierra sniffles, "I don't know…I guess, seeing him on Total Drama Island, seeing him work so hard to make it and didn't, I know he has a lot of skills, that just went unnoticed. I thought, if there was someone who knew about his skills and cared about him to support him. He would know that someone actually loves him for who he is."

"Very well put, but…stalking him, rubbing his feet while he slept, using his toothbrushes, stealing all of his underwear? No need go on, but yeah…all of that, just screams creepy stalker girl."

"But I thought he always wanted someone like that?"

"He may have said that, but that doesn't mean he actually wants one."

"And Gwen?…*shivers* what's so special about her? She is into Duncan and doesn't even like Cody like that, she likes him as if he was her little brother, I know, I saw the episodes like 13 times."

"Yeah I know, we all did." Noah irritated said, " but you know, guys are totally stupid over girls they think are …what was their idiot 90s term?…totally hot."

Sierra looks at Noah angrily, "And you are saying I am not Totally hot?"

Noah looks to Sierra and gives a half/half sign, "Well, you are cute, I will give you that…but to Cody standards."

"SHUT IT!" Sierra cried again.

"Okay, I admit this much, I suck at trying to cheer people up, I always believed that if you were to tell the truth than sugar coating it, you would get better results…but I know sometimes its not always good to hear either." Noah crossed his arms, "My mother always taught me that, and that if you can't handle the truth, don't bother asking."

Sierra slightly glares at Noah.

Noah holds up his hands in defense, "I meant what I said before."

Sierra looks at him now sincerely, "you really think I am cute?"

"Don't push it, I might end up saying something that I could get crushed for."

Sierra chuckles a little, "you know, for a cynical know it all, girl screaming, un-sportsman type, you really aren't so bad."

"Gee…Thanks…I feel so special."

Sierra giggled a little, which in return, Noah had to chuckle a little himself.