The Chase

By Shirtyyy

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy or any of the characters featured. They all belong to Joss Whedon.

It was a party of all parties. Angel (The most popular guy in school) end of year party. His house was on the beach and there was a huge bon fire, and everyone who was anyone came. Buffy his girlfriend had just showed up, and was looking for him. She was wearing a cute buttoned up top and a short skirt. Buffy was very excited because tonight was the night she was going to have her first time with Angel and she couldn't wait to see him.

Buffy: Willow have you seen Angel I haven't seen him yet. (She said smiling and bitting her lip nervously).

Willow was wrapped up in the arms of her new loving boyfriend Xander, they had only just realised their feelings for each other and ever since couldn't get enough. Willow gradually turned to her friend and replied.

Willow: No I haven't, (she said smiling and quickly turned her gaze to her boyfriend) have you seen him around Xand?

Xander: Narr sorry, oh wait I saw him head out to the beach a while ago maybe check there. (He said never talking his eyes of off willow; he began to make out with her again.

Buffy nodded and walked away, this wasn't like Angel at all. Buffy headed out of the house and onto the beach and stood by the bon fire. She heard yelling and followed the sound. Spike her more of an acquaintance then a friend fighting was with his girl friend and total skank Dru. But Buffy noticed Dru getting off the ground with another guy, who happened to be her guy. Angel.

Buffy: Angel, Whats going on here? (Tears where swelling in her eyes as she looked at his lip stick stained face).

Angel: It's not what it looks like! (He said doing up his flyer)

Dru: Aren't the stars pretty tonight (She said smiling looking at Buffy)

Spike: You pounce! How dare you touch my Woman!

Spike tackled angel to the ground and punched him in the face, Angel grunted in pain but punched him back knocking Spike off of him.

Buffy: Angel it's over. (She said in a low voice).

Angel: Don't say that, it only happened once I don't know what I was doing, I was thinking about you the whole time!

Buffy: What you slept with her! (Shocked, she thought they were both saving there first time for each other)

Spike: Yeah and I had to witness it (he grimaced)

Buffy: I thought. . . I thought (Tears where rolling down her face) Is it because we haven't?

Spike and Dru look at Buffy now.

Spike: Wait, are you a virgin (He smiled wickedly)

Buffy: It's over Angel

Buffy began to walk away, Angel tried to grab her arm but Buffy turned around and slapped him in the face. She ran away as fast as she could tears rolling down her face, she got back to the party Willow and Xander didn't notice she was crying because they where to busy making out, she grabbed a bottle of vodka and headed of back down to the beach. She sat down about a hundred metres from the party. Buffy began to cry, but she stopped once she felt a hand on her shoulder. She was half expecting it to be Angel begging her to take him back, but she was shocked to discover that it was Spike with a large towel wrapped around himself.

Spike: Her (He said in almost a whisper)

Buffy: Hey (She replied in between sobs).

Spike slowly sat down next to her, he saw her shiver.

Spike: Are you cold?

Buffy: yeah a little bit.

Spike unwrapped the towel around him and shared it with Buffy. He noticed that she had a bottle of vodka in her hands and gently took the bottle and took a long drink from it. She took it back from him and did the same. This repeated for about ten minutes and then the bottle was empty.

Spike: I don't know what I ever saw in that bint. Always treated me like dirt she did.

Buffy: I agree, Angel was never right for me. I bet this was the first time he has cheated. He is always going off at parties.

Spike: That's the same with Dru.

Buffy looked at Spike her whole body felt numb because of how much she had drunken. She smiled.

Buffy: You deserve better than her.

Spike: And you deserve better then that tosser Angel.

Buffy: You really think so?

Spike: Are you kidding? Any man would be lucky to have you.

Buffy: You're just saying that. (She said slightly blushing at what he had said)

Spike: No I meant it, you're so beautiful. (Placing a hand on her cheek).

Buffy: Your, your drunk. (She slurred her words)

Spike: So are you love (He said looking down at her pink lips the moon light reflecting of off them).

Buffy hadn't realised that she was now facing Spike, and that both their bodies were leaning into each other. His mouth was only an inch away and she could breathe in his scent. She wasn't really thing around what she was doing; she just lent in and slowly pressed her lips against his. Tingles spread throughout his whole body and he slowly kissed her back. He opened her mouth with his tongue and slipped it into her mouth. They both knew this was a bad idea, but they couldn't help themselves they were both hurting and needed something to take their minds off of it.

As there kiss got more passionate Buffy pulled Spike down on top of her, he pushed into her and she moaned. Buffy slowly pulled his top over his shoulders exposing his tight abs. Buffy knew where this was heading but somehow she didn't care. Spike unbuttoned her shirt, and slipped it off onto the sand. Buffy moaned again as she felt spikes pants grow. She continued kissing him as she fiddled with his belt buckles, and flyer. To her delightful surprise, Spike wasn't wearing underwear. He rolled up her skirt and pulled down her under wear. He was now positioned right on top of her entrance.

Spike was very drunk but he was still considering what he was doing next, Buffy had always been a sweet smart loving girl whom he would never admit to but he looked up to her. Where he was a bad boy, known for his off and on relationship with Dru and womanising. He looked down at Buffy, and felt her rub up against him and he wasn't strong enough to stop, she moaned as he entered her. Buffy bit her lip.

Spike: Am I hurting you?

Buffy: No don't stop, don't stop. (She moaned again)

(The next day)

Buffy's head hurt and so did her heart. She still couldn't believe Angel had done that to her. She heard the waves crashing on the beach and realised where she was. It was sun rise but still was very dark. She was now very aware of a males arm around her naked body. Thinking it was Angel, she slowly and gently removed the arm from her waist. She sat up wrapping the towel around her when she realised that it was Spike Pratt naked body lying next to her.

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