Chapter Seventeen: In The End

By Shirtyyy

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Previously on the chase: Recapping

Chapter One: The party

He looked down at Buffy, and felt her rub up against him and he wasn't strong enough to stop, she moaned as he entered her. Buffy bit her lip.

Spike: Am I hurting you?

Buffy: No don't stop, don't stop. (She moaned again)

Chapter Two: Morning After

Spike stirred and opened his eyes to see Buffy Summers running away from him. He thought that was odd until he looked down at his naked body and remember what happened the night before.

Joyce: How was your night with Angel anyway?

Buffy: Angel and I broke up last night Mum.

Chapter Five: That Night

Buffy could feel his pants harden and she became wet. How was he doing this to her? All she wanted to do was push him back onto the bed and do all the dirty little things she dreamed about.

Buffy: I should get back to school. (She said not looking into his deep blue eyes)

Spike: Or you could stay?

At that Buffy let go and kissed him passionately, Spike wasted no time in kissing her back. He picked her up and she wrapped her tiny legs around his waist. She could feel how hard he was, which made her wetter. She started to kiss his neck as he laid her down on his bed.

There was a very loud knocking at the front door.

Chapter Six: Life to the Fullest

Woman: Ruff day?

Spike: Yeah you wouldn't believe me if I told you. What about you? (He asked uninterested)

Woman: Start my new job tomorrow a little scared.

Spike: Life is always scary (He placed his drunken hand on hers)

She smiled seductively at him.

Woman: I get off at eleven if you wanted to… do something.

Spike smiled. If Buffy didn't feel the same way about her that's fine, he was going to live life to the fullest starting with tonight. He was sobering up when he said

Spike: I'll see you at eleven then

Chapter Eight: Stays with us

Spike: Want to get out of here?

Buffy looked into his blue eyes and was lost.

Buffy: Sure.

He helped her up Buffy had the egg in one hand and Spike hand in the other. They ran to his car.

Miss Calender could see them from her class room, and was suddenly full of anger.

Chapter Nine: Lay Here With Me

Buffy: Angel.

Spike was shocked. She was dreaming about Angel after what they did? How could she be thinking of Angel, poofter, sodding peaches and not him? Spike tensed his body and was thinking of getting up and leaving but then he heard her mumble again.

Buffy: I really loved you Angel.

This was the last straw for Spike; he climbed out of bed and found his pants. He moved over to his desk and saw a pen and paper. He sat down and began to write.

Dear Buffy…..

Chapter Ten: Ok You Caught Me

Buffy: No, you gave that right up when I woke up and you weren't there, and all you left me was a stupid letter, where did you go anyway!

Buffy looked at his neck, and saw a fresh hicki that wasn't from her. Spike followed his eyes and saw the dark bruise on his lower neck.

Buffy: Oh, oh god.

Chapter Fourteen: Hear You Me

Spike: Buffy, will you go out with me?

Buffy smiled and move in closer, she layed another kiss to his lips and then replied ever so softly.

Buffy: Yes.

Chapter Sixteen: The First of Many

She giggled at him.

Spike: Want to get out of here?

Buffy: Yeah where do you want to go?

Spike: Oh I have an idea (He said winking at her)

The chase

Buffy and Spike walked hand in hand to Buffy's front door. She smiled when they paused in front of it and he beamed down at her. His fingers grazed her face as he moved a stray hair behind her ear, ever so softly. Buffy shivered, than Spike wasted no time pulling of his leather coat and laying it onto her shoulders. But she wasn't cold, Spikes touch made her stomach do flips, her lips tingle and her blood boil and freeze all at the same time.

She was in love and not the school girl crush kind. The mind blowing can't breathe when you're around kind of love. The love that makes you stay awake at night because there not next to you. The kind of love that makes you want to jump up and down happily screaming when they kiss you, the kind when you are with them and if you can just hold them you know everything will be ok.

Spike gazed into her eyes. The way he saw her, she was just perfect. Her cute little nose, her smile, and the way she would pout if she doesn't get her way, the way she moans when they kiss, perfect.

Spike puts his finger on her chin and draws her face towards him. The world faded away when their lips met, moving along with each other in soft sweet movements. Buffy's hands moved up his arms and settled around his neck. Spike pulled her closer to him, bringing Buffy on her tippy toes.

Once the kiss ended, Buffy entered her house and watched Spike drive away. She pushed her back against the door and slid down smiling. She hadn't felt this happy in a long time; she had a deep feeling in her stomach that nothing could possible screw this up.

Buffy got up and moved up stairs quickly, she ran to the bathroom and throw up. The feeling in her stomach went away when she remembered the night on the beach. The condom that wasn't used and how she had missed her period for the last two weeks. She began to cry softly on the floor of her bathroom.

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