Hidden Secrets

By Female Heero Yuy

Disclaimer: If I owned Kuroshitsuji this would be in the manga. XD

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I did have to change Claus's name. He was originally named Claude truthfully. But since there's a Claude in Kuroshitsuji 2 I kinda now associate Claude with the demon from season 2. I didn't really want to change it. Truth be told. But I didn't want to confuse my readers into thinking it was that particular Claude. I try to avoid having characters named after main characters. Or my favorite minors like Maylene, Bard and Finni =3. It just makes everything easier on everyone.

You may also see somethings that maybe similar to season 2. But I seriously seriously was working on this for the past year before Kuroshitsuji season 2 even came out. So apart of me is like "FUCKK!", but at the same time i've worked really agonizingly hard on this. And theres alot where I put alot of thought as so why some things were said and how something happened. I hope you all enjoy this story and that it meets your expectations from me.

Onward! Btw I apologize for the agonizingly long beginning AN. Was not intended!


Ciel was enjoying Sebastian's latest dessert creation. He savored every last morsal as eat piece went into his mouth. It melted like ice cream, and was like heaven entered his mouth each and every time. He wouldn't let the demon see his face of joy whenever he tasted a new dessert. But when he was alone he squealed about as much as Elizabeth would when she saw something cute. Oh yes the demon had his weaknesses down. Even when it would be the day for his soul to be taken by the demon. He could take comfort in knowing in his life that he had tasted the best desserts ever created.

Sebastian gave Ciel a sly smile as he creeped up to him. Trying to make himself unnoticed until the final moment. He'd snuck in through the open window when Ciel wasn't looking and hide behind the curtains. He knew of his masters joyus face with his desserts. And as a perfectionist it made him feel a sense of accomplishment. But he wasn't there to enjoy the face of his master. No he was there for another reason.

As soon as Ciel put the final piece in his mouth. Something had moved close to his ear. "Delicious isn't it?" is said in a hushed tone. Startling Ciel out of his witts.

"AAAAHHHHH! Sebastian! What do you think your doing?" he shouted in embarassment. He couldn't believe he'd been caught enjoying the confection.

Sebastian stiffled a laugh as he stayed by his masters side. "Oh did I frighten you young master? I apologize." he looked very smug as he said it. So Ciel doubted he was actually sorry.

"What do you want demon?" he was sad that the very last piece hadn't been able to be savored, on the inside. But he wouldn't show it.

"Ah...what indeed..." he stated to avoid the question. He got up and walked around the desk almost like nothing had even happened a moment ago. "I hear granny will be paying us another visit soon along with the Marchioness Middleford."

"Indeed. But i'm sure that's not why you came here."

Leaning over his desk, Sebastian became very serious. "If I may, is there another reason to their visit other than a visit?"


"I mean there won't be another scheme or something. Nothing at all that I should know about?" he leaned closer.

As much as that would of made Ciel happy, "Sadly I wasn't told anything." He too was utterably disappointed. This time he'd actually gotten the camera ready for some photos. He was hoping to get some of Sebastian in a dress of some sort like he'd worn the last time.

Sebastian stood straight and took a sigh of relief. "But why wasn't I told of this visit?"

"Because for the most part it's not even a visit. We're going to her town house in London to meet her halfway."

"...Huh?" Sebastian couldn't help but be confused. How was it even near being called a visit if the person you were going to visit was having you go to your house?

"That's what I said." Ciel mumbled as he pretended to look over some paperwork.


A few days later they'd just arrived at Granny's estate. Though it seemed they were the first to arrive. Which meant they had to wait, outside, until someone arrived to let them in.

"I'm hungry." Ciel whined, though it wasn't like Sebastian could cook a meal in the carriage. They'd already been waiting for a few hours. And he didn't want to leave less his Granny or Aunt arrived.

"Shall I go see what the vendors are selling?" Sebastian asked from across from him. He honestly wanted to get out and stretch his legs.

"No. They might arrive while your gone." he sighed in defeat. His stomach grumbled quite loudly then. Making known it wasn't going to let him go so easily.

Shifting in his seat, Sebastian tried to get comfortable. But after a long journey he'd rather even be doing chores then sitting around doing nothing. He shifted again when he started to feel stiff again. Within the next hour he'd shifted a good twenty times trying to ease the stiffness in his legs.

"Stop shifting so much!"

"Ah...I apologize." he stated, though he tried to sit still. Ten minutes rolled by before he felt he needed to move or do something or else his legs would fall asleep. He tried to pretend he was moving to look out the window to see if they'd arrived, but in reality he shifted his position again.

Ciel looked at him aggitated that he was moving so much. Though he wouldn't admit it, but his body was getting stiff as well. His stomach growled again to remind him he was still hungry.

"I'm going outside." Sebastian announced and moved to get out. He couldn't take it anymore, five hours of sitting in a carriage was making him stir crazy. He'd gotten as far as opening the door, before seeing a carriage in the distance. "I believe they've arrived young master."

"Finally!" he groaned and hunched in his seat. With Sebastian no longer across from him he had the room to stretch his legs.

"Oh how un noble like." he teased as he got out and stretched abit. Bones popped as he did so. 'I must be loosing my touch. I used to sit for a whole year without moving.' he thought. The carriage finally pulled up and Granny exited it.

"Ahhh what a lovely journey." she sighed in content.

"Granny what took you so long?" Ciel shouted in hast as he stood behind Sebastian from the carriages door.

"Oh my have you been waiting long? The weather was so nice I thought to enjoy the scenery for a while." she giggled.

Sebastian stretched abit more to relieve his stiff muscles. He sighed abit in content. 'I need a massage.' he thought as he wound his arm around abit before helping Ciel out of the carriage. Granny had opened the door while the other servants prepared to carry the bags to the respected rooms.

"I think i'm going to need a nice long bath before supper." Granny stated as she walked in cheerily. "Claus please show Sebastian around to his room won't you." she waved at her elderly servant. He bowed at her and smiled at him.

Sebastian raised a brow as it confused him why her interest was on him instead of his master.

"Don't worry Ciel can come with me." she waved again. Signaling for Ciel to follow. "His room is on the way to mine. I don't mind at all."


Carrying Ciel's luggage Sebastian followed Claus down the corridor towards the east wing. They'd climbed several stairs, and it surprised him that such an elderly man could walk such a distance without a drop of sweat. The house was much larger than the Phantomhive manor. Atleast triple in size. He looked at his surroundings so he could memorize the location of his temporary room. Though he couldn't help but feel he'd been there before. Which was proposterous since he was sure this was the first time he'd been there.

"This is your room sir." Claus bowed.

"Thank you." Sebastian replied as he gawked at the rather large door before him. 'The servants must be very spoiled indeed.' he thought as he stepped in. He got the shock of his life when saw the room. It was far more extravagant than even Ciel's own bedroom, and much larger by comparasion. The blue and white setting almost as if it were winter in the room alone. With more flowers about the room than what they perhaps had in their own garden. "Ah...are you sure this is my room?" he asked sweating alittle while in awe. Even for a demon the room was very extravagant.

Claus just smiled, "But of course, my lady gave me explict instructions that you were to have this room during your stay."

Sebastian took a few steps in. "But...this is far above my station." he stated as he touched a drape that was nearby. It was the finest silk he'd ever touched. Each one covering a window that was gigantic atleast a good 15ft in length.

"I understand you must be overwhelmed. But my orders were to give you this room. Shall I show you around? The bathroom is right this way if you'd like to freshen up." he smiled. He was apparently a very patient man.

He nodded and followed him to the bathroom. Mostly because he was curious to what it looked like. When Claus opened the double doors to the bathroom. Sebastian dropped the suitcase he'd been carrying. The bathtub was huge. It might as well of been a small lake. It was like one of the baths from the roman bath houses, and it was on a balcony outside, but gave privacy since they were up so high and the plants were surrounding the openings. "Oh...my." was all he could say.


Ciel was non chalant about his room. It was about the same size as his room at home. And just as sparcely decorated. Plopping himself onto his mattress he sighed as the cool sheets enveloped his tired body. The bathroom was almost identical to his own at home, but there was alot of flowers in it. He was considering having Sebastian do that at home since it looked so nice. Of course with different flowers.

He smirked when he thought of Sebastian having to walk all throughout the house just to get to his room. His granny's house was huge, but he doubted the demon would tire from it. But he figured he could use it as an excuse to prank the demon a few times. Perhaps keep him on his own home's schedule.

There was a knock on his door.

"Come in."

Claus came into the room and bow. "Dinner will be served shortly sir. Would you like me to lead you to the dining hall?"

"...Where is my butler?" he asked with a raised brow. Surely Sebastian knew where the dining hall was by now. And it was strange to have someone else call him to his meal.

"Forgive me but my lady instructed me to allow him abit of relaxation time. I shall be of service to you for the time being."

"Eh?" he looked at him in confusion. Since when was Sebastian obligated to obey his granny's orders? He was going to have a word with him after dinner that was for sure.


Frances glared as Ciel sat at the table. The reason unknown even as he sat to partake in his meal. Once it was served they ate silently. Only the clanging of dishes as sliced their meat or drank their drink.

"The weather sure is nice today." granny commented as she looked out the window sipping her tea.

"Indeed." Frances replied.

"...Granny?" Ciel inquired.

"Yes dear?" she smiled.

"Ummm about my butler.." he started.

"Oh yes, I hope you don't mind, but I thought he could use abit of time off for the day. I apologize for not consolodating you first on the matter. But the poor dear just seemed so exhausted."

"...Ah...it's fine." he sweated. Though he wasn't sure why, it seemed granny was able to get her way without so much as a single threatening manner about her. "I'll just see my butler after supper."

"Besure to make sure his room is too his liking. I let him specifically use it." she smiled again.

"Ummm..okay." he stared at her. Then finished his meal. "If you'll excuse me." he bowed.

"That's fine dearie. Claus will show you the way."

When Ciel started towards Sebastian's room he thought it would be a long trip as the house was so large. He did not think however that there would be flight after flight of stairs. 'Aren't the servants quarters on the first floor?' he thought as he was exhausted. It was like this area was separate from most of the house. When they finally reached the doors to Sebastian's room. Ciel was ready to collaspe.

"Right here sir." Claus smiled as he knocked then opened the doors. Ciel gawked in shock at the room.

"Eh?" he couldn't believe his eyes. He was expecting Sebastian to have a typical servants room.

"It looks like he's taking a bath." Claus stated as Sebastian's butlers coat was sitting on a chair with his shoes neatly on the floor beside the chair. There was also the sounds of water coming from behind the closed doors. He knocked, but didn't receive a reply so he just opened the doors. Ciel was behind him and became even more stunned.

"Even the bathroom is bigger than my room." he stated he awe. Then looked at his butler who was currently in the rather large bath taking a bubble bath.

Grabbing some bubbles in his hands Sebastian blew at them to make them float off his hands. He was rather enjoying the room he was given. He hadn't noticed that others were in the room with him until Ciel spoke.

"What...are you doing?" his eye twitched.

"Taking a bath of course." he sighed and leaned in abit more. "I want one of these for the house." he stretch up one of his legs but was careful to keep his foot in the water.

"You idiot! Get out of there!"

"Awwww but i've only been in for 30 minutes." he whined as he looked at his master.

"That's more than enough for you!"

"Yes sir." he stated, but it was obvious he didn't want to get out just yet. Grabbing a near by towel he wrapped himself in it before getting out of the tub. Making sure to hide his part of the contract.

"How come you have a better room!" He pointed at Sebastian.

Donning on a robe he merely shrugged. "It seems your grandmother made it so I got this room."

"And it's so unfair that a servant gets it too." came Frances's voice. She stepped into the bathroom, averting her eyes from Sebastian. "Though she always was particular about who got this room. I believe your the second who's gotten to use it."

"Second?" Ciel repeated. He pondered why she was so particular about the room. "Who had it before?"

"No one knows. But it seems it was a young woman who had it last. But she's been long gone for years. Even before I was born."

"Oh? That's a long time for such a magnificant room to be left unused." Sebastian stated as he dressed behind a screen. "..Now that I think of it, when I entered it was pretty clean."

"My mistress ensures that we clean this room daily no matter what. It seems she's hoping that the person will come back."

"Who is she?" Ciel asked.

"I do not know unfortunately. But I know she was a lady of beauty and was hardly permitted to go outside."

"Hardly allowed to go outside?" Frances repeated. "Was she ill I wonder."

"Hmm.." Ciel responded, just as Sebastian stepped out from behind the screen. He looked at the tub once more, and sighed. "Don't start." Ciel stated frustrated.

"I didn't say anything young master." Sebastian put a hand over his heart.

"I know you, your whining on the inside."

Smirking, "Maybe so, but I still said nothing."


Sebastian finally got to see the room his master was staying in. Now he could see why his master was so upset. Compared to the room he was given to stay in Ciel's room was a peasants room. He was curious why there was such a difference in treatment, but said nothing of it. He prepared Ciel for bed as he changed him to his nightgown. Ciel still looked upset at the situation.

"Young master are you still pouting?"

"No." he replied in a snotty attitude. Obviously still upset.

"I can't help that I was given such a nice room. But if it will make things better you can sleep in my room."

Ciel turned his face away, being stubborn at the whole occurance. "No."

"...Has your grandmother stated while she called us here yet?"

Ciel glared at Sebastian almost as if he was insulted that he changed the subject so abruptly. Sebastian just gave him a sweet look like he'd done nothing of the sort. "Your enjoying this aren't you." he accused.

Sebastian smirked, "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't young master."

"I knew it!" he pointed.

Sebastian got up and dusted off the knees of his pants. His smirk still on his face. "Good night young master." he stated as he reached the door. Shutting it closed before the pillow Ciel threw could hit him.


Almost as if there was a symphonic melody in the air, the room seemed to show it's own life as it slowing moved yet not moving. Granny sat in her chair by her balcony, holding a small locket in her hand the picture unseen as a shadow covered it. She seemed to be looking at it with longing. So much so that she failed to hear the knock on her door.

"Mistress?" the servant girl said in a wary tone.

Granny had been broken from her thoughts. Closing the locket as if she'd been doing something else. "Yes?"

"It's time for bed mistress."

"Ah..is it so late?"

"Indeed it is madam."

"How many years has it been since we last saw one another?" Granny stated to no one in particular.


"It's nothing. Shall we get ready for bed?" she stated with a smile, like nothing had happened.


He hadn't intended for it to happen. But for some unknown reason he just felt abit sleepy. Like his whole body knew he was safe from anything that might harm him. After putting his master to bed and coming back to his room. Sebastian wanted nothing more than to sleep. Strangely it was like someone knew he would want to rest immediately after as there was a night gown prepared for him. He changed into it, leaving on only his gloves and snuggled into the covers. Almost as if he were being pulled into a deep sleep by some unknown force. He laid on his belly hugging the pillows. Fallen into his deep slumber.

Walls seemed to float by as it seemed someone was walking down the strangely familiar hallway. Like a soft melody as it went by. But strangely only voices could be heard as the rooms changed. Not a single person could be seen. Until finally at the last room. A baby's cry was heard.

Sebastian woke up startled. Sitting up quickly as he put his hand to his head. "Wha...what?" he said to himself. He couldn't understand why the dream had shaken him so much. It wasn't even a frightening dream. It was a rather pleasant dream. But for some reason the end surprised him. Blinking a few times, Sebastian tried to get his thoughts together. "When did I go to sleep?" he put his face in his hands. Strangely he heard a sound. Making him look up again. "Tsk...a demon getting scared of strange sounds. That's ridiculous." he said to himself. Just as he thought it was utterably stupid that he'd fallen asleep as well. Hearing the sound again, for some unknown reason he grasped at the sheets.


"You seem rather jumpy this morning." Ciel stated as he watched Sebastian pour him some tea.

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean young master."

"Oh please. I can see right through you. You keep looking about like something is coming at you."

Placing the cup before his master. "I'm sure it's just your imagination young master."

"Uh huh." he replied as he sipped his tea. Then eyed Sebastian as he seemingly looked around like he was searching for something. "Sebastian."

Startled Sebastian turned to his master.


"I am not!" he defended.

"Give it up, your on edge. Is there another demon around?" he asked in all seriousness. "Or a deathgod?"

"I don't know."

"Does that mean there is something?"

Sebastian just went silent as he looked off to the side.

"You can't lie to me."

"...It's not that i'm trying to lie young master...it's more...like I can't explain it even if I want to." he looked around. "I feel like something is following me, but I can't see or smell it. At the same time, it's not threatening...I think."

Ciel sipped at his tea. 'What is it that could make a demon so anxious?' he thought. "You think?"

"Well atleast for now it hasn't been threatening, but who knows for how long that'll be?" he responded.

"Oh my you seem so dreadful this morning Sebastian. Is something wrong?" Granny asked as she came into the room.

"Not at all madam." he responded as he poured her a cup of tea. He wondered if he looked as bad as he felt. He'd avoided the bathroom that morning and practically jumped into his uniform just to get out of the room and waited at his masters door.

"Very well then. Maybe you should go lie down. You maybe coming down with a cold perhaps?" she said pleasantly.

He shook his head quickly. "No thank you madam! I assure you i'm perfectly fine!" he sweated a little.

She simply smiled at him. "My this is some delicious tea."


When night had come, Sebastian stood infront of the doors to his room. Putting a trembling hand to a knob he opened the door slowly and peeked in. Breathing a sigh of relief when nothing happened. "This is ridiculous. There's no way a room can frighten me." he said as he made himself walk into the room. Leaving the door open as he sat on the bed. "I'm pitiful. Being scared to come in here." he spoke to himself. Wiping at his face, he suddenly felt something touch his shoulder. His face visibly turned from his false confidence to his scared one.


Ciel was laying in the bed that Sebastian had tucked him in moments ago. His mind couldn't help but wonder what was it that put his butler on edge. When he turned to go to sleep. He was startled when his door suddenly burst open and the covers floated down back towards the sides of the bed. "What the hell?" he shouted then looked under his bed. Sebastian was under his bed, trembling profusely. He had his hands on his head as if he was going to protect his head from some kind of assault. "Sebastian! Get out from under there!"


Ciel got off the bed and reached under it, attempted to pull his butler from under the bed. "I said get out! Your being silly!"

"Something touched me! Something is in that room! It's not a person or a ghost!" he responded, fear was evident in his voice.

"Something?" Ciel's eyes widened.


After Sebastian had come out, he was even more on edge then the first night. He wouldn't leave his master's side for even an instant. Frances was just glaring at them from her seat.

"Grow up you big baby. Your just uncomfortable with being in a different room. Perhaps guilt from getting a room better than your own master." she stated.

"That's not true, I offered my master the room on the first day. And even now i'm perfectly willing to let him have it."

"Oh? Seems interesting how you want him to have it when your so scared of it."

"I offered it before I was scared of it!" he defended himself.

"So you admit your scared." Ciel smiled evilly.

"No..I ..that's..." he stuttered.

Granny came into the sitting room. "Oh dearie me. What ever is going on?"

"Nothing granny." Frances responded. "It just seems a certain butler is nothing more than a scaredy cat."

"I am not!"

"Oh my." she put a hand to her lips. "Perhaps tonight i'll have Claus make you some warm milk before you sleep tonight."

"No thank you." he muttered.

"You really should. Claus has a knack for warming milk to calm ones nerves. Perhaps your unsettled from being so far from your master at night?"

Sebastian couldn't believe it. Everyone was speaking to him like he'd lost his mind. All except his master.

"Oh? Maybe that's what it is. I wouldn't doubt it's all in your head." Ciel stated.

He took back his thought on what he thought of his master. "I'm not loosing it!"

"We're not saying your loosing your mind. But maybe after a few days you'll be more settled." Granny smiled. "Also we have a strict rule that servants should not sleep in the same room as their masters or otherwise. Please refrain from doing so."

Sebastian's jaw just dropped.


Granny looked at her locket. Letting it shine in the moonlight. "Oh how I miss you my dear friend." she spoke to it. Then gently kissed it. Looking outside she smiled as she watched the moon. "Will you visit me this night?"


"Now sir, i'm under orders not to leave until you drink every last drop." Claus stated as he held the glass towards Sebastian.

"No thank you." he turned away. He was very upset. Not only had his own master betrayed him when he expressed his feelings. But he'd been forced to go back into the room.

"Oh my...it seems you've lost yourself completely." Claus stated as he nodded to the two men at the door. "We'll have to remedy that or the mistress will be very upset with us." he continued as the men drew near.

"What are you..? Hey! Let go!" he struggled as the men grabbed him at his arms and pulled them back. "What do you think your doing?" he shouted in question as one man put a hand on his head.

"Your very tired sir. We'll just give you a little something to help you sleep." he stated as he stepped forward.

'What kind of house is this?' he thought as he tried to regain his freedom. "I said let go!" he shouted as the other man grabbed at his chin and forced his mouth open as the other man pulled back on his head.

Claus held up the glass. "As per the mistress you need to drink warm milk to calm your nerves." he stated as he poured it in the demons mouth.

He tried to move his head. He could taste it. Something was in that drink that shouldn't of been. He coughed up some of the fluids as it was poured in his mouth. But needless to say he swallowed some. He panicked when his mouth was forced closed to ensure he'd swallow more. His nose was clamped shut to cut of his way of getting oxygen. When he started getting dizzy from the lack of air he swallowed what was in his mouth and coughed when they let go of his head and mouth. "Release me!" he shouted, his throat was dry and scratchy even though he'd just been force to drink fluids.

"Certainly sir." Claus bowed, then the two men let him go.

Jumping from the bed, he turned as he was about to release the rage he'd felt. But everything started to move around him. Making his steps uneasy. "What did you..." he started but collasped on the floor leaving his sentence unfinished.

Claus smiled as he looked down at him on the floor. "As I stated sir, warm milk is wonderful for calming ones nerves."


Ciel had to admit he was more than abit worried when Sebastian had failed to show up in the morning. When he asked anyone about it, all he was told was not to worry and that he was fine. Clearly something was up. So he went towards his butler's assigned room. When he got there he was more than surprised when he saw two very muscled men at each side of the doors. But paid it no heed as he walked closer to the doors.

"Halt!" the men said as they blocked him.

"What is this? Get out of the way i'm here to see my butler." he said to them. Now he was more than suspicious.

"As per ordered no one is to enter this room." one replied.

Ciel growled in frustration. "Orders or not! This is my butler's assigned room and I am his master! Get out of my way!"


Granny toyed with a lock of Sebastian's hair as she listened to the commotion outside. He was laying on his side in the bed. "Oh dearie me. It seems an outsider tried to get in." she whispered as if speaking to him. "Don't worry." she drew a finger along his cheek. "I won't let you stray away to the outside world again." she continued then pulled the comforter closer to his chin. "That cruel outside world indeed."

"Sebastian! Sebastian open the door!" Ciel's shouts came through the door. "Sebastian!"

"Such a loud family member I have. I really wish he'd be more understanding of the situation." she looked at the door, then at her locket. Opening it she looked at it's picture. "The world...really is cruel..." she said longingly. "But you'll never have to leave this paradise again." she played with a strand of his hair again. "Never ever."


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