Hidden Secrets 15

By Female Heero Yuy

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In the morning Frances wasted no time having Sebastian and Cordelia properly dressed for the day. Sebastian just stood as he looked down at himself for a moment in confusion. He wasn't sure if such an attire was good on him or not. Further more he was wearing blue. He was rather sure blue did not look good on him. But at the same time if he protested he was sure the Marchioness would have a fit.

She nodded as he was finally dress, walking around him in a small circle as she fixed anything that was out of place. "Very good. Now get your butt downstairs, it's nearly time for breakfast."

"Marchioness there is no need..." he started, then he saw her glaring at him. "Yes Marchioness." he changed his response quickly. He'd really have to work on his fear of a simple human woman. He thought to himself. 'Simple...perhaps that is me being to light on the subject.' he clarified to himself. Once he was at the table, Cordelia had come in a moment later, and looked miserable.

"This dress itches." she whined as she was assisted in sitting down. It was a dress that was a light pink with white lace. Her long hair had been put up with some of the back hanging down. "Why are we wearing these?" she kept on.

"Because tonight I am having a gathering and I won't have you look like heathen." Frances stated as she took her seat.

"I don't like it." she shifted uncomfortably. "I want it off."

"Deal with it." Frances ordered her. "Otherwise you'll be sleeping alone tonight." she threatened. Which made Cordelia instantly behave. She did not want to be away from her mate.

Sebastian snickered as the food had been placed before them. Picking up his fork he poked at it for a moment. "What is this?"

"Your version of a breakfast steak." she stated as she took a bite of her meal. On the plates were small beef, or human, steaks with eggs sunny side up, and toast.

"It smells weird." he scrunched his nose. "Like the person was a heavy smoker."

"Really now?" she raised a brow at the demon.

He stabbed the meat with his fork and held it up to her. "Here, take a sniff, it smells pretty bad."

Frances didn't seem phased in the slightest. "I'll take your word for it." she pushed his hand away.

"It does smell weird." Cordelia agreed with her mate as she took a sniff of her own meal. "It kinda has a light smell of alcohol too."

"I thought the same thing." he put the meat back on his plate.

Frances wouldn't say it aloud, but the person who'd been used for the demon's meal had indeed been a heavy drinker and smoker. "Well then atleast eat your eggs and toast." she stated bluntly. Making a mental note on the matter for later. Luckily Elizabeth, her son, and husband were not there at the moment, as she'd woken up early to get the demon's ready.

"Awww, I hate eggs." Cordelia complained.

"Do it or you won't have any time with your mate." Frances threatened.

"Yes ma'am." she pouted. Taking a bite of her eggs. Cringing a moment after.


Ciel was surprised to find he was alone in the bed when he woke up. He however was not surprised to find a note from his aunt stating he was to get ready as she was having a gathering that evening. Figuring out what may have happened he got up and looked over the clothes that were on his bed. He wasn't entirely sure where some of the things went, so he tried to dress himself. "I really should pay more attention to how Sebastian dresses me." he scoffed at himself as he looked pathetic.

"Oh my, to think after all this time you still can't dress yourself." came said demon's voice. "It's highly amusing."

"Shut up!" he growled at him.

Going to his master he helped him to dress properly. "It seems the Marchioness has decided on a sort of coming out party for Cordelia and I."

"Aren't you two supposed to be a secret from society?" he asked.

"I don't know, but it seems everyone attending is aware of our existence. It's not many people, only about five couples. All who serve the Queen."

"I see. They must be part of her secret social group."

"Indeed." he finished dressing Ciel. Dusting himself off as he stood up. "From what I hear atleast one of them will be a teacher to us. The others i'm not sure what their role is."

"Would Albert Phantomhive be one?" he asked bluntly.

That made Sebastian feel rather uncomfortable. "I...cannot say for sure. I can't even really seem to sense him until he his close." he rubbed at his arm.

"Does he frighten you so much?" he looked at him carefully.

He closed his eyes as he averted his face. "He does. A person who can capture a demon is frightening. Further more he is the owner of my mother and myself...So..."

"In case you forgot, he gave up his rights to you decades ago. You do not belong to him." Ciel clarified.

"Erm...even so...it's rather making my duties to our contract complicated." he looked at his master again. "The Marchioness doesn't know i'm here in fact."

"She doesn't?" he looked at him in surprise.

"I had a feeling you were having a difficult time dressing, so I came here after she went to her quarters to get ready."

"And what about Cordelia?" he asked.

"Umm..." he pointed to the window. Making Ciel look where he was pointing. He jumped in surprise with wide eyes. Cordelia was at the window, glaring intensely at Ciel from where she was. "I never said I got away from Cordelia young master." he stated with amusement as Ciel just looked mortified.


Heavy breathing sounded in the darkness. A burnt hand reached up and groaned ghastily as it turned it's head in an awkward manner. "You...are...mine..." it groaned in agony. "I...will...have...revenge...on the...one...who..did..this to..me..." he moved his fingers. Parts of the blacken skin falling off to reveal new skin that was healed. "Soon...very...soon..." he moved some more. Keeping himself hidden within the darkened place.


Ciel rubbed at the back of his head as he was in pain. Once Cordelia was allowed into the room she'd promphtly hit him at the back of his head and clung to Sebastian's arm like a leech. Clearly making it known that she didn't want to share. "He's my butler you know!" he shouted at her. Earning a hiss from the displeased female demon. "Sebastian do something about her actions this instant!"

"I don't really control her young master." he sweated a little with a smile. "But please refrain from attacking my young master." he looked at her.

"As long as he stops trying to take you away from me." she snubbed.

"He belonged to me first!" Ciel defended. Which made Cordelia stick out her tongue at him childishly.

"That's enough!" Frances's voice boomed. "Honestly your all acting like children." she added with her hands to her hips. "All of you get downstairs, the guests will be arriving soon, and be on your BEST behavior." she emphasized. When they didn't move she got even more aggrivated. "I said march!" she pointed to the door. Making them leave instantly. "Honestly." she walked to the window and closed it. Placing something along it. It was ash. "This should help keep unwanted guests out for now." she stated as she walked out of the room. A shadown looming at the window as she left. It's eyes glowing fiercly as it growled.


They sat at the table with their guests who were all smiling at the demon couple with glee. It made Sebastian feel a take awkward, while Cordelia seemed to be enjoying the attention greatly. "They are so adorable. Surely they will keep the royal family in history for many decades." a woman with brown hair and a red dress stated with a smile. She had a mole on her neck just below her left ear.

"Indeed, the royal family will live on as the rulers." A man agreed, he was old, wore a grey suit and had a monocle.

"They seem quite young however." A skinny man in a green suit claimed. "We wouldn't want something a kin to Marie Antonette happening. We must ensure they are properly educated." he nodded.

"Agreed." a fat woman in a red and white dress stated. "Though they will be in the shadows, a proper education is still needed."

"What...are they talking about?" Sebastian pondered as he sweated slightly. He couldn't help but feel that he was on display like an object at a museum or a zoo animal.

"Tell us, do you like your standing position?" a man with black hair and glasses asked. He reminded Sebastian slightly of William, but this man was nicer.

"Umm...I'm not sure what your asking." he replied hesitantly. Which made the group laugh.

"Well the male is quite the shy one isn't he?" A man who was rather fat bellowed. "Unlike the female who seems rather excited." he noted Cordelia's actions as she looked around with a hint of excitement thought she was still clinging to Sebastian's arm. "Marchioness, how long are you going to keep them here? Shouldn't they be at the palace?"

"Well it is her majesty's wish for them to stay here for the time being. So until she states otherwise, they will be here for now." Frances explained as she sipped her tea.

"But what of your family? I know they do not know what they are, am I correct?" the woman with a mole looked at her.

"It's fine." she smiled. "My son is well aware of what they are. My husband and daughter may not know, but they tend to take things with a grain of salt in matters such as these. Even if they were to find out, they wouldn't gossip about it. Though I do prefer that they don't know." she glanced off to the side.

"Oh? Are you intending to have your son become a guard for them?" the fat woman asked.

"Perhaps. I'll leave such a decision to him."

"But don't you worry that the same thing that happened to you will..." the skinner man didn't get to finish.

"That is not up for discussion." she growled. Making the demons and Ciel blink at her in confusion. "It is our duty to protect them, and that is what we will do."

"Of course Marchioness." the group stated all at once.

"Is this a cult?" Ciel asked no one in particular. It seemed his aunt was the leader of this group, either that or she atleast had a high authority within it. But what the man had started to say had caught his attention. Now that he thought of it, why was his aunt no longer in the services of her majesty? A thought that made him all the more curious.


Once the group had left, Ciel had decided it was best to visit his aunt in her quarters to find out the answer to his question. Knocking on her door, she opened it. "What?" she looked down at him.

"I want to ask you something." he stated bluntly. "Why are you no longer in the services of her majesty?"

"I do not have to explain myself to you." she replied.

"I think you do. Considering this issue deals with my butler."

Frances looked at him for a moment, before she allowed him entry into her room. "He is not your butler anymore." she took a seat.

"Even though you say that, I have a contract with him. But moving on, I want to know how someone such as you is no longer in the services of her majesty."

"It is not that I am no longer in her services." she clarified. "I was simply relieved of my duties to Cordelia specifically."

"And why was that? Did you do something shameful?" he smirked slighty. The thought of his aunt doing something bad just seemed to make him smile.

"No, I was relieved of my duties because of Cordelia."

"Cordelia? Did she ask for you to be removed?" he blinked.

"No." she leaned back in her seat. "It was because..." she closed her eyes. "She attacked me."

That made Ciel become shocked. "What?"

"At one point in time. Cordelia had started to go mad with hunger. Though she was raised by humans, she still hungered for human flesh. I'm sure your aware that anyone on the death penalty is usually used to give them their meals." she received a nod. "Well there was a time, when there was a shortage you see. And Cordelia had started to feel hungry. No amount of human food could sate her hunger. So when I went to care for her, she attacked me." she started undoing her dress and turned to show her back. There was a massive scar that covered most of her left shoulder and back. "As you can see, it was an attack that was intended to kill me. She could not control herself due to the hunger. As such, since I was so heavily wounded, the Queen relieved me of my duties." she pulled her dress up to cover herself. "To clarify, I do not bare malice against her. She was simply following her instincts. I cannot hold that against her. From what I heard however, she did cry when I was gone. She apparently saw me as a mother figure since I spent quite alot of time with her."

"I see." he looked down in thought. Now that he really thought on hit, his aunt always wore high dresses. So with this information it made more sense to him.

"Cordelia is a child in a woman's body." Frances went on. "She's rather spoiled, and will complain until she gets what she wants. Though under the circumstances, her complaints for me to return were denied. Mostly due to her majesty wishing for me to remain safe."

"Why is that?"

"Upon the Queen's death I am to gain legal custody of her as her legal guardian. Though now, i'll probably gain custody of Sebastian as well." she watched as Ciel gawked at her. "The Queen, as you know, only trusts a selected few. Even if she says some people are their guardians, the fact is she only does so to put up a front. If you were to look at her will, it clearly states that I will be their legal guardian upon her death. Of course, the one who's next in line to take the throne will own them officially. It will be my duty to teach them about Sebastian and Cordelia. While at the same time, keeping them in line, and caring for them."

"And what of Edward?" he asked.

"Edward knows of Cordelia, but doesn't know of Sebastian. He only knows of Cordelia due to the fact that he used to play with her as a child."

"I thought only women were allowed to be with her?" he raised a brow.

"That is true. But he was only a child. So her majesty stated it was fine when I couldn't find a sitter for him. Edward loves her as an older sister. So there's no worry that he'll try anything inappropriate. He was taught that she had a fiance for a while. Though i'm sure he'll be shocked to find it's Sebastian." she stated with amusement. "I do not think he'll be very pleased to discover this bit of information."


Edward had returned home in the morning. Confused as to why Ciel and his butler were in his home. But he was more than happy to see Cordelia, and even was so bold as to give her a hug. "Cordelia! It's been ages!"

"Edward!" she hugged him back happily. "Oh my you've grown so big!" she smiled. "You must be quite the lady killer." she teased.

He blushed. "Don't say such things, I am nothing but a mere man." he smiled.

"Edward, I have news." she blushed. "I have a mate!" she stated happily. "Isn't it wonderful?"

"You've met your fiance?" he looked surprised. The last he'd heard, she didn't know who her fiance was. And to suddenly hear she was married was surprising for him.

"Yes! He's so wonderful Edward! You must meet him!" she turned and grabbed Sebastian by his arm and pulled him forward. "Edward this is my mate!" she declared with the hugest smile on on her face.

Edward, looked horrorfied. "What?"

"It's true." Frances came down the stairs. "Sebastian is Cordelia's mate." she came to the bottom. "It seems, my nephew had been keeping it a secret of what Sebastian really was." she explained. "Further more he's Camiel's son."

Edward felt like he was going to faint where he stood. He had been raised to know of the secret of the royal family. So he was very much aware of who Camiel was. "He's the missing babe?" he sputtered.

"It seems so." she smirked. "But do not fret. He's actually been a very good mate to her. I do not think Sebastian can say the same however." she side glanced the male demon. He looked miserable as Cordelia was clinging to his arm rather tightly. She was sure he now had new bruises on his arms.

"I think I need to sit down." Edward took a seat in a nearby chair. Trying to catch his breath due to the shock.

"The Phantomhive's seem to have a thing when it comes to demons." she stated with amusement. "It must be our affinity, or just dumb luck."


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