Eighteenth Chapter of the Prequel for:

"Where's the Excitement?"

"Where we've been"

Isabella Hunter:

The day was here, the day we had all been waiting and dreading. I knew it wasn't exactly thirty years to the day, but it was the day I had chosen.

I stood before my family and soldiers. I felt the wood of the back porch beneath my shoes. It was the only real thing I could feel at that moment. Aside from the eyes staring back at me, and now I remembered why I did not want to do this.

"I am not one for public speeches. I'm making that clear now." I swallowed quietly and looked at the faces in front of me.

Kat and Peter were the only two I wanted to be speaking with right now, but Peter had made it very clear, I needed to address everyone before I took my leave. It was important that I presented a united front.

Kat and Peter were slightly to the right of the rest of the crowd, standing closest to my coven and Charlotte. I could barely make eye contact with anyone, but Peter said it didn't matter, I just had to say something…so why is it so hard to open my god damn mouth?

If I were human I would be nauseous, pale, sweaty, possibly swaying and losing my balance, but I was not human. At this moment, I felt the furthest I had ever felt from human.

At this moment, I am a vampire and a leader. I was about to set off on a mission that only a few had ever attempted and none had surpassed. I knew that meant I was either really fucking insane, or a strong ass woman.

I had a feeling it was both.

I tried to clear my throat by swallowing again, but the venom wouldn't go down. I hadn't planned my speech; I hadn't written anything beforehand, I was just winging it.

Fuck it.

"I know some of you are scared, and I know you haven't always had total faith in me. I don't blame you, because…I haven't always had faith in me either. I have been dreaming about and dreading this day for a very long time, and I appreciate you all being here at this moment. I haven't been easy to work with, I know that, but all of you have proved yourselves to me. I hope in turn, I have proven myself to all of you." I glanced around the group only to be met with pride in the eyes that surrounded me.

I could feel it, their hope, their trust, and their pride in me. This made me smile for the first time in a while, but I quickly shut it down before it took over my face. This needed to remain serious. This was my fucking goodbye speech, not a valedictorian speech. This would be the last time any of them saw me, the me before Maria. After this, I would be completely altered by my time with her, so I wanted them to remember me right.

I prepared myself for what I was about to say, hoping that the feelings coming from the group would not change once I addressed their fears. I reminded myself that I was only doing this for Peter. He had pleaded the group's case, and I was going to oblige in order to maintain the respect and loyalty they held for me.

"I can admit I may have had doubts in the past, doubts about whether or not I would be able to succeed in destroying Maria, but now I know I am sure. Those doubts do not scare me, and they should not scare you. Nothing is going to stand in my way, or in our way. Peter shared with me the real reason he sought me out all those years ago, the reason he pulled me from my darkness and helped me rebuild my life. He told me I was the answer, the answer to all of the trouble and pain that was here, in the south. My determination and my variety of strengths would be what changes everything. I believe and trust in the knowledge that Peter shared with me, and no matter what obstacles fall in our path, we will press on. We will not fall victim to our fears and doubts. We will succeed." I saw the eyes shift toward Peter as I shared his knowledge.

I felt a little uncomfortable sharing Peter's and my personal information with everyone outside my family, but it wouldn't matter in the long run, I wouldn't be seeing all of them again.

My family and Charlotte were the most trusting when I spoke of Peter's gift, but the others were not as sold on the veracity. Their emotions shifted, but there was still a steady amount of faith there. They respected my honesty, and I respected their doubts, even if I never said it until now.

"The time has come for me to leave. I want you all to know that I am doing this out of responsibility and loyalty to my friends and family. I have chosen to go willingly into the arms of our enemy in order to save us the unnecessary casualties of a one on one battle. This choice is strategic. I am going in there in order to gain Maria's trust and loyalty and when the time comes, I will use that against her and destroy her. I will have to follow her orders while I am there, and she will believe I am under her complete control. Meaning, I will have to do things that normally would disgust most of us, but I have surrendered myself to this cause and I will do anything I have to in order to win. While I am there, I will be working on creating my own faction of newborns within hers, ones who will only be loyal to me, so we will have more numbers on our side when the final battle comes." The nodding around the group made me feel stronger and confident in my choices.

They were finally hearing what I would be doing while I was with Maria and they were supportive. Obviously I wasn't giving them a complete play by play, mostly because I was still unsure of what would await me when I arrived.

There's darkness ahead, that was clear, but Maria was still debating a decision which left the immediate future blurry. Something was waiting for me, something Maria would use to hurt me, but as I said, I would do anything I have to in order to win. Even hurt the ones I care for.

"Peter, Katherine, and Duna will lead you while I am away. You will listen and follow and train. If you do not listen or follow or train, they have my instructions to deal with you as they see fit. You must take the time while I am gone very seriously because I will be spending that time training and preparing newborns for war, so you better be ready when that war comes. If they are ready, you better hope you are twice as prepared. They may be younger and wilder, but they will be strong and trained by me. It would be in your best interest to listen to Peter, Katherine, and Duna. And be aware, just because I am not here, does not mean I won't know every single thing that happens while I am gone. I will be watching. Good luck. You're all dismissed."

For a moment, they all stood there, looking at me with wide eyes…like they were waiting for something.

Peter looked at me and I shook my head, I was done talking, I didn't have anything more to say, nor did I want to keep speaking.

It was time for me to leave.

Peter got the message. "Okay ya'll, the show's over. Get back to training." Peter's voice carried throughout the group, the authority clear and strong. The group dispersed including my family, save for Katherine, leaving the three of us, Peter, myself, and her on the back porch.

"There's nothing left to say. I know you will lead them well in my absence. I trust you both," I smiled weakly. I felt the twinge of sadness come out in my voice, but I fought to hold back those emotions.

I was done with those feelings, where I was going, those feelings would be useless.

"Goodbye Isabella, we will see you again." Kat assured me. Peter smiled and nodded.

Goodbyes suck.


I will not be bound by my limitations.

I will succeed and conquer.

I will face my enemy.

I will get my revenge and I will save my family from the awful fate that has threatened our peaceful lives.


The air was dry and the heat felt like fire on my cold stone skin. My throat was burning like ash, but I refused to relent. This burn was not from hunger, this burn was one that would not dissipate until I felt Maria's venom slide down my throat as I rip her head from her useless body.

The air smelled of death with the stench of blood hanging like drapes on a window, heavy and dark, blacking out all light that threatened to streak in.

I walked slowly through the abandoned towns that were left in ruins by the rabid attacks of Maria's newborns.

The bodies of the citizens were ripped apart and strewn across the entire area, marking it as Maria's territory.

The hills were dripping with innocent blood, the bones of her victims nailed to the trees like mile markers.

I walked through the disaster zone with a cold stare and a lack of emotion. I could not let myself feel the loss of innocence for surely the emotions would cripple me and deter me from my mission.

She would be punished for her deeds, for the crimes she has committed against humanity, and I would be the one to deliver her to judgment.

She has terrorized the ones I love. She has ruined the souls of hundreds of thousands, murdered sons and daughters of the pure like cattle on an altar. She will feel the pain of her tortured victims and she will face the hell she has brutally forced others to endure.

Beyond the ravaged town, surrounded by heavy woods, was a large hill. At the top of the hill, the dense forest was paved in crimson. She made the trees drip with blood, falling from the leaves like rain.

I made my way into the forest while the blood dripped down and stuck to my skin like tar, sticking with a purpose. I could feel the tension and despair that clouded the air, any positive emotions left in my body were pulled from me, leaving me a walking corpse.

A real live vampire, just as I always felt would become of me if I fell into my enemy's hands.

I felt the presence of the newborns, hiding within the trees, their piercing eyes locked on me, hissing a warning and growing in fear of me. They reluctantly fought against their instincts that told them to attack.

The only thing restraining them was their immense and deadly fear of the retribution they would receive from Maria. They might be young and instinctively irresponsible, but they knew a threat when they saw one.

If they stepped out of line, they would be threatening a fight they could not win, breaking the strict orders of conduct that have been laid before them by Maria.

Acting without orders is cause for punishment. Maria always teaches that lesson very quickly, with deadly demonstrations and sickening shows.

They followed close behind me as I made my way to the manmade opening in the forest that led me to their campground. The trees that were in their way were knocked down and used for foundation. Small tents were scattered around the area, built from looted scraps that were found within the nearby towns.

They pillaged the places they passed through, taking what they wanted, and destroying what they did not.

This camp was built with stolen goods and torn homes, recreated for themselves for a sense of normalcy in the hell that they have been forced to settle within.

The ground had been turned to dust by the force of their training, grey and ruined just as their souls had become, withered by the vigor and fury of the rueful bitch that stole their lives and replaced their souls with coal.

They stalked the area like hunters, but to me, they were the prey. The weak and feeble minded, wandering about just waiting to be picked off one by one. Their nervousness rose as they sensed the danger within me, they fidgeted anxiously in fear and question. They tried to be discreet as they examined me, but they lacked the tact to hide their foaming mouths and bulging eyes.

Beyond the campground and past the forest, on top of a larger hill just beyond the edge of the forest laid a house. It was built with dark burgundy bricks, a roof that appeared to be black and boarded windows with a large cast-iron gate surrounding the property.

As soon as my eyes landed upon it, I knew it was hers and I knew she was watching me from her safe domain.

Her sickening pleasure resounded at my presence, I could detect it from miles away and it made me feel violated at the fact that she was so joyful because of my presence. I had come here to work with her, but all she saw was a battle won and a future filled with blood and glory for herself.

I was just a prize to her. Something to be coveted.

I wish there had been another way to avoid her, but attacking from the outside was not an option, because I knew she had more camps spread across her territory that would be notified in a moment's notice, and then we would all be screwed.

It was now my job to unite all of her territory as one large indestructible force. As soon as my name was known as wide as the oceans, I would strike the witch down and defeat the army I had constructed to be undefeatable.

In that moment, when the clouds were the darkest, the air was the driest, the tension at its breaking point, was when she decided it was time to make herself known. Coming out of her blood palace, she stood on her hill with her curly raven tresses blowing in the wind and her scent of death, jasmine, and orange blossoms floated through the air, sending a paralyzing shock of fear throughout her territory.

She was beckoning me to come forward, like a dog to a bone.

I looked through the camp at the newborns that had all frozen in their places; fear struck them like the plague. These people lived on death's doorstep and welcomed newcomers by beating them and savagely ripping them apart, with me here, none of that occurred, but that did not mean anyone here was safe.

I slowly made my way out of the campground and up toward the house with a serious concentration and caution.

She kept her eyes trailed on me as I made my way closer and closer to the house. As I made my approach the details of the house came into view, the dead grass was painted in blood all across the hill, the window shutters were made of human bones, the roof shingles were layered in rotten flesh. The stench was vomitus and gut wrenching, it hung in the air, dense as smoke in a 1920s jazz bar.

From afar, no one would ever know the lifeless nightmare that was within their presence.

I had heard many things about Maria before coming here— Peter and Charlotte made sure I was aware of everything they endured during their time in the Southern Wars— however, nothing could actually prepare a person for the living horror show that was on display in this area.

I knew I was here to protect my family from the pain of having to be dragged through Maria's torture. I heeded her warnings and threats because I knew this was my path. I volunteered as tribute in order to fulfill my destiny and find my way to worthiness. I knew I would never be able to get to Jasper unless I brought him the one thing that would grant him true freedom in this world…The death of his maker.

I continued my march up the hill, passing through the black iron gate and up the cement steps. The double wooden doors had been left open, waiting for my entrance.

I passed through the doors, following the scent of jasmine and orange blossoms down the main corridor toward the back of the first floor. I tried to focus on the details of the house as I made my way through, but the only things that stood out made me want to vomit.

The walls were dripping in blood, like paint on a canvas, fans hung from the ceiling made of human skeletons, which sent the rotten scent of death wafting through the entire house like a thick perfume.

My legs were heavy as I slowly entered the main chamber. I knew this first meeting wasn't going to be entirely friendly, so I readied myself for trouble as I made my way before Maria.

She was centered in the room, which mainly smelled of death, blood, fear, and a hint of orange blossom barely noticeable underneath the other heady scents. The hint of orange blossom that I detected was her true scent, masked by the other vile odors she chose to surround herself with. I made note of her scent, trying my best to commit it to memory, which was vaguely difficult.

Aside from her presence in the room, it was otherwise nondescript; dark wood walls, painted in the same blood red of her victims that I'd noticed in the manors leading to this room. I could tell that everything about this house was meant to spark fear and terror in anyone who came near. By the markers made from human bone, the blood dripping from the walls, the smell of burning venom throughout the area, to the flesh that made up the roof of the house. She designed this place to do one thing and one thing only…to torture the innocent.

Just looking at her made the anger boil inside of me.

She had dressed herself in a skimpy black lace corset dress that fell to her thighs, barely covering her tight garters that adorned her long tanned legs that were delicately crossed in front of her. Her high-heeled lace up boots made her almost the same height as me, but she remained seated. Her sense of power made her seem strong but I knew that was only a mask, beneath it was a desperate woman asking for my help.

But instead of asking, she demanded my presence and in return she would not murder the rest of my family and friends. Things were never simple with Maria. She had to make it seem like my powerful coven was an insult to her, like we were a threat, which we are. She had to make things difficult with threats of war and death to my family.

Maria was anything but humble. She would never have been able to simply ask for my assistance, instead, she's forced me here, down on my knees, begging her for mercy.

And here I am, giving in to her.

But what she didn't know is that after me, she would never be able to manipulate another person for her personal advantage again.

I would put a stop to this reprehensible behavior once and for all.

Her eyes held a piercing anger behind a false sense of joy, her grin which I'm sure was meant to be welcoming, was terrifying. I stood in silence for a few moments as she stared down at me from her pedestal, judging my appearance, my stance, my composure, my whole being.

Finally she was satisfied and the false grin slipped from her face, her eyes narrowing at me in distaste.

"Mía bella, you're late." Her voice was thick with meaning. I instantly knew what she meant, but I did not respond. I kept my head down, my eyes glued to the wooden floor below me.

She was the reason Jasper had suffered so much, and the reason my family was afraid for their lives. This woman, sinister to her roots, but small in comparison to the whole, has done such retched things to so many people.

Not just to Jasper, but to Peter and Charlotte as well. And even little Elaina could not get away from Maria's grasp, her choice to live happily and safely with the Cullen's was ripped from her by this very woman.

And now I sensed the end of another, because of me. Another life lost because of my stupidity. I could feel my punishment awaiting me.

She said nothing more as she stood from her seat and stepped down from the platform, coming to stand before me. Even with those heeled boots, she was still shorter than me, but that didn't stop her from demanding my attention. Her stature may have been small, but her presence was massive.

She moved swiftly from the room, dragging me behind her by my arm, her grip like a steel trap against my skin. The contact from her hand made my skin burn, I tried to pull away, but her grip tightened. The tension was thick around us, choking me, and burning like Maria's grip on my arm. I felt the dread and despair throughout the house, but now I could feel mine adding to it.

I tried to push down the venom I felt rising, but it was useless. If I still had bile in my stomach it would have been plastered all over the floor by now. Instead I held my burning venom in my mouth, making it difficult to speak or breathe.

After a flight of dimly lit stairs, we came to another wooden door, this one with multiple dead bolts, for what reason, I wasn't sure.

It wouldn't stop a vampire from getting in…but it would stop a very weak one from getting out.

"You know what's inside." Her voice carried in the small space between the stairs and the door.

His strong musky scent had tortured my senses as I descended the stairs, but now I had the proof that would confirm my worst nightmare.

She took him.

She took my last link to happiness that I had found for myself, and she intended to rip the last of my humanity away by ridding me of my one weakness. This was the only weakness that I had allowed myself since Nessi, and now it was being manipulated and tortured into being leverage against me.

"I want to see him for myself," my voice was hoarse and cold, detached and menacing.

She complied, slowly.

She made her way around me to the door, releasing the locks, and opened it with a deliberate leisurely pace that was meant to torment me because this was my fault and now I would have to live with my mistake for the rest of my existence.

When the door was finally opened, the hideous sight before me, of him strapped to the metal table like an animal, assaulted my burning eyes.


His arms, legs, and torso were wrapped in chains, securing him to the metal slab. There were cuts slit down his arms held open by pins to allow the blood and venom to pour out, weakening him beyond repair. His head was slumped on his shoulder, his muscles continuously buckling from his debilitated state. I noticed the burn marks across his chest, the scars she had made would forever remain on his skin, until the rest of him was burned away as well.

He was covered in grime, dirt, sweat, venom, blood, and even dust for he must have been lying here for a very long time.

His skin was rotting, his body was decomposing. He was dying a slow and painful death from hunger. The only sounds I heard were mumbles, barely words, nothing coherent. Even inside of his mind there was nothing, he was truly lost, and it was my fault.

Maria smirked as my saddened and fearful eyes traveled over Henry, the man who chose to love me and put me back together when he barely even knew me. She could see my heart breaking inside my chest. She knew this would sever my last connection to my mortality.

She brought me here, forced me against my will to break me and make me her slave, and just for kicks, she did the same to Henry.

"He doesn't have to die." Her words were a lie. Even if she did agree to release him, god knows what that would take, but as soon as he was free from his chains, he would go crazy. The amount of time he has been here would surely have driven him mad with hunger. We would not be able to control him. The damage was done.

He wouldn't want to live like this.

"I will not let him suffer any longer." His eyes opened slightly at the sound of my voice, but he could not lift his head to look up. The sounds from his mouth became louder, more dramatic, but were still incoherent.

"You can end his suffering mía bella, if you agree to drink from humans." The choice was simple. She thought she was testing me with her ultimatum, she thought she was sly and cunning, but I knew she was going to ask this of me. I had been prepared for this.

I turned away from Henry's limp body and brought my eyes to stare into Maria's scarlet ones.

"I'll do it." My words were short and final. I didn't waste time looking at her, I immediately turned back to Henry, but I knew she was smirking like a fucking fool. She thought she had won some battle, but I could still sense the utter shock from her underneath the glee.

She did not linger after my declaration. I felt her hand rest on my shoulder for a mere second before she whipped it away and left the dungeon, slamming the door shut behind her, leaving Henry and me alone.

I pulled a shaky breath into my dead lungs and silently moved toward the withering body strapped to the table in the center of the room.

I removed the restraints slowly and as painlessly as possible, carefully lowering his broken form from the table onto the cold stone floor. I laid him down on his back and began to seal his wounds with the last drop of affection that I held in my heart. I tried to push my own strength into his dying body, unsure if it would work. He was still covered in dirt and grime, but I hoped that maybe now he would have some strength to open his eyes. I silently prayed that it was also enough to allow him the ability to speak to me before his existence ended.

I sat idly by as I waited for him to regain consciousness. I waited for hours and hours before he began to rise from his long slumber. His body stretched and cracked as he tried to regain control of his limbs, his body was angry from the continuing pressure of being constrained for so long without release. I watched as he used his arms to feel around him, touching the wall. He moved deathly slow as he used what little strength he had to move his body into a sitting position against the wall. Once he felt safe against the wall, his eyes fluttered open and his blank stare met mine in deafening despair.

I moved toward him, crouching, careful not to startle him. I reached out carefully, slowly, observing him to make sure he would not snap at me, but he barely acknowledged my movements. I wiped his face with a small rag that had been on the floor. It wasn't helping the situation, but it was more symbolic anyways. I just wanted to take care of him once since he had always been there to take care of me.

I watched as he swallowed repeatedly, trying desperately to speak, but at last, he sighed in defeat, his head slumped down against his chest. He did not have enough strength to voice his words, so instead I reached out, trying to pull his conscious mind into mine.

Henry, can you hear me?

His eyes were still blank, dark empty depths; I couldn't see the recognition in them that I was hoping for. He barely moved since he dragged his body against the wall.

I knew he needed blood, but I couldn't get any. If I left this room with him alive, Maria would never let me back in. I couldn't leave to get him anything and Maria would not be kind and bring us anything to help. She wanted me to do this with nothing because she knew he was already gone.

There was nothing I could do.

So we sat there, in silence, barely looking at each other. No sounds or words were shared between us. I waited and waited, hoping something would change, something would make him talk or recognize me.

"Please…Henry…come back to me…" I held onto my quiet sobs, muttering to myself, praying to a god I didn't believe in. I just wanted to hear his voice, see his eyes shine, see his smile, just one more time before the end.

But he didn't move, he didn't lift his head, he didn't move his arms to encircle my shaking form, he didn't offer any words of comfort, he stayed against the wall, immobilized once again.

I sighed heavily, feeling my lungs fill with air and fall again as the air came out. My legs were folded underneath me and I could feel the cool stones through my faded black jeans. My hands were on either side of me, clutching my thighs, as I slowly rocked back and forth. My breathing was erratic and pointless, but my heavy breathing was the only thing that was stopping the venomous tears from falling down my face.

I let the realization wash over me.

This was the end.

If I had been more careful, if I had been more aware of the time, maybe I could have stopped this, maybe I could have saved him. Maybe I could have saved Elaina too.

But looking at Henry in this place, it was obvious from the way he had been treated and kept here, the way his body had looked mangled, depleted of any energy or life, he had been a prisoner here much longer than a few months.

I don't know when I realized Henry hadn't answered the call to come fight with us, but now I knew why he hadn't answered. He'd been here the whole time.

I felt my shoulders slump forward, I bent my body in half, my hands covering my face.

I was the reason he was like this. I was the reason he was going to die. And all I could think about was how I would never get to hear his voice again, or feel his smile against my lips. How I would never get to lie in bed next to him or watch him hunt game. How I would never get to curl up next to him and watch a movie again or just feel his skin on mine.

I stayed there, on the floor next to Henry for hours until I heard the door open and Maria floated into the room with a menacing glare. I grabbed one of Henry's cold hands and held it tightly, squeezing it in mine as a silent goodbye. I looked down at his hand in mine, the last line to my mortality, the last thing I cared about.

I squeezed once more, hoping for some response, but nothing came. I let his hand fall from mine, leaving me cupping nothing but dead air. My empty hand felt like my now empty heart, the hollow feeling within me, crippled my soul. I felt ripped in two, with nothing to catch me as I fell to my death.

Maria pushed me aside and moved toward Henry, "This is truly sad. Isabella, you have lost so many and yet you always have more to lose. It is too bad that this is all I can do to make you suffer, but I'm sure after some time with me, this will feel like nothing."

Her hands worked quickly as they tore into Henry's already fragile flesh. He did not even scream as his existence ended. He eyes never met mine, but they closed as he was ripped away from this world. I could almost feel the relief flow from him as he was destroyed.

His ending was painful, but it was a sick kind of mercy.

He was free now. Free from the pain he was forced to suffer by Maria's hand.

I could feel my sobs rise from my broken soul; my body slumped over again as I stared blankly at the remains of Henry's destroyed body.

Maria looked down at me in pity, "Get over it, you didn't even love the poor bastard."

Her crass words filled me with blinding rage, and in mere seconds I had her body pinned to the floor, my onyx eyes glowered dangerously into hers.

She shuttered as I slipped fear into her, coating her mind in panic and horror, her eyes bulged out of her head and her hands gripped my stone grasp that was choking her delicate throat.

"Don't you ever speak about him, what you have done here is the end. You will leave my family alone or I will kill you, do you understand me?" My deathly tone was not one to be questioned.

Her head shook slightly as she continued to choke, but I kept my strong hold on her throat until I was sure she understood me completely. I squeezed tightly and then let go, and left the dungeon.


The fleeting thought of loss lay heavily on my weakened shoulders.

Henry's ashes were burning before me as my venomous tears threatened to fall once again, but I would not allow myself the release of emotion.

I held my weeping within my dead heart, the stone that filled my chest that once had been filled with love, now laid wretched open and left bare in nothingness.

Why had I allowed myself these leniencies?

My heart does not know the difference between love and lust for I have always given myself the pleasure of obtaining both.

I have now been met with a bitter end, the last straw of my humanity lost within Henry's burning ashes.

Henry was gone, lost forever. But there was still someone to live for. The one I will fight for, the only reason I have to escape my evil fate and reach my true destiny.


Maria did this to me, this is what she wanted, she wanted to see me broken and desperate, and now she would get exactly what she asked for.

The rage boiled in my veins, settling into me and forming me into the monster she had so dreadfully hoped to create.

I would give her a monster, I would be everything she wanted…and everything she feared.

I knew now why I was here, why I had agreed to come, to save the world from destruction, but ultimately for my own selfish desires as well.

I have fought for none but one, for Jasper.

I have gone on for none but Jasper.

I let Henry die, for Jasper.

I have hurt so many, including myself, for Jasper, and I will not come this far just to fail right before the end.

I approached this war with caution and now it is time to throw every last bit of caution to the wind to defeat my enemy once and for all.

The good guy doesn't win by being cautious, so I will not allow Maria to destroy my future as well as all of humanity because they have every right to exist as we do, no matter what she may think.

Maria does not have the right to take what is theirs for her own pleasures, and I would make sure that she never got the chance to again.

Oh and I will make sure she knows who she is dying for when she slips away from this realm.

She will know that she is nothing, for Jasper.