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It's been seven months since Sam and Dean met and realised they were brothers. Sam is still healing from his brutal attack, and Dean is still there to protect him every step of the way. The brothers are learning to trust their parents again, after they lied to them about them being related. It's a slow proces, but it'll happen eventually. Right? A long-held secret is yet to be uncovered, and a dangerous new enemy might jst be the one to reveal it.

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"Hey Sam, you're getting pretty good," Dean smirked as he flung his fist out at deadly speed.

Sam ducked, and spun, dealing a blow to Dean's stomach as he turned. The older boy stumbled back a pace, leaving an opening for Sam to swing a leg around. Dean recovered quickly and dodged the swing, staying out of range of Sam for the moment. The two circled, panting and sweating.

"You reckon?"

Dean grinned, and jumped back into the fight with a heavy blow to his little brother's chest. The younger tumbled backwards under the force, hitting the ground hard, the air rushing out of him. Dean was there in a second, hands holding down Sam's arms, a smirk on his face.

"Not good enough though," he chuckled.

Sam struggled in his brother's grip, and failed. He stared at Dean for a moment, then saw his advantage.

"Really? I thought I was."

Sam kicked up his leg, ramming his knee into Dean's thigh. As Dean was distracted for a second, Sam took the opportunity to wriggle free and leap onto his brother. The two rolled about in the grass, trading punches and blows.

"Didn't I ask you to try and not kill each other?"

The voice startled the two boys, and they sat up in the grass and looked towards the source. Their father was standing there, arms folded and a smile on his face. Sam and Dean glanced at each other and grinned. Each was covered with dirt and twigs and grass were caught in their hair. Dean reached out and messed with Sam's already fluffy hair, making it stick out further. Sam yelped and slapped him.

"My hair's bad enough as it is, Dean," he pouted.

"What are you, a girl? Worried about your hair?" Dean teased.

"Aren't you a little old for the whole 'tease your little brother' thing?" Sam rolled his eyes, picking out stuff from his tangled mess of hair.

"You're never too old for anything."

"Come on you two," John chuckled "We should head back; it's getting late."

Looking up at the sky, the boys saw the sun starting its descent towards the horizon. Already the light was starting to fade away, casting long shadows across the ground. Dean stood up, brushing off the worst of the dirt. He held out a hand to Sam. The young pushed it away and stood up on his own, shaking his head to rid his hair of the last of the twigs and grass. Dean laughed, and John tried not to, as Sam's hair puffed out like a big brown cloud.

"You look like a sheep," Dean smirked.

"Bite me."

Sam followed his father towards the Impala. Dean lagged behind, a smile on his face. It'd been seven months since he'd met his little brother for the first time in thirteen years, and six months since his abusive stepfather, Jason, had been killed. Since that day, the family had moved around, never staying in one place too long. It was a habit that a hunter just couldn't break. Over the months, Sam had started to open up again, becoming more and more like the sarcastic teenager Dean had first known.

"You coming?" John called over his shoulder.

Dean nodded, "Yeah."

He raced towards the pair standing by the gleaming black Impala. Dean ran a hand over the paintwork, smiling slightly.

"You have an unhealthy relationship with that car," Sam muttered under his breath.

Dean grinned. An insult slipped from the tip of his tongue and out into the air.


John stared at his eldest son with surprise.

"Dean, don't..."

"Jerk," Sam shot back with a cocky smirk.

"Jerk? That's the best you've got?"

John sighed, and opened the driver's side door, "Come on, get in. Mary'll have a fit when she sees you two."

The two boys glanced at each other and grinned. With the amount of dirt that stained their clothes, skin and faces, and the messy shock of hair Sam was still trying to calm, Mary was going to have a mini-heart attack.


"What on earth were you two doing?" Mary put her hand on her hips as her sons faced her. Both exchanged mischievous glances.

"I was just teaching Sam a few more moves," Dean said with a smirk.

Mary sighed. As much as she wanted Sam to be able to protect herself (she still wasn't letting him out without supervision until she was sure he could look after himself) she didn't want her two boys bashing each other senseless. Bruises were blooming on Dean's jaw, and there was one half-hidden by Sam's filthy t-shirt.

"You're going to kill each other one day," she sighed.

"I doubt it," Sam grinned "I won."

Dean looked at him, "You did not."

"Did so. I was just about to knock you out when John interrupted."

The other three Winchesters ignored the use of John's name. Sam was still a little hesitant to call him Dad, and Dean was still calling his mother Mary.

"You were not. I had you pinned down."

"Ha, I don't think so."

"Boys," John warned, stopping the argument before it got too far. The two were extremely competitive when it came to fights, and if someone didn't step in it could easily descend into chaos.

"Go get washed up. You're absolutely filthy," Mary rolled her eyes and folded her arms to emphasize her point. Sam grinned.

"I get the shower first!" he yelled, racing for the bathroom.

"Hell no!"

Dean ran after his little brother, and John and Mary watched them go, glancing at each other as the two disappeared around the corner.

"Boys," Mary smiled.


From the other end of the rented house, shouts could be heard.

"Beat you again!" Sam yelled teasingly.

"You're right about the getting the shower first anyway. It's ladies first, isn't it?" Dean shot back.

The sound of a door opening broke the shouts.

"You're right. Want me to leave?"

John and Mary laughed.


"Sam, John and I have something we want to ask you."

Sam looked up from his takeaway with worry. His mother was speaking with the tone she used when she had told him about marrying Jason, and when she had told him about her new job. She never used it very often, but whenever she did, Sam was afraid. Dean glanced from his little brother to Mary and John. He wondered what was going on.

"Yeah?" Sam finally answered.

Mary and John exchanged a look. There was a long pause as both of them tried to work up the courage to ask him whatever the dreaded question was. At last, John spoke.

"We want to know if you want to go back to school."

Sam stared at them. He'd been so worried about something terrible happening, and this was what they wanted to ask? He relaxed the muscles he hadn't known he'd tensed, and let out the breath he hadn't realised he'd been holding.

"You had me worried."

"We just thought you might not want to yet..." Mary started.

Sam interrupted her, "Sure. I was actually thinking about asking you lately."

Mary smiled, and John leaned back in his chair. Dean hid his smirk with his bacon cheeseburger.

"We're still going to be moving around though," John warned "So you'll be changing schools a lot. And since Dean's eighteen..."

"Yeah, I know. I'll be fine," Sam said quickly, excited on the inside. Even though Dean had turned eighteen last month and wouldn't be going to school anymore, he was sure he would be fine.

"Good," John smiled.

"Now you two should get to bed," Mary said, gesturing to the clock "It's nearly eleven."

"Aw, seriously?" Dean complained "I'm eighteen!"

"And you still have to sleep," John said, knowing that Dean was used to getting small amounts of sleep. He planned on changing that.

Dean muttered under his breath, and the brothers looked at each other, rolling their eyes. Dean shoved the last of the cheeseburger into his mouth as he stood up. Sam followed his brother from the room, waving good night to his parents.

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