Summary: Mai has just discovered she is pregnant with Naru's child, she doesn't know how to tell him. But what happens when they are given a case that could potentially put Mai and her unborn child in danger?

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Chapter 1 – Ayako, what am I going to do?

My name is Taniyama Mai, age 20, and currently live with my narcissist boyfriend and boss. I have lived with him in his apartment for about 4 months now. But I have recently discovered something that may interfere with my job. I went to the doctor yesterday to confirm my suspicions that I have built up in the past week or two. I've been waking up in the mornings with a serious urge to bring up whatever I had for dinner into the toilet. The doctor said what I had feared he would, I'm currently 2 months pregnant with the child of one Kazuya Shibuya, Oliver Davis, Noll, Naru, whatever you want to call him. The thing that makes it worse is that I don't know how to tell him.

If I tell him, he won't let me go on cases with him and the rest of strange team. I don't want to stay home and bore myself to death, I love my job, though maybe not the filing I have to do after a case, and I want to stay with him to make sure he doesn't get hurt. That is highly unlikely since I always seem to be the one that gets hurt. How to tell him I'm pregnant and also convince him to let me come on cases is most likely going to be like telling a genius he's a dumbass and shouldn't be called a genius. Especially since my boyfriend is a genius.

Today is the day that Naru decided was the day that I could have off from all that filing that I so dread, which means I can meet up with my fellow female SPR members. I'm on my way to one of our favourite cafes that the three of us like to go to in order to get away from it all; like my boyfriend who is oblivious to my predicament, the filing I have to do all the damn time. As I was saying, I am on my way to the cafe to meet with Ayako and Masako. I walked into the cafe to see my friends sitting at our usual table.

"Hello Ayako, hello Masako, how have you been?" I ask my friends as I sit down at the table.

"Hello Mai, I'm good, how about you?" replies Ayako as Masako gives me a slight nod as indication that she would say the same.

"That's good to here," I reply with the most cheery voice I can muster under the circumstances. "I have something to talk to you about."

The two women share a look recognising my tone as one that I use when I have a slight problem. "What is it you wish to talk about?" Ayako asked worriedly.

"Well, I'm kind of, um, how do I say this. I'm pregnant," I say out straight realising that it was futile to drag it out.

Both the women in front of me blink a few times before they start breaking out in all different kinds of cheers and congratulations, though with Masako maybe not so much yelling. I let them have their fun before I glare at them hard indicating that I don't think it calls for such loud cheers. "Why the glare Mai, this is a good thing, you are pregnant. That is something to be happy about...unless, DON'T TELL US NARU ISN'T THE FATHER?" Ayako yells.

"No, no, no, that isn't it. Naru is the father, but see the thing is, I don't know how to tell him, and even if I do, he won't let me go on any cases. I'll be left at home to bore myself to death," I explain with annoyance in my posture.

"Thank goodness, that's all you're worried about?" Ayako asks while Masako stares at me like I have to heads, when I nod, Ayako continues. "That is the dumbest thing you have ever said, while you're not all that far into the pregnancy, he may let you come on cases, but when you get in your third trimester then I would understand if he didn't let you come."

"I don't want to take any chances, but I really think he should know, he is the father and he can't be left in the dark. I just don't want him to leave alone and off of cases," I whisper.

Masako finally decides to let her voice be heard, "Mai, if you really don't want him to leave you behind on cases while you're pregnant, and then ask him if you promise to not go on cases when you reach the third trimester, could he let you come on cases now," she says matter-of-factly.

"Maybe after the next case, we have a client coming in tomorrow, I talked to her over the phone yesterday and got a low down of what's been happening and Naru might take it," I muse.

"We won't tell anyone as long as you promise to tell him after this case, do you promise Mai?" Ayako asks of me.

I sit in my seat thinking to myself before I come to a conclusion, "Okay, as long as you guys promise not to tell anyone about this, especially Naru," I sigh.

"Of course, we promise," Ayako says as Masako nods her head in acknowledgement.


I am currently in the car with Naru as he drives us to work; I had morning sickness again this morning, it's a wonder Naru hasn't said anything about it, he might be suspicious. The rest of the drive was in a comfortable quiet as we have gotten used to just enjoying each other's presence. As we walk in the door, Naru takes my coat for me and hangs it up on the coat rack along with his. After a quick peck on the lips, he makes his way to his office as I make my way to the kitchen to make his tea.

As I was waiting for the water to boil, I couldn't help but contemplate the best way to tell him after this case, if we even take the case that is. I was so trapped in my thoughts that when the kettle whistled, I jumped. I quickly compose myself and pour the water into Naru's mug, making his tea the way he likes it. I place his mug on the tray and make my way to his office. I knock on the door twice to let him know it's me, I may be his girlfriend, but I still have to knock.

I open the door quietly as I balance the tray in one hand, and quietly close it behind me on my way in. I walk over to his desk, place his mug on his desk and suddenly he has me around the waist onto his lap. "Na-Naru, what are you doing?" I ask as my face turns 5 shades of red.

"Is it wrong to do this to my girlfriend?" he says with that narcissistic smirk on his face making me turn even redder, if that is even possible. "Besides, there is something I would like to talk to you about," he says in a now serious tone.

I gulped before asking, "What would that be, Naru?"

"I was wondering if you know why you seem to bring up your dinner into the toilet every morning and then seem to be fine about an hour later. So, Mai, do you know?" he asks sternly.

"Well, um, I-" I started to say but was interrupted by the jingle of the bells on the door and faint voice asking if there was anyone here. "That must be the client, I'll go get her comfortable and make some tea," I say as I hastily make my way into the sitting area. Saved by the client, that was too close, I think to myself.

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