I've gotten bad reviews, good reviews. I've already changed the story once and then lost interest. Instead, I'm going to go between the first two and make this story over again.

This is a new story. It's my first story in the House fandom. I had originally hoped to write a House X Wilson story, but this one was the one that entered my mind. Please note that this is a fanfiction, and does not follow completely the House storyline/ and I do not own House. This will be explained in time. This will be the only authors note unless I see reason to include another.

"Mr. Chase! If my class bores you, I suggest you just drop out of High school and forget the whole thing," Mr. House remarks, loudly enough to wake said pupil, Robert Chase.

The blond Aussie jumps up from his sleep. "Sorry sir!" His accent is thick with sleep.

Mr. House goes from and annoyed scowl to a frown at his foreign student. "I'll talk to you after class." The blond nods at him and Mr. House returns to his teaching.

"Are you just not interested in leanring?" Mr. House asks. His intention of scaring his student is met tenfold.

Robert looks down and speaks quietly. "I am very interested, sir."

House slams his hands down on the desk, causing Robert to jump. "Then why is it that you can't seem to stay awake for any of my classes? I understand that it is the last class of the day, but that is no excuse!"

Robert bites his lip and tries not to cry. "You wouldn't... I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen again."

House glances over him skeptically. "Do I need to call your parents?" House asks.

At this question Chase looks completely terrified. "Please don't." Tears begin to fall down his face.

"I want to be a doctor... That's all I've ever wanted to be! I just... I haven't been getting much sleep."

House studies his trembling student. "This is your first and last warning Robert."

The blond nods his head and wipes his tears. "Thank you, sir." He begins to leave but House stops him by grasping his wrist.

"If you want tutoring... or just need to talk to someone... I'm here. I was a doctor... for fifteen years. Before I started teaching."

Chase smiles somewhat and nods. After he's out of the building House limps to his motorcycle.

He had always tried to stay away from other beings. As a doctor he avoided patients. As a teacher he avoided students.

But Robert Chase... He was interesting.

House was both ashamed and disgusted with himself. He found the young man attractive. He was nearly twenty years his senior, but he couldn't help it.

He'd never been interested in someone so young... and a guy, no less.

He had already thought about quitting. He could never go back to medicine after what had happened... but did he really deserve to be a teacher?

He hops onto his bike and drives home.

He sits on his couch alone and eats leftover Chinese from the last time Wilson was over. Reruns of General Hospital were on. After a few hours of lounging the phone begins to ring.

He walks to it lazily. The ring tone is an interesting song called Electrobix by Scissor Sisters. It is his ring tone reserved for unknown callers.

"What?" He asks into the phone. He's met with rushed breathing, but no words. "Who is this?" House asks a little more demandingly.

"Mr. House? This... This is Robert Chase. I was wondering... I looked up your number, and what you said today..." House hears a loud crash in the middle of Robert's explanation. The Aussie's voice is much softer after that. "I need help... Please? Can you come get me?"

House is terrified. "Where are you?"

Chase is silent for a moment. "I'm by the public library... behind a dumpster... I'm sorry, but please hur..." Chases phone goes dead.

House ends his phone and almost runs out the door. He rides as quickly as he can to the public library.

He doesn't openly spot anyone, so he walks to the nearest dumpster. "Robert, it's Mr. House..."

He hears rustling and stops a blond mop of hair. Chase runs to House. He's been beaten up pretty badly. His front tooth is broken in half.

He wraps his arms around House. "Thank you. We need to leave before he comes back."

House leads Chase to his bike and hands him the helmet. Robert clings to House's back. They speed, though less frantically, back to House's apartment.

House brings Chase inside and looks over his injuries. "What happened?"

Chase looks away. "It's not important."

House grimaces. "I can't send you back if your parents are abusing you."

Chase shuts his eyes and House hugs him. "Please. I'd like to know."

Chase nods softly. "I don't have parents and I'm not being abused."

House looks at him. He feels somewhat desperate.

"Robert, I need to know who." The blond boy shakes his head.

"It's... tomorrow will be better."

House accepts this as Robert's only explanation. Chase sleeps at House's apartment on his not-too-lumpy couch. By the time morning comes they were already up.

"I have a shirt you could probably wear without too much of a problem. My pants are all gonna be too large, I think."

Robert smiles. "Thank you, Mr. House. Can I ride to class with you? Or would that be too... weird?" Robert finishes and bites his lip.

House nods, finding this habit to be quite adorable. Of course he wasn't going to leave him on his own.

House makes breakfast for the both of them. He watches his duckling eat slowly.

"Robert... If you're being abused..." House watches him swallow hard. "There are places you can go."

Robert puts his fork down. "It's not that easy, Mr. House."

The situation feels hopeless.

"How much longer?" House asks.

"Probably for the rest of my life."

House leads Robert to his bedroom and searches his closet for a shirt small enough for his wombat. He pulls out an old Stones shirt and hands it to him.

With no apprehension Robert pulls his shirt off to change. House can't look away. His skin would be absolute perfection if not for the archive of pain.

There are injuries littering his flesh. Bruises, cuts and scars. House shrugs his own shirt off for one that is more work appropriate.

Robert sits in the passenger seat of house's car. He frowned as he remembers House telling him he only used it when his leg hurt. They arrive an hour early.

"If you want, you can come to my classroom." House offers. Chase nods and follows him up.

House grades papers while Robert stares at his cell phone wearily.

"If you stare at the pot, the water will never boil."

Robert looks up and nods. House sighs. "Why do you want to be a doctor?"

Chase smiles sadly. "My father was a doctor. I've heard and seen and read about it my whole life, and it's still interesting."

House smiles. "Why did you quit being a doctor?" Robert asks. House freezes.

"I guess we all have our secrets, eh?" They don't talk anymore before class.

The last class of the day is when House sees Robert again. He looks tired, but does not fall asleep.

When class is over House watches the young adults leave, save for a blond wombat. He stays at his desk with his head down.

"I just wanted to thank you..." He sates. House doesn't know what to say.

"I don't know what made me call you. You're the only person who has ever offered to talk... and I hoped you meant it."

House stands, ready to go home. "You are welcome to call me. My door is always open."

Robert smiles. "I'll see you tomorrow, Mr. House. I even promise to bring your shirt back clean and folded."

They smile at each other and go separate ways.

House spends the night with an old friend of his. The only doctor he had worked with that liked him; James Wilson.

"So, you think it was his lover?" Wilson asks about his friends student.

"I don't know. He was concerned when I brought the subject up... But he says it wasn't." House responds.

They're eating Chinese take-out on House's couch. "I thought you didn't talk to students," Wilson says curiously.

House looks down. He is unsure if he should tell Wilson the truth or not.

"You like this student, don't you? House! This is wrong!"

House's head snaps up and he glares at Wilson. "Moral words of wisdom from the man who fucked his dying patient."

Wilson scowls. "My patient. Female, adult patient. Not my teenage, male student."

House sighs. "I haven't done anything wrong. I just... feel them... Am I disgusting?"

Wilson shakes his head. "Half the men in the world are obsessed with some teenage star. At least yours is more than just attraction."

House gets up for bed. "And just like all of those men, nothing is going to come from this. He's my student."

House begins to walk away. "You never know, House."

Wilson lays on the couch. "Good night Wilson."

House waits anxiously for his last class. He looks around in the hallways for the Wombat, but doesn't see him. Ten minutes after the last class he has to admit to himself that the blond isn't there. He had promised to be there today.

When the lecture was over House left as quickly as he could hoping that Dean Cuddy was still in her office.

"How can I help you, Greg?" Cuddy asks calmly, almost expecting something horrible to come from his mouth. "Did you threaten another student?"

House shakes his head. His somber attitude tells Cuddy that he's serious.

"Did anyone mark Robert Chase here today?" Cuddy raises an eyebrow, but checks.

"No. Are you surprised? He seems to miss a lot of school." Cuddy says, which makes House frown. "Probably another idiot kid destined for fast food."

House leaves angry. He gets home and contemplates calling Robert. He decides to wait to see if he comes in the next day, and just decides to go to bed.

Chase, on the other hand, was wide awake. His young body was bruised and bound.

"Your whore hasn't called you to check on you, sweetheart." An older man by the name of Mark says to Chase. Chase is crying softly. "He doesn't care about you at all."

Chase sniffles. "He's a teacher. They're paid to hold your hand and pretend. If he really cared, he would be here." Mark says. Chase only nods. He knows that this is what Mark wants to see... but he can't help but wonder if he's beginning to believe it, also.

Wouldn't he have noticed that he'd missed class? The restraints on his wrists are finally undone. His body relaxes almost instantly.

"Good night Robbie." Robert rolls onto his side, facing away from the other man.