Wilson flops into the chair next to House's. "Well, this is something I didn't think I would be seeing again," he says in reference to a broken, beaten, raped Chase. House nods slowly and fingers at some of the blood on his shirt.

He discovers that the young man that had helped him, the only one willing to even touch Robert, was Eric Foreman; A senior in his third period class. He had even skipped class to come to the hospital to see how Robert was doing.

He was sitting on the opposite side of the waiting room. House didn't know much about him other that he wasn't a problem and always had his work done.

He realizes that Wilson had been talking the whole time he had been spacing out. He tries to pay attention again. "…but it tore a little." House can pretty much guess what context he's speaking of. "Other than that, there wasn't much damage. He should be fit to wake in just a few hours."

House leans his head back. "Can you go explain this, with less detail, to that nice African kid over there? He's the only person that would help me save him." Wilson bites his lip, doctor-patient confidentiality… House sighs. "Just let him know that Chase is going to live and just needs to be stitched and cleaned up." Wilson nods and gets up to occupy a seat across the room from the one he had previously had.

Another two hours had passed before House was led into the recovery room. And then another one and a half in there before the blond angel opened his eyes. He attempts to sit up, but suddenly stiffens and wiggles slowly back down.

House grabs his hand and squeezes it. "You had to have surgery. Try not to move too much. You're going to need to be here over-night. They wanted to keep you for a few days, but they're going to discharge you into my care instead. I threw a fit." House adds, attempting to get a little smile from the boy.

He doesn't smile but he squeezes House's hand for a moment. "Thank you." House sighs. "We're going to need to talk about what happened." Robert nods. "Do you remember?" Robert nods again. This irritates House, but he is glad to even be getting any answers.

"Was it the same boys that have been bullying you?" It sounds like a stupid question, but House had to be sure. He wasn't even quite sure who these bullies were. Just what they looked like and that one of them had a brother that worked with the last man to hurt Robert like this.

Robert nods again, tears welling in his eyes. "The whole locker room cheered them on. All of them." House isn't surprised, but he is disgusted. "I found you. You didn't come to my class. One of the students wrapped you up and carried you out to the ambulance."

Robert is surprised. "You found me?" House nods, he isn't sure if he wants to tell Robert how he knows. He'll save it. If Robert asks, he'll answer. Robert wipes at his eyes. "I'm sorry I'm such a bother. Who was the student?"

House runs a hand through his hair. "Eric Foreman. He's in my third period rotation." Robert looks away. He's never heard of this kid, but he's grateful to know that there is at least one person in the world that isn't out to get him. But then it dawns on him… "Oh no, did anyone see him help me?"

House has no idea why Chase I so worried. "A whole locker room full of people. Why?" Robert begins crying now. "They're never going to leave him alone! Everyone will know soon that he helped and they'll torture him, too."

House is stunned. "Sometimes, it's more important to be the odd man out and be the better man than to fit in." Robert is sobbing. "I just don't want anyone to go through this House!" House wraps his arms around Chase. "Tell you know. You and I are moving away from here. You can finish high school; get your GED, whatever. You can go to college and become a doctor." Robert's eyes are wide.

"Can we be together?" House smile softly. "We have a deal, remember?" Robert smiles and nod.

Two years later

"What're you thinking about?" House asks as he slips into bed. Chase shrugs. "The past." House kisses his lips softly. "Things you shouldn't dwell on."

Chase nods, a slight smile appearing on his face. "You're my hero, you know that?" House rolls his eyes, but smiles at the younger man in his bed. "You're sappy. Go to sleep."

Chase Rolls over so that he's on his belly and resting on House's side before leaning his head in for a kiss.

Robert had been in therapy continuously since he'd started in high school. He could proudly say that he had overcome a lot.

House flips him over and presses his body against Robert's. They continue kissing.

They had moved practically across the country, Wilson in tow. They worked together in a hospital as department heads. Wilson had been surprised by House's announcement of returning to medicine. With a wink at Robert he responded "I don't need any more kids."

House flings Robert's shirt to the floor and moves his kisses down to the blonde's neck. Is facial hair causes Robert to giggle softly. House bites down and Robert whimpers as he pulls House closer to him.

Robert had finished high school and immediately began attending University lessons. He was going to become a doctor; a great doctor; a happy doctor.

Robert scrambles to undress House, simply to get the feeling of his skin against House's. He feels House grind his hips into him and moans, instinctually wrapping his legs around House's waist.

They had managed, when transferring their lives, to find people willing to listen. House could provide medical evidence and Robert could provide testimony. Mark, Robert's step-brother, was fired and received ten years in prison. The kids from school that had tortured and raped him were let off easier. The two that held him down were put on five years probation. The one that had actually raped him received a year in prison and five years probation.

House pushed Robert's legs off of him and got on his knees to take his jeans off. After carefully removing them from his leg he stopped Robert, who had already gotten his own jeans undone, and yanks them from his petite body. Newly nude, Robert replaces his legs and pulls House in for a kiss.

They began their relationship, or rather deepened it when Robert finished his first semester of University. He was almost nineteen by then. It was the first time he'd really felt ready for the relationship.

House lowly pushes into Robert and listens to him whimper until he's filled completely. Robert squeezes his legs and goes back to kissing House. House grasps his hips and pulls out softly. "Tell me you're ready angel, tell me…" House begs. Robert writhes. "Need you…"

They live together in a somewhat small house. They had rented an apartment together for about a month, but the neighbors complained about the noise of House's piano and Chase's guitar. They even had a garden in the backyard and, though House was displeased at first, a house cat.

Chase gasps as House reenters him. House shifts himself to easily move. Robert groans and pushes himself back to meet House's thrusts. "House, please…" Robert begs. House knows that he won't last long.

Though House could pay all of the bills with the salary he made, Chase felt it was necessary to find a job to help out. He found what House called "the faggiest job ever" arranging flowers. Robert didn't care. The pay was okay, the job was easy, and he knew that secretly, House loved receiving flowers from him.

House grasps Robert's cock, only to have Robert's hand join him. They work together, their entire bodies in motion, and they come to a peak, ending together. Robert grunts as House lays down, most of his body weight resting atop him.

House moves over and flips onto his back, Chase quickly takes his cuddle position and lays his head on House's shoulder. "Love you House." House runs a hand through his angel's hair. "Love you too Robert."

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