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It's been close to four months since she and Artie broke things off over the summer break, and quite frankly, Tina didn't know what to think nowadays. Pulling her hair up into ponytail and checking her reflection, she stared for a few moments. Months ago, she felt heartbroken after the whole ordeal, wondering where things went wrong in their relationship, or where she personally screwed up. But these weeks, she felt remarkably better about things, but she still felt faintly sad.

About what, she wasn't really sure.

These days, Artie and Tina had patched things up. After the emotional breakup, things were initially awkward between the two of them. Glee Club practices were more of a pain than anything else. After one too many tense blunders during practice, Mercedes and Kurt staged an intervention and somehow managed to salvage the friendship and the sanity of the club.

But to say that things were back to normal would just be a huge understatement.

Looking at the picture of her and Artie that she had stuck to her mirror, she smiled softly. She kind of missed him. Scanning over the number of pictures of her and her friends that stuck to her mirror, she suddenly missed a lot of people.

'Odd,' she mused, shaking her head and smiling wryly.

Admittedly, she did distance herself from her friends for the past months since the summer break and the whole breakup fiasco. However, beyond that, things got pretty hectic in her life recently with her sister's upcoming wedding in a few months, her part-time job (or lack thereof), and helping out with the family's Chinese restaurant.

Adjusting the ponytail and checking that her makeup was just right, Tina realized that her life pretty much was a jumbled mess at the moment.

"Perfect," she muttered to herself, pushing herself away from her vanity and grabbing her schoolbag. And with a flurry of black lace and hints of dark pink hair, Tina disappeared through her door and rushed off to school.

"Hey girl," Mercedes watching Tina sidle into class, looking worse for wear. "You look horrible,"

Tina made a face and turned in her seat, looking at Mercedes. "Just what every girl wants to hear," She fumbled around in her bag, before pulling out her History textbook. Why she had history first thing in the morning was beyond her. It was the perfect excuse to fall back to sleep.

Mercedes looked at her curiously. "How are things with your sister?"

"I'm starting to think that she's trying to kill me," mused Tina, grinning crookedly. She spared a glance to the front, making sure their teacher wasn't around before continuing. "She's turning into bridezilla. If I see another swatch board or color wheel, I'm going to scream,"

"That bad, huh?"

"She's trying to go for a pink theme," Tina deadpanned.

"Go, No!"

"I know," Tina whined. "Our parents are trying to convince her to go for yellow or red, or both, I don't know. Since it's a Chinese tradition. My mom's having a fit right now about the colors,"

"I feel you, girl," Mercedes grinned, poking Tina with her pen.

Grinning crookedly, Tina chuckled softly just as the class quieted down and Mrs. Carson stepped into the room. "Thanks. I'll let you know if I get smothered by pink lace and ribbons,"

"Okay class, settle down. Time for a pop quiz,"

Tina and Mercedes rolled their eyes, groaning with the rest of the class as a collective round of protests filled the room and people started pulling out their pens.

"I take it back," announced Tina, as she and Mercedes joined the steady stream of students leaving the horrendous History class. "I won't die from the frilly lace, but from the pop quiz we just had. I think it took a couple of years off my life,"

Mercedes sighed. "I hear you, girl. That one was horrible," They walked down the hallway, towards their lockers. "Mrs. Carson seriously needs to lay off the sugar. She gets too excited with these tests,"

Tina chuckled, adjusting the strap of her messenger bag. "Right," she stopped at her locker and turned to Mercedes. "I'll see you at lunch," she said, before watching her friend walk further down the hallway and to her locker.

Sparing a glance around the hallway, making sure that it was still relatively crowded and no jocks were in sight for a possible slushie shower (since it was way too early for that), Tina shoved her History textbook into her locker and pulled out her Trig textbook. Stuffing it into her bag, she closed her locker with her shoulder. The textbook proved to be too big for her cramped bag, and she struggled a bit as she turned on her heel and headed down the hallway. Cursing under her breath and finally deciding to just hold onto to damned book, she looked up, just in time to bump into a solid body and loosing her footing.


Tina went down in a tumble of black, her book and bag falling to the ground. She winced as the hardbound textbook hit her in the gut during the tumble. That's definitely gonna leave a mark, she mused, fingering her left side. Plus, her knees and butt hurt from bracing the fall.

"I'm so sorry," she muttered, pushing her hair out of her face and sitting up on the ground.

"Sorry, Tina. I wasn't really looking where I was going," said her victim, shifting closer to her fallen form and leaning closer and picking up their fallen textbooks.

"Mike?" Tina looked surprised, staring at the familiar boy across of her. He offered her a crooked grin, and stood up, helping her stand in the process.

"You okay?" he asked, while offering her her discarded messenger bag.

"Uh, yeah. Thanks," she took her offered bag and book. "My back hurts, but yeah, all's well. I'm really sorry, Mike," she smiled sheepishly.

"You sure you're okay? That was one pretty hard fall," Mike looked concerned.

Chuckling, and feeling oddly warm all of the sudden, Tina shook her head and smiled. "I'm fine. I'm sorry again. I wasn't looking." She looked at him. "You didn't break anything, right?"

Mike laughed and hoisted his backpack over his shoulder. "I get tackled in football all the time. I'm pretty used to it," he scratched his cheek, grinning. "Though you can definitely tackle,"

"Hey!" Tina grinned at the joke.

The bell suddenly rang, signaling that second period was about to start. "Well, I gotta go. I'll see you around, Tee,"

"Sure, sorry again, Mike!"

Mike waved, grinning. "No big deal,"

Grinning for some reason, Tina shook her head. Turning on her heel, she joined the rush of students and headed towards Trig class.

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