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Tina was officially late by the time she stumbled into William McKinley out of breath, cheeks flushed from her run (and from the brisk autumn cold), and slightly disheveled. The bell had already rung and the hallways were close to being deserted (save for some students who were either also late or chose to skip first period) as she hurried towards her locker and grabbed her AP Trig book.

She usually wasn't the one to be late, considering that her parents were too time conscious for their own good. That, and Kurt and Mercedes usually hung out at her locker in the morning for early morning gossip so it was mandatory to be early lest one had to face the wrath of Kurt.

But this morning she found herself waking up significantly late, after a rather late night of talking (chatting and texting) with Mike. After their date Friday night, they had met up again yesterday for a late lunch and spent most of the day together, which subsequently meant that they talked well into night (and early morning).

While whatever what was happening between her and Mike meant that she was totally late for her first period class, it was still definitely worth it, she thought. Rounding the corner, Tina rushed towards her classroom door and silently prayed that there was no pop quiz or anything serious going on within the confines of the room. She hoped that she could just silently slip into the back and not cause any commotion.


Tina cursed under her breath and stilled by the door, wincing at the tone of Miss Charlton and suddenly blushing as every head swiveled in her direction. "Sorry," she mumbled, embarrassed. She closed the door and tried to quickly find an empty seat somewhere in the back.

"So glad that you could join us," commented the old woman, clearly not amused as she watched Tina rush towards a seat next to a redhead.

"I'm sorry," repeated Tina, clearly embarrassed and trying to duck her head. She blushed furiously when she caught the curious eye of Mike, who sat up front (and who was clearly not late).

Miss Charlton nodded and eyed the young Asian sternly. "I won't write you off. Let's not make this a habit, or else I'll be seeing you in detention,"

Tina blushed furiously and nodded, relieved that she got away from detention. Her classmates snickered at her and she pointedly ignored the curious look Mike sent her. Trying to concentrate (really trying to), Tina dug through her bag, pulled out her book and notebook.

While still sleepy, and admittedly dozing off during some discussions about vectors, Tina somehow was able to make it through her class and still relatively understand what was going on. After the bell rang, signaling the end of class, Tina sleepily pushed herself out of her chair and joined the rest of the students out in the hallway.

"You were late," commented an amused voice beside her.

"Hmmm," Tina yawned, and followed the sea of students towards her next class. Sparing a glance at an amused Mike, she blushed softly and then quickly averted her gaze. "Woke up late,"

Mike looked sheepish. "I'm sorry I kept you up,"

Tina's eyes widened slightly and she blushed. "No, it's okay," she said in a rush. A small smile played on her lips. "Yesterday was fun,"

Mike grinned, suddenly feeling really happy and overcome with the urge to hug her right then and there. But he restrained himself, knowing that any sudden display of affections could either possibly scare her off or possibly stun her (and the rest of the student populace). "Friday night was fun too," he added.

Tina blushed, his kiss coming to mind. They had kissed again yesterday, after he had dropped her off at her house. She faintly wondered if he would kiss her again today. "The whole weekend was fun," she finally said.

The two stared at each other for a moment, loitering by his locker and just looking at each with small bashful smiles on their lips. However, the moment didn't seem to last long as the first warning bell rang for second period.

Tina looked away and spared the hallway a quick glance. "I'm off for Lit," she told him.

"I'll walk you," he offered, already grabbing her by the elbow and steering her down the hallway. He faintly wondered if it was alright to hold her hand.

Tina blinked and blushed when she felt his hand wander down her forearm, and for a moment hesitate by her wrist. Her hand shifted slightly, allowing his hand to slip into hers and their fingers intertwine. She smiled, blushing softly at the sensation. This definitely felt nice.

Except maybe of what was currently brewing in between Mike and Tina, everything else seemed to go on quite normally for the rest of the day. Kurt and Mercedes seemed to continue with their latest school gossip and fashion news, Artie was still around most of the time cracking jokes, and Finn and Rachel still seemed to be Glee's power couple.

Thinking of Rachel and Finn, Tina faintly wondered what she and Mike were right now. She really wasn't sure if they were a couple despite the fact that he had already kissed her and taken her out. This kind of seemed awkwardly new to her – with Artie is just kind of happened. But this time around, it was sweet, slow, and oddly meaningful.

Waving goodbye to Kurt and Mercedes later in the day, Tina smiled softly to herself and settled with the fact that at there was at least something going on and they were getting somewhere. The idea of actually dating Mike Chang made her heart race a little and she smiled. She liked the idea – just as she liked the idea of him holding her hand, or him kissing her.

"Leaving already?"

Tina jumped slightly, startled at Mike's voice. Looking over her shoulder, she must have passed by his car without her really noticing. Smiling slightly as she watched him watching her from his car, she nodded slowly. "Yeah," she said. "I'm meeting my sister and some of the wedding entourage for the final fitting,"

Mike straightened after having deposited his books into the backseat of his car. He nodded in understanding and walked up to her. he felt himself blush softly as he caught her watching him intently. He swallowed and he shyly pushed his hands into his pockets. "Can I call you tonight?"

Tina felt herself blush at his question, which to her sounded oddly intimate. She wasn't used to guys asking her if it was alright for them to call her. She shifted awkwardly and smiled lightly. "Yeah, you can,"

Mike grinned goofily and lightly bounced on his heels. "Great," he said with a little too much enthusiasm in his voice. He mulled over the idea of hugging her or possibly trying to sneak in a kiss, but with the parking lot still relatively populated he didn't want to push his luck – though he wasn't sure why he (they) were keeping things a secret. (what was being kept a secret in the first place?)

"Okay, then," Tina smiled tentatively and nodded. She was sure some of the Cheerios were looking at them already and that was beginning to make her feel uncomfortable. After the whole Artie fiasco (there was a silent outrage in the community how a Goth girl could break up with her boyfriend who was in a wheelchair), she didn't want another episode of unwanted attention and gossip (not that she was not getting that already, which she was). Being seen any how closer to Mike Chang, the football player, meant more gossip just waiting to spread like wildfire.

It was like the two of them were dancing around each other tentatively, trying to figure out what they were allowed to do right now. After another second of simply looking at each other in the crisp air, Tina smiled softly and nodded. Offering a shy 'bye', she hurried towards her car and slipped into it.

While giddy with the recent developments in her life, Tina spent the next three hours with her sister and her friends at the dress shop. With the wedding less than a month away, all the girls were excited and final dress preparations had to be made this of course meant squeezing into dresses and praying that everything fits.

"Maybe we can try to cut the dress a little lower?" offered one of Michelle's friends as everybody stared at Michelle in her white wedding dress. It was an empire cut dress, with a nice long white train, and delicate lace.

"And give my father a heart attack? No way," Michelle grinned in amusement at her redheaded friend and briefly examined the intricate bodice. The dress was perfect. "What do you think, Tina?"

After quickly sending a text to Kurt, Tina looked up and smiled warmly at her sister. "You look beautiful, Mich,"

Michelle grinned and smoothed out an invisible crease in her dress. "I'm excited," she beamed and practically all the girls in the room gushed. Tina rolled her eyes in amusement and remained quiet as her sister's friends quickly changed into their own dresses.

After some of the girls had changed into their dresses, Tina hopped off the plush couch and slipped into her own dress. While not her usual style, it definitely was pretty and chic. If there was one thing her sister knew well enough, it was stylish clothes. It was long flowing red dress, that was strapless and tastefully dipped by the chest and offered a little cleavage (much to her father's annoyance). A little silver broach held the flowing skirt together by her right hip.

"Now you look absolutely beautiful," Michelle grinned at Tina's reflection, after having changed out of her wedding dress and now standing next to her little sister. "Look at daddy's little girl,"

Tina rolled her eyes. "Look at what daddy will say when he sees too much skin,"

Michelle made a look of annoyance. "That man wouldn't know style even when it hit him square in the face. You look great, Tee," Cinching the dress by the waist, Michelle waved for the seamstress to come over. "Let's tighten it here just a little bit,"

"Do you want me to cut myself out of the dress after dinner or something?" Tina looked bewildered. "If you try to adjust this thing any more, I can't breathe,"

"I'm sure Mike has the whole cutting you out of this dress fully covered," Michelle said smugly.

Tina gapped at her sister and she felt a warm blush spread across her face. "Mich!"

"Don't think I didn't notice!" Michelle grinned wildly and nudged her sister playfully.

Tina stared wide eyed at her amused sister and tried to pull away from her. "I'd rather you not notice," she replied.

"He kissed you after he dropped you off from your little lunch date," Michelle grinned triumphantly. "He's so into you," Her grinned slowly widened as she stared at Tina's flustered expression. "And I can tell that you definitely like Mike Chang,"

Conversations like this with a family member always left Tina uncomfortable and incredibly flustered. Blushing furiously, Tina shuffled away from her sister and sent her a pointed look – since there was obviously no use in arguing with her sister. "Don't talk to dad,"

Michelle's grin only widened. "No need to, really."

Tina tried to ignore the comment and turned to the seamstress for a quick round of adjustments. She tried to tune out her sister, as she retold her love story with her fiancé and how Dave had kissed her in front of her doorstep ("Just like Mike," Michelle gushed and grinned widely at Tina).

Beyond the humiliation from her sister, the fitting turned out well enough in Tina's opinion – minus, of course, the fact that she got pricked several times by the seamstress. Her red maid of honor dressed fit her perfectly and she really had nothing to complain about. Though after hours of trying on dresses (Michelle had required her to change into another dress some time later in the wedding reception), Tina was worn out.

So she left her sister and her friends right after dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant and drove home, hoping to catch some early sleep and hopefully make it on time to class tomorrow. And as she slowly crawled into bed and easily welcomed the beginnings of sleep, her plans were foiled when her phone rang.

"'Lo?" Tina groggily said into her cell, failing to check the caller ID and simply rolling on her bed lazily.

"I'm sorry. We're you asleep?"

"Mike?" Tina blinked away the remnants of sleep and struggled to sit up as she listened to him chuckle deeply over the phone. "No, it's okay. I just dozed off,"

"Tired?" He asked with a small hint of amusement. She heard sheets rustle in the background and assumed that he was in his room and settling into his bed. As she thought this over, it sounded oddly comfortable.

"Yeah," she told him and followed suit, leaning against her pillows and settling in comfortably. "I can't believe a dress fitting can last for three hours,"

She heard Mike chuckle in amusement. "But it must have been fun for you, yes?" He paused and chuckled lightly. "Don't girls like that stuff? Trying on dresses and all?"

Tina laughed. "Yeah, sure. But after becoming a pin cushion, it kind of gets painful,"

"Sorry to hear that," There was a pause, as he tried to think of what to say to her next. He racked his brain to find something to say. "How are you?"

'Seriously, Chang, How are you?' Mike winced just second after the words left his mouth. He sounded like a pre-teener with a huge crush.

"Good, I guess," Tina answered awkwardly. "You?"

"Good," Mike cleared his throat. "Really good," He paused, again trying awkwardly to fill in the dead air. "What's your favorite flower?"

Tina blinked, trying to process his sudden question. She burst out laughing at the sudden change of topic.

"Hey, what's so funny?" Mike smiled lightly into the receiver, enjoying the melodious laughter that came from the other line. He liked the sound of Tina's laugh, it was light and heartfelt.

"Nothing," Tina giggled and wiped away a tear from her eye. "It's just kind of funny how quickly you changed topics," she grinned. "Lilies. I like white lilies,"

He was kind of surprised by her flower choice, but nonetheless kept that nugget of information for future use. "Don't girls like roses?"

Tina laughed. "If you haven't noticed, I'm not like most girls,"

Mike chuckled. "True," he said. "And that's a good thing,"

She blushed. Smiling softly into the receiver, she continued. "So, what's your favorite flower?" She asked and giggled when he made a surprised sound.

"Are guys supposed to have a favorite flower?" He laughed and shook his head in amusement when he heard her giggle. When she egged him on to answer, he racked his brain for a flower type he kind of liked. "Uh, a daisy?"

Tina giggled at his flower choice. "Aw, 'fresh as a daisy?'"

"Hey, no making fun of my flower choice!"

"You were the one who started it!"

Mike chuckled and conceded. "Okay, enough with the flower power. Let's try to talk about something else, before you fall asleep on me,"

Over the span of an hour, Tina quickly learned that aside from daisy's being Mike's favorite flower, he liked dogs and was an avid So you think you can dance fan. She likewise learned that they both shared a sweet tooth, though he preferred milk chocolate while she on the other hand liked dark chocolate. Mike learned that she liked Japanese food, and surprisingly, volleyball.

"We have to play volleyball together when summer comes around," he announced in finality.

Tina rolled her eyes. "I'm not any good,"

"I'll go easy on you," Mike laughed.

Tina yawned and checked her watch. They've been talking for over an hour. Though it wasn't late, she'd really could use some sleep. "Thanks for calling me, Mike," she paused to yawn. "But I think, I really should sleep. I don't know where you get all the energy,"

"I eat my vegetables," Mike chimed playfully knowing very well that Tina wasn't particularly fond of vegetables.

"Cute," Tina rolled her eyes and settled into her bed comfortably. "Good night, Mike,"

"Night, Tee," he grinned softly. "See you tomorrow,"

Getting attention was inevitable and as Tina stepped into WMHS the following day (on time), heads turned and the popular girls raised their eyebrows. Word had slowly spread of whatever was going on between her and Mike, and it could be safely assumed that the greater public was not impressed by it.

While she generally didn't care about what other people thought of her, it still bothered her to get all the unwanted attention. Not to mention all the snide remarks of her dumping a handi-capable boy for a boy with working limbs.

"So, you and Mike Chang are dating," Kurt slipped up next to her and smirked in amusement. He sent a group of Cheerios a scathing glance before turning back to Tina.

Tina blushed and ducked her head into her locker, pulling out a myriad of books. "We're just…"

"I don't know what you guys call it, but there's certainly something going on. And if rumors are true – of the date that we were not informed of – then you guys are definitely seeing each other," added in Mercedes, looking a cross between amused and smug.

Tina blushed and leaned against her locker as Kurt and Mercedes ganged up on her with smug expressions on their faces. "Alright already!" Tina cried in exasperation and held up her hands. "We went out Friday night and over the weekend? We've been talking on the phone. Happy? Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"And the kiss?"

Tina's eyes widened and she blushed furiously as she tried to figure out who or how this could have gotten out. "Not talking!" she shook her head furiously and tried to slip past them to no avail.

"Spill, girl!" Snapped Mercedes, looming over Tina.

"We deserve to know, as we have taken active part in establishing whatever romantic Asian love is brewing between the two of you," Kurt smiled in amusement and adjusted his leather satchel.

"I like him, okay?" Tina relented and looked away blushing, finally giving in and admitting her feelings. "Mike's really nice and sweet, and…and I don't know. I like how things are going now, and I'm actually happy," She breathed shakily and paused. "So there. Happy?"

Kurt and Mercedes blinked, startled at the sudden outburst and revelation. They slowly smiled and nodded their heads. "Very," offered Kurt, glad at the sudden turn of events for Tina.

"Asian hot stuff at three o'clock," Mercedes announced softly and grinned wildly as Mike stopped by their group and greeted them, his gaze lingering at the meek Tina a little longer than it should.

"Ready for class?" he asked her, offering her an easy grin.

"Yeah," Tina told him, smiling softly and closing her locker. She suddenly felt much better, despite whatever gossip about them may be going around. She actually liked Mike, and now that she was able to say it, it definitely felt even better.

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