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Sephiroth Talking in the Present

Sephiroth Talking in the Past

Who am I you ask? The name's Sephiroth, aka The Demon of Wutai. We'll get into why I'm called that later on in my story. My occupation? I used to be the greatest crime boss to have ever crossed Gaia. There wasn't a cop or whore that didn't know my name. I used to have housewives turning tricks for me on the corner just for me to buy them a loaf of bread and cops selling drugs out the back of their cars just for me to help them get promotions. The city of Midgar was mine and mine alone…until I made a grand mistake… I didn't follow the first rule in my rule book on How to Survive the Life of Crime. These were the rules that made me become what I was and I broke the simplest rule of all.

Rule#1: Never make a blonde one of your bitches.

Not that nothing was wrong with blondes. The blondes of Midgar were the most gorgeous bitches to have ever graced Gaia…and also were the most deceitful, and I mean very deceitful. You could always fuck one, you just can't claim him or her as your bitch because more than likely, he or she was working for another crime boss. You see, other crime bosses that were interested in taking over your territory needed a way to distract you and sneak their way into your territory. So why not use what crime bosses wanted the most in their beds? A fine ass blonde that knew what he or she was doing… I've seen it happen so many times that I knew how to spot them like finding dirt in my fingernail. They would point you out in strip club and tell you either that they were looking for a good time, wanted someone new, running away from their parents, and all of that other baggage bullshit. They would worm their way into your head and once they were there, you were dead in your headquarters and the boss that they work for seized control of your territory. Once I began to notice that was how most of the original crime bosses were disappearing and how new ones were coming in and taking over smaller territories, I put out a word to the ones that worked underneath me to never let a blond into their bed unless it was a one-night stand. So how did I go against my own advice and lose all of what I had worked so hard to achieve? Well, it all started the night that my best friend Angeal and I went to the strip club that I did business in every Friday night…

The night started out as it usually did, I got tired of hearing my mistress yell at me about the usual.

"Sephiroth are you listening to me! I could give a damn if you're known as the Kingpin of Gaia or not I can still kick you're ass! I'm tired of you living the life of crime! Why don't you stop!"

I sat on my bed as I put on my shoes and couldn't help but shake my head at the redhead's words.

Rule#17: Never turn a main bitch into a mistress.

They always became cockier because they are now worth more than just sex and always felt the need to try and control a boss by saying that they were better than the life of crime.

"Can't you see that you're better than the life of crime!"

See what I mean?

"Besides, you've been in the game too long without another boss making a move against you! I don't want anything to happen to you!"

"Genesis, I'll be fine…even if another boss did overtake me and controlled the territories I have, I'll still be able to buy you what ever you wanted."

I grinned when I saw Genesis narrow his eyes in anger.

"FUCK YOU SEPHIROTH! I'm tired of you insinuating that I'm a fucking goldigger!"

"Well…when I first asked you to be my bitch you turned me down and after I took control of the Wutai territory and became the Kingpin of Gaia, who showed up on my doorstep?"

I quickly dodged the shoe that was thrown at me. I never did understand why Genesis would always get as angry as he did every time I told him that. Maybe it was because it was the truth and at the time when I first asked him, he was on his way to become an actor and was going to be doing theater, what he always dreamed of. But, that dream fell short when no one wanted to be at stage theaters anymore and chose to be at movie theaters instead. Oh well, not like I really care. As I stood up to leave, I wasn't surprised when Genesis moved to stand in front of the bedroom door.

Rule#5: Always have control over your bitches.

If you don't, then you will quickly know who runs who. Though I didn't lay a hand on mine to do harm like I knew other bosses did, I still maintained control over mine by the tone of my voice. It lets them know when I'm in a good mood and when I'm in a bad mood, which I was quickly about to be in.

"Move." I said coldly. Though Genesis knew how to test my patience he could tell that I was being serious and he slowly moved out of the way as his face turned pink, a tell-tale sign that he was about to cry. I sighed as I tilted his head up to make his eyes look at mine. I know he was tired of worrying about whether or not I would come back home every night, but this is what I do and he should be used to it by now.

"Listen, this is just a business meeting. I'll be back in an hour or so."

"Yeah…you say that every night you leave…" Genesis said before he moved my hand away from his face and walked to the bathroom. As I headed towards the door, I was stopped by my favorite female.

"Is there anything you need me to do while you're out?"

I turned around and smiled at my little sister.

"No, Aerith. You can do whatever you want, just don't leave the apartment."

"Alright." She said with a smile on her face. I picked her up at a flower shop when I wanted to buy flowers for Genesis' birthday. She was too innocent to make her trick for me so I let her keep her flower shop and live with me while taking care of my other two bitches. If I had let her work the corner, I knew that she would have been taken advantage of and it would've broken my heart. Aerith was the only female that I never refer to as my bitch, she was more like a little sister to me because of how innocent she was when it came to crime…but that didn't mean that she didn't know how to use a gun if she needed to. Like her, I make sure all of my bitches know self-defense just in case someone tries to sneak into my penthouse while I'm gone. After I locked my door, I wasn't surprised to see Angeal waiting by the elevator.

"Genesis?" He said with a smirk on his face.

"As usual." I replied before we entered the elevator.

Now as all major crime bosses know, you need to have an establishment for business and for pleasure. Mine of course was none other than Jenova's, a strip club where I can have both business and pleasure all in one. After my meeting went very well, Angeal and I decided to celebrate me now having control over Modeoheim downstairs. We sat at my reserved table and watched as the males and females did their things while we talked.

"You certainly are racking up territories pretty fast nowadays aren't you?" Angeal said as he sipped his drink.

"It's only because the smaller territories don't want to be overthrown by AVALANCHE."

AVALANCHE was a large crew that was ran by jealous crime bosses that had been overthrown by yours truly of course. Not saying that I kicked out all of the crime bosses out of the territory I seized. In fact, I let some of the crime bosses keep control of their territory as long as I'm getting 30% of what their making, hence the reason why I'm so respected. If the crime boss is stupid enough to reject my proposal, I run them out of the territory and place another one in charge of it. Though the territory is mine, I can't be everywhere at one time.

"True…but I still can't believe Vince would turn against you by becoming the Kingpin of AVALANCHE…"

"I can. The idiot always believes what he hears rather than questioning."

Vincent Valentine was another one of my best friends. It was he, Angeal, and I who controlled the night life. Though Angeal and I were level headed, Vincent was not. He took over territories that held no value just to say he did it. We tried to warn him that it would eventually backfire on him, but he didn't listen until the night he got himself arrested. As soon as he heard from another idiot that it was me who told the cops about where his drug deal was going to take place, he instantly went against me and formed AVALANCHE with another boss named Barret. Now, what confused the shit out of me is why he would believe that I would do that to someone I considered as a brother.

Rule#6: Never snitch on another crime boss.

Even if you are jealous of him, it's an unspoken rule that all crime bosses follow. The moment you snitch on another boss, it gives that boss to snitch right back on you when they are arrested. I wasn't surprised when AVALANCHE began to take over the smaller territories in order to become a large one like they are right now. Not that I'm threatened by them at the moment. They have yet to take over territories that share a border with mine nor try to take over a territory of mine, Vincent was smarter than to try to do something as stupid as that… I was cut off from my thoughts when the lights dimmed and slender, yet muscular legs slowly walked out from behind the curtain. I followed those legs all of the way up passed the feminine hips and curves and to the cerulean blue eyes that were staring back at me before the male began to slowly grind up and down against the pole behind him. I raised a brow at the man in front of me with curiosity. As many times that I've been in this club, I'd never seen him before and believe me when I say that I knew every male and female that worked here.

Rule#12: Always know all of the employees who work at your establishment for business and pleasure.

No explanation should be needed.

"Who's the blond?" Angeal asked me with furrowed brows. Blond? I looked up at the male and saw nothing but blond spiky hair. Shit…he would've made such a nice bitch, too. Especially with the way he was working the pole. As I continued to watch him, I noticed that he had to be a cherry blossom. A cherry blossom is what we refer to young males and females that were in the sex industry, but weren't 18 yet. And this cherry blossom had to be a striper for quite sometime…all of the other men that were watching him thought so as well as they continued to throw 100 gil bills at him. I looked over and saw that Angeal was as well and couldn't help but laugh. The blond will definitely be receiving his money's worth for the night, but none of the men in here will be claiming him as their bitch in protection of themselves and heir territory. There was no way that this blond wasn't working for a crime boss already. He was too seductive and too gorgeous not to be picked up by anyone. Such a pity that I didn't see him first… After seeing the male slide down the pole and land in a split, I decided to fish out my wallet for a 500. After all, blond or no blond, he was fucking incredible. I hook my bill in the air to get his attention and grinned when he smiled at me. I smirked as I watched the blond slowly crawl towards me before stopping in front of my hand to trail kisses up my wrist until he reached the bill and took it out of my fingers with his teeth while smirking at me those blue eyes of his. I chuckled inwardly. This blonde wearing nothing but a black thong was dangerous… Why? Because he was making think of what I could do to him and Genesis at the same time in my bed… I watched as he climbed off of the stage and into my lap as he pushed me to lie back in my chair.

"Care for a lapdance?" The male whispered into my ear. Yes…he was definitely a cherry blossom…

"Do your worst." I said as I licked the boy's ear, causing him to shudder. Once regaining his composure, he began to lightly kiss my neck while lightly grinding against my cock.

"My stage name is Fenrir, but you can call me Cloud…"

I raised a brow at the boy before grinning.

"What good is you telling your name to me? I won't be remembering you after this is over and done with…"

The boy smiled at me.

"I saw how you were looking at me…I can tell that you won't be forgetting me anytime soon…"

"Oh? And why not?"

"Because you want me to be your bitch…"

My smirk turned into a grin. This bitch was a smart blond…

Rule#2: Smart blondes always equaled danger.

If they could pick up on what you are thinking in the matter of minutes, then that means that they have had prior training in doing so…and with that in mind, I quickly pushed the blond off of me and watched him stare up at me with hurt in his eyes. Angeal stopped watching the strippers that had walked on the stage and stared back and forth between me and the boy before putting two and two together. I got out of my chair and glared down at the blond.

"If you know what's best for you, I suggest that you leave this club immediately."

I had expected the blond to get up and scamper off like most of the blondes I catch do, but all he did was stare at me as if he was about to start crying…

"Wh-What did I do? Did I say something wrong?"

"Who do you work for, kid?"

I had to cut to the chase and fast…the boy's eyes reminded me of Genesis' just before I left…

"Wh-what do you-"

"Don't act stupid with me! I'll kill you right here and now if you don't give me a fucking name!"

I watched as tears started to fall from his eyes as he began to stutter.

Rule#9: Stuttering indicates that the person is hiding something important.

"I-I d-don't w-work for anyone! I-I swear!"

"Bullshit! You're lying! Who is it or I swear that you won't see the light of day!" I yelled as I pulled out my gun and aimed it at the boy, making the strippers onstage scream and everyone run out of the strip club in panic.

"I-I'M TELLING YOU THE TRUTH! P-PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" the boy screamed at me as the tears began to fall out faster and his sobbing became worse.



Now…that was something I wasn't expecting to hear… I slowly lowered my gun at the now red-faced blond in confusion.

"That is what you were hiding…?"


I've never seen nor heard of this happening before…but there was only one way of making sure he wasn't lying about that.

"Turn around and get on your hands and knees."


"Are you deaf! Turn around and get on your hands and knees!"

The boy quickly did as I commanded with tears running down his face.

"Sephiroth, what are you-"

I held my hand up to Angeal to stop him as I got on my knees. I heard the boy's breath hitch as I pulled down his thong and spread his cheeks apart to look at his pink pucker as I stuck one of my gloved fingers in my mouth. Now this was where I could see if the boy was lying or not. If he was, then my finger would slide right in with no resistance whatsoever. Crime bosses who owned blondes owned them. If the boy wasn't lying, I would feel a natural twitch and push against my finger when I went to slide it in him. When I felt my gloved finger was ready, I took it out of my mouth and rubbed it against the boy's hole…and felt the natural twitch of a virgin.


"He wasn't lying…" I said as I pulled the boy's thong back up and told him he could turn around again.

"So what! That doesn't mean that he doesn't work for someone!"

"It's a possibility…"

Angeal glared at me.

Rule#4: Always listen to a friend's advice.

A friend always has a way of making you think straight when making tough decisions, especially when it comes to which territory to take into my possession. Usually I follow to this rule to a T, but…this was a hot blond that had yet to be touched by anyone…an opportunity I wasn't willing to pass up…

"I know you're not thinking of…! For the love of Gaia Sephiroth, he can't be trusted! How many blonde spies have destroyed crime bosses near our territories! Do you understand what's at risk of you take him as your bitch!"

"I'm well aware. But think about it Angeal, if you were his owner, wouldn't you have fucked him before letting him out on the streets?"

I saw Angeal look at the boy before turning back to me.

"If he's a spy, I'll kill him and you…if he doesn't get us killed first." Angeal said before walking towards the back exit where we parked the car. I looked down at the boy and saw that he had a blush on his face.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"…Does that mean I'm your bitch now?"

I chuckled before reaching into my pocket and pulling out a black leather collar. It never hurts to carry one, just in case you run into a male or female that you want to be your bitch.

"If you want this," I shook the collar.

"Then you have to sign a contract."

I saw the boy narrow his eyes in confusion and couldn't help but smirk.

"What contract?"

I looked down and the boy blushed, understanding what I was saying. He crawled closer to me before getting on his knees and unzipped my pants before pulling out my cock. I chuckled when I heard his gasp. That seemed to happen with all of the males and females when they realized how big I was. The boy looked up at me while blushing.

"I…I never did this before…"

I raised a brow at him in confusion. He was a mouth virgin as well? This is just too good to be true.

"How does a virgin like you end up as a stripper?"

"I needed to do something to pay the rent f my apartment…"

"And no one has picked you up before?"

"Some men did, but they all thought I was working for someone like you did and didn't want to get involved with me…"

I could understand why…

"Well, do the best that you can… I'm sure my other bitches will show you how to properly suck later on."

The blond nodded before kissing the tip of my cock before taking all of what he could into his mouth and began to suck me off. Though the boy definitely needed some work, he did show signs of potential and that potential was enough to make me cum in his mouth. After I pulled my cock out of his mouth and put myself back in my pants, I looked at the boy and saw that he had a trail of cum that ran down from his lip to his chin and was staring at me expectantly. I chuckled before fixing the collar around his neck.

"If you betray me, I will kill you. Understand?" I said in a serious voice. If this blond tries to screw me over after going against Angeal's advice, there will be hell to pay…

"Yes master." The boy said.

"Good. Do you have things you need to collect before we go home?"

"Do I need my clothes, master?"

"No, my mistress will take you shopping in the morning."

"Then I have nothing to collect."

I grinned.

"Then let's go home." I said as I headed to the exit with an excited blond on my heels. Even though I didn't show it, I was just as excited as he was. I always wanted a blond bitch to call my own, despite the first rule in my rule book. And now I have my very own virgin blond to train and shape into the perfect bitch...

Had I had known that one of the men that had approached Cloud before was none other than Vincent, I wouldn't have taken him as my bitch. As soon as I placed that collar around his neck, my time as Kingpin of Gaia began to tick away.

To Be Continued…

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