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Thanks love… My apologies, I didn't ask if you wanted something to drink… You sure? Because I can get her to bring you back something if you'd like… Suit yourself. Now, as I was saying, that blond I had was a real piece of work. I had no idea how bad that virgin cherry blossom wanted my dick until I woke up that morning to do my usual bathing. Though I was quite surprised to find him in my tub already waiting for me, I showed him my appreciation without fucking him…

I stared at the naked blond in my large tub that was built into the floor with a grin on my face. He was very lucky that Genesis was still sleeping since I knew that he would probably try to drown him in the sudsy water.

"M-Morning… Aerith told me to make your bath water since Zack was out. I-I also brought you your food… Is that okay?" Cloud said with a blush on his face. Such a cute little bitch…

"It's fine… Did she also tell you to get into my tub?" I said in a serious tone, even though I was teasing him on the inside. It never hurts to tease…

"N-no… I just- I thought-"

I chuckled before removing my robe.

"It's fine. I don't mind..."

I watched as my bitch's eyes widened and the blush on his face became darker as he looked at my body. Poor thing…either he has never seen a naked man before or he really enjoys by body, either way I find both acceptable. I slid into the warm water and sighed before I grabbed the remote and turned on the television that was installed into the wall. As I was watching my show, I smirked when I felt someone crawl into my lap and looked down into big blue eyes.

"Yes?" I asked, making Cloud look away while still sporting that beautiful blush on his cheeks.

"Do you mind if I wash you?"

My smirk turned into a grin.

Rule#16: As part of training, always let your bitch wash you.

Why? Because you have to allow your bitch to have some fun time. It was very relaxing when Cloud started to wash my chest with the sponge, especially when he started to kiss my neck. This bitch was bolder than I thought he would ever be. His kisses turned into licks as he licked off the water droplets that he squeezed out of the sponge to remove the soap and did the same treatment to my neck towards my arms and my chest. I knew he could feel how relaxed I was when he started to blush again. He was working on my abs when I grabbed his arms and pulled him up to look at me.

"What are trying to pull bitch?" I asked with an eyebrow raised.

"I want you to have me…" He said honestly.

"I know, but didn't I tell you that I can't touch you until you turn 18?"

"Yes, but I can't wait that long… I won't tell anybody if that's what you're worried about." He said with pleading eyes.

Rule#13: If a bitch is begging for sex, then that means they are horny as fuck.

This is like dealing with Zack all over again. Zack was too fucking hormonal when I brought him home, which was probably why he and Genesis went at it as bad as they did. It seems I'm going to have to do the same thing with this bitch like how I did my main bitch…which spells out fun for me. I lifted my bitch to sit on the edge of the tub and told him to stay there as I got up and went to grab my fruit and vegetable tray that I like to munch on when I'm watching television. I placed the tray next to him and got into the tub again.

"Pick out one of your favorites on the tray." I said with a grin on my face while eating a grape. Cloud furrowed his brows as he looked over the tray of food before picking up a carrot. Cloud was about to bite it before I stopped him.

"You are not going it eat it..."

Cloud pouted as my grinned widened.

"I want you to fuck it…"

Cloud gasped as his eyes widened and stared at me. I took the carrot out of his hand and grabbed the knife to round off the sharp point at the end of it before handing it back to him.

"H-How do I…?"

"Imagine that carrot as my dick. Fuck it like how you would want me to fuck you."

Cloud nodded and lifted his legs out of the water to slide back some. He slid the carrot into his mouth and pushed it back and forth into his mouth while moaning, making the carrot slick. I couldn't help but smirk as watching him brought back memories of when Zack was in the same predicament as Cloud…only Zack chose an orange instead of a carrot. The only thing I'm going to say about that is I can prove a person wrong when they say that it is impossible to stick an orange up your ass and that's how Zack became my main bitch. I was brought out of my musings when I heard a very loud moan. Once again, I became hard as a diamond when I saw Cloud's cherry red face inserting the carrot up his ass.

"Easy. Don't try to force it into you. You may hurt yourself. Just take your time…" I said when I saw his face scrunch up in pain. Cloud looked at me while panting and nodded his head and slowed down the insertion. My blond sighed in relief when he got the carrot inside of him, only leaving about an inch of the carrot sticking out.

"Good. Now, get on your elbows and knees and face your ass towards me." I ordered. Cloud nodded and he slowly did what I told him to do. My cock twitched when I saw that carrot sticking out of that tight hole. I leaned over the tub and smacked my bitch's ass and grinned when he moaned.

"Now, slowly move the carrot in and out of you with your hand and try to hit that spot inside of you. You can speed up if you want to."

"Yes master…" Cloud panted.

As much as I was enjoying my free porn, it all stopped when Genesis busted into the bathroom and glared at my new bitch.

"…Is that a fucking carrot? I planned on eating that! Seph, how can you let him sit there and do that to my favorite-"

"Genesis shut up and get in the tub. It's too early in the morning to hear you bitch about a fucking vegetable."

I cursed when I heard Cloud moan out louder than he had been before and turned around and saw that he already came on the white tile and was panting heavily. Fuck! I missed the best part of the fucking porn… I pushed Genesis off of me when he tried to crawl into my lap and pulled my panting blond into it and began to wash him off, ignoring Genesis' glare. Smirking, I pulled the carrot out of Cloud's ass and waved it in Genesis' face.

"Would you like your carrot back now?"

"Why the fuck would I want that after it's been up his ass?" Genesis said with disgust.

"Well, I figured that you wanted it back since you bitched about it when I was watching my morning entertainment…"


"Don't fuck me. Fuck the carrot like this bitch did…" I said as Cloud placed a hand over his mouth and giggled. As usual, Genesis caught an attitude and huffed before quickly getting out of the tub and yanked his towel off of the rack and walked back into the bedroom. I shook my head as I chuckled. Oh well, can't please everyone…

After Zack returned from Angeal's, my bitches, except for Aerith and Tifa, and I got into my private jet to take my new bitch shopping over in Wutai.

Rule#7: Always make sure your bitches are dressed to impress.

How else are they going to attract the attention of those who want them in their bed for one night? I changed my mind from finding something for Cloud to where at the mall and decided to let him find something over at the market. Wutai has the best market for fabric and clothing for good prices. Before, they used to try to cheat you to get more for their product, but I quickly shut that down when an idiot thought he could sell me a $500,000 kimono that was made out of 100% silk, when in actuality it was 100% polyester. I backhanded that man so hard that all of the market dealers started to call me the Demon of Wutai, not that I minded since I knew that they would never cross me again. After we landed and took a cab to the market, I let Zack and Genesis separate from me to take care of their shopping. I walked down to my favorite tailor because what Cloud would wear no one in the market would have it already made that looked excellent. I could tell that my new little bitch was in awe of what he saw by how I would have to stop walking in order to let him catch up to me after he stopped to look at something.

"When you become a top selling bitch or higher, I'll allow you to do your own shopping whenever you want to."

"Aww, but there are some really cute earrings that I wanted now…"

"Oh? How much are they?"

"Around $500."

"Mhm… Then let's go ahead and buy them now since everything in the market doesn't replenish. Once it's gone, it's gone."

Cloud nodded before grabbing my hand and leading me back to the stand where he saw his earrings at with a smile on his face. Usually, I would reprimand my bitches for doing such behavior, but I couldn't bring myself to reprimand Cloud because he seemed so cheerful. When we arrived at the stand, I was surprised at the pair he chose. Out of all of the diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald earrings, he chooses the pair that have wolves on them holding a hoop in their mouths. Not somethin that I thought he'd go for, but if that's his style… I nodded at the stand owner and she quickly opened up the case and handed them to me and only asked for me to pay $50 for them, but I gave her $200 for being so kind about it. It pays off to have a reputation…When we walked into the tailor's shop, I allowed Cloud to browse around as I talked to the owner.

"Good morning, Mr. Sephiroth, how may I help you?"

"I need for you to make me three outfits within the next three hours. You think you can do it?"

"Of course I can. What are the outfits?"

"A cerulean blue kimono, a casual outfit for a bitch, and the outfit for a bitch in training."

The owner smirked.

"I take it that you found yourself a new one. How did the mistress handle it?"

"The same way he always does. My new one is right over there." I said as I pointed him out. I wasn't surprised when the owner gasped in shock.

"He's beautiful, but he's a-""Blonde? Indeed he is and those outfits better be spot on if you know what I mean."

"Of course. Do you have his measurements?"

I nodded before I took out the piece of paper that I written the bitch's measurements on.

"Alright then, I'll see you in three hours."

I nodded before walking away to grab my bitch so that we can get him his necessities.

"Master, this place is expensive!" He said with wide eyes, which made me chuckle.

"Of course it is. This place uses the finest silk, leather, and cotton. Come; let's go grab the things you need while your outfits are being made."

I didn't mind holding Cloud's things as he tried on the outfits to make sure that they fit, especially when Cloud walked out of the dressing room wearing the kimono. I smirked at how sexy my little blond looked at smirked even more when he started to blush. The kimono matched his eyes perfectly along with the flower clip in his hair that made him look more feminine than he already did.

"Is this what I wear around the house?" He asked shyly. As much as I wanted to say yes, I shook my head negatively.

"No, this is for when I pick you to attend my important dinner parties with other bosses. When you become a mistress, you will wear it whenever you feel like it. A regular bitch wears what you will try on next around the house or when we are out and about."

He nodded and gave me a small smile as he walked back into the fitting room. When he walked back out wearing the black and white yukata, I couldn't help but think that he looked just as beautiful as before. When he becomes a main bitch, his yukata will be fancier like how the way Zack's is.

"And this is what I wear around the house?"

"Yes after you pass your training. The last outfit is what you will wear around the house."

He raised a brow at me in confusion and I busted out laughing. He sighed before walking back into the fitting room to try on the outfit that I've been waiting on. I had no doubt that he would be bright red when he put it on and I was proved right when he slowly walked out of the fitting room with his face as red as a tomato. My smirk quickly turned into a grin.

"Do you like this?"

Did I like it? I find it very hard to believe why I, nor any man for that matter, wouldn't like the sight of a cherry blossom blonde dressed in a maid's outfit where the skirt that barely covered over their ass.

"You look ravishing…" I told him as I licked my lips. All who are holy already know that I can't wait to christen my bitch and seeing him in this was making it hard for me…literally. To calm down my hormones, I quickly changed the subject to the itinerary for the rest of the day.

"After we leave the market, Zack will teach you how to present yourself and how to interact with other bosses at the dinner parties. I have a big one coming up tonight and I feel like taking you with me."

The blush quickly faded on my bitch's face and was replaced with a look of happiness.

"Thank you master…"

"You're welcome. Now hurry up and change. We have to get back home in time for you and Zack to go over the basics."

Normally, a new bitch that is underage is never allowed to be presented at dinner parties or at any major event that involves other crime bosses.

Rule#14: Never show off a new cherry blossom.

This is just to protect them from a boss that may decide to steal them away from you when you're not looking and abuse them for their own selfish needs and as a just in case if the cops show up and assume that you are promoting the prostitution of children. Once again, I broke that rule because I felt the need to show off my fine ass blond bitch that blew the other blonde bitches away. I didn't get caught by the cops, but I invoked a streak of jealousy through quite a few of the bosses that were underneath my level, which is just as bad as getting caught by the cops.

Rule#11: Jealous bosses spell out deep trouble.

To Be Continued…

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