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Ok so Emmett and Bella are siblings, there all human with canon pairings(but Edward and Bella aren't together yet) Bella's just moved back to Forks after 4 years of staying with her mom but she's different, full of confidence and a secret that not even her brother knows.

Enter chapter 1 of Secrets, Past memories and Hopefully a Future

Emmett's POV

My heart skipped a beat when I noticed the orange reddish truck parked into a spot in the school parking lot. It had been 4 years since Bella had been officially back staying with us. God I missed my little sister. This would hopefully put a smile on Dad's face seriously you think getting promoted to chief of police would have made him happier but honestly he's never been the same since mum left, but hey we were coping fine!

I don't think the guys saw my face when I looked out the window but as soon as I reversed into the parking slot right next to the truck they all turned there heads wondering why we were parked so near to the school entrance.

I jumped down from the jeep anxiously waiting for them to get out. They asked me why I was beaming like a maniac but I never led them on to why I was so excited. It would have to be a surprise. I don't know if Jasper and Edward would even remember her but I sure have never told Jacob, Paul or any other one of my friends about Bella. I know that sounds mean and all but I don't want hormonal crazed boys hitting on my sister!

When I got to the side of the truck I slammed my hand against it screaming "Honey, I'm home".

I'm pretty sure I got some weird looks but I hadn't caught them because all of a sudden there was a thud and a huge amount of pressure pushing me backward, staggering a little into my friends. I lifted Bella off the ground before I could remember that she hated when I did that, so I automatically got thumped on the back of the head. "Owww" I cried.

"Well you know I hate it when you do that" she gave me another hug but before we let go Jasper shouted "Dude, your dating my sister"

I put Bella back down and turned around to face him "What you don't recognize my little sister when you see her?" I asked. I could see the shocked look on there faces multiply between my friend's . Both Jasper and Edward had always been like family to us: befriended us when we first moved to Forks, helped me deal with the bullies that used to pick on Bella and were there for us when our mum and dad split.

"Bella?" Jasper questioned.

Bella's POV

Once I was done getting hugged to death by Emmett he turned round to a unaware Jasper and asked him if he remembered me. It was kind of odd seeing the shocked expression that made it's way up to his face. I mean I hadn't changed that much: sure my skinny figure was now reformed into a curvy one and I had more confidence now but I still was the clumsy, barley any fashion sense geek that I was 4 years ago. Jasper finally spoke up "Bella?"

I slowly raised my hand kind of embarrassed with everyone gawking at me and waved "Hi".

He opened his arms up and pulled me into a hug whispering into my ear "Glad your home"

It was Edwards turn to speak "Well am I not getting a hug too? I'm hurt" he put his hand to his heart pretending to be in deadly pain. I just rolled my eyes and walked over and gave him a hug. He looked even more gorgeous than he did when he was 13.

"Didn't know you had a sis, Em?" I didn't even notice the two other boys that were standing next to Jasper. I suddenly felt like all eyes were on me so I gave them both a weak smile. "Yeah Em, why didn't you tell us"

"Maybe because I didn't want you hitting on her" My cheeks turned from a soft blush to whole new level of tomato red. Jasper obviously noticed because he pulled me into another small hug which he used to do when I was 7 whenever Emmett and Edward teased me about having a tiny crush on Mike Newton. I gave him a small smile and was about to pull away when my hand got yanked by a small black haired pixie.

"Keep your hands off my boyfriend you bitch" I couldn't speak. I was completely taking by surprise of the strength of this randomer. Before I could even reply I could hear laughter coming behind me. Jasper peeled the girls hands off my wrist "Relax Alice this is Bella. You know Emmett's sister". All of a sudden Alice screamed then began jumping up and down like a lunatic, I took this as a sign that she remembered her former best friend.

"Hey Alice its good to see you" instead of giving me hug like everyone else she grabbed my wrists yet again and began shaking them trying to get me to join her.

In pure Alice style she began rambling on "OMG I haven't seen you in years. You look so different in a good way I mean. For goodness sake your fashion sense hasn't changed much seriously a hoodie"

"Um thanks I think"

I saw one of the boys who's name I didn't know whisper something to Emmett who just rolled his eyes and called me over.

"Paul. Jacob" He said pointing to the shorter one first then to the other. They both looked similar: dark hair and eyes plus they obviously worked out as both had a toned and thick muscular body nothing compared to Emmett's though.

"Hi, Are you two brothers?" I asked out of the blue.

The first one Paul chuckled but before he could even reply Emmett slapped his arm stopping whatever he was about to say "No, they aren't".

My curiosity got the better of me and I asked what he was about to say but Emmett interrupted again "Something that my little sister is not allowed to hear" he said giving the evils to Paul.

"Have you got your timetable?" Jacob asked me.

"Yea" Emmett grabbed it out of my hands and began to look over it.

"You've got gym with Paul , Jacob, and I , Biology with Edward , English with Alice and Chemistry with Paul" I turned just to see Paul wink at me.

I blushed but carried on "What about trig?"

"Nope no-one"

Jasper came back over with Alice pinned to his side, Edward on the other hand was nowhere to be seen. "Em, Rose said to tell you she'll see you in homeroom".

Who was Rose?

I turned round to Alice forgetting all about the mystery Rose, "Where did Edward go?" I asked just then the bell rang.

As we walked up the stairs Emmett pulled me aside "A little piece of advice, I know Edwards one of my best friends but he's different in school"

"How do you mean?" I asked.

"Lets just say he's got a bit of a split personality"

"Erm, ok"

"Well see you in gym" he chuckled when I groaned.

"Bella you coming? Your in my homeroom" Alice yelled.

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