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Music - Lucky by Jason Mraz

Previously in Secrets, Past Memories and Hopefully a Future:

"Look Charlie I shot Greg…" Jasper began.

"No you never Jasper. I did. Do you hear me. I shot the both of them they were a danger" Charlie gave Jasper a 'don't argue with me' look.

Everyone knew what was happening Charlie was taking the fall for Jasper.

Bella's POV

It had been 2 weeks since we all stood on the clearing, 2 weeks since my dad had been suspended pending a formal investigation that had still not been finished.

Edward and I were now officially together despite all the glares I get from girls at school. My mom had left leaving Hope with me because honestly after everything that's happened I couldn't live another day without her. Although Edward and I were still living separately we still made it work. He would come over everyday and spend time with Hope playing with all her toys everyone had spoiled her with especially Alice and Rosalie. Seriously my daughter now had more clothes than me! They never let her wear the same outfit twice which was a right pain in my ass but Hope loved to dress up so there was no point complaining anymore especially with Rose and Alice buying the clothes without my permission anyway. No matter how annoying their dress up games were I could always count on them watching Hope when I needed some quality time with Edward the man I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with.

Today was Mothers day and I had been woken up extremely early to breakfast in bed thanks to Edward and Hope. God only knows how early he would have had to get up at seeing as he would have to drive to my house, wake Hope up and cook but it was really appreciated. After we had all eaten breakfast in bed I got up to get ready seeing as we had school today thankfully however the stares had stopped and things were back to normal. Carlisle and Esme were loving married life and had invited Charlie and Emmett over for dinner to allow us to have the house to ourselves tonight. Charlie wasn't happy at first until Edward reminded him that Hope was going to be here too, that calmed him down a bit. It was quite funny actually because well Emmett being Emmett reminded him of how Hope was conceived which should have been embarrassing but seeing as he was talking about bees and wasps no one could really take it seriously.

Soon it was time to drop Hope off at Edward's house seeing as Esme doesn't work she insisted she would watch Hope while we were at school. So after a goodbye kiss and yet another thanks to Esme we were on our way. Once again the moment we stepped out if the car we heard Alice singing:

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend

Lucky to have been where I have been

Lucky to be coming home again

Ohhhohhhohhhohhohhohhhohh They don't know how long it takes

Waiting for a love like this

Every time we say goodbye

I wish we had one more kiss

I'll wait for you, I promise you I will

But this time Emmett had joined in too.

"What the hell Emmett don't encourage her" Edward muttered.

"Sorry Eddie but I couldn't help it" He gave us a grin.

"I really don't understand why you sing that we aren't anything like Sam and Quinn" I told her.

"Well Quinn did get pregnant but that was with Puck" Rosalie added.

"That's not what I'm talking about its because you two are best friends and you are in luvv" she swooned.

Grabbing Edward's hand I pulled him in the direction of my locker with the two of them still singing behind us " Jasper you need to stop her watching Glee or I will gleefully run her down with Emmett's truck" I turned round and screamed.

"Alice shut up I don't want pixie blood on my baby" Emmett petted his car "Don't worry I'll kept you from mean old Bella"

Everyone laughed.

Edward walked me too my first class before I walked in he leaned down and began kissing me. When we heard someone cough from behind us we turned round to be faced by the trio of Emmett, Jacob and Paul.

"You know if you two are going to suck face can you do it somewhere else and not outside the boy's locker room that Bella isn't even allowed in. It just looks like your about to do something dirty " Paul waggled his eyebrows causing the other boys to laugh.

"Jealous Paul that your not getting any" Bella questioned.

"Actually Bella I'm getting plenty" he looked over at Angela "If you know what I mean"

"Please tell me you are not making her cheat on her boyfriend"

"If she was going to cheat it wouldn't be my fault it would be hers and no they broke up a week ago. She just doesn't want to upset him by getting into a relationship with someone so quickly" he replied.

"Aww well that's sweet of you guys but I have to go get changed" I gave Edward a quick peck on the lips and left.

Once again I was in a team with Paul we were practicing hitting the ball with the bat when all that could be heard was a deafening screech and a load of shouting:

"AHHH WHAT THE FUCK EMMETT. OWWW!" Jacob yelled kneeling over in pain.

"It's alright your not going to be knocking someone up anyway just calm down" Emmett replied.


"Jacob that's enough now go to the nurse now Paul you go with him" the teacher yelled.

I looked around at the faces of my classmates they were shocked about what they just heard even Paul but he seemed to come out of his daze and helped Jacob get to the nurse.

"Nice going Emmett!" I slapped him across the arm.

"I didn't mean it Bella" he pouted.

Finally school was finished. I got to the parking lot and noticed Edwards car missing but before I could think anything of it Alice pulled my arm and lead me to her car while rambling about how Edward had left school early to pick up Hope so they could start getting ready so she would drop me off. When we pulled up at my house I climbed out the car and ran to the house just before Alice left she called out to me "Don't do anything I wouldn't do" followed by her laughter.

When I opened the door it was dark all the blinds had been shut and the only light was coming from the living room but even that was dim. The moment I stepped into the room I gasped: the couch had been moved, candles were lit around the room and on the floor lay a red blanket with food laid out but that's not what caused my gap sitting on the carpet was my daughter dressed in a red dress and Edward who looked stunning in his black button down shirt. Hope ran over to me grabbing my hand and took me over to join them.

"Do you like it mommy? It was all daddy's idea" she smiled.

"Darling I love it but you both really didn't have to do all this"

"But we were happy to weren't we Hope" Edward replied while Hope nodded.

"Ok so what is it you have for me" I laughed.

"Your favourite mushroom ravioli and for dessert chocolate cake" Edward smiled handing me over a plate.

It was amazing better than the one we had ate in that Italian restaurant "You made this?" I asked.

He nodded while eating his own.

"It yummy" I said round a mouthful of food which caused him to laugh.

Afterwards we settled onto the couch each on of us completely full when Edward excused himself. I was in the middle of tickling Hope when he bent down on one knee in front of me.

Oh God what was he doing?

"Bella I love you and I always will.."

I cut him off "Edward please tell me this isn't what I think it is"

He laughed "Its not a proposal Bella but it is a promise ring. I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you and Hope but I know how you feel about getting married young and I don't want to push you. So if you'll let me I promise that one day I will get down on one knee with a ring at the right moment when you are ready but for now I want to ask you: Will you be my girlfriend?"

I laughed throwing my arms around his neck "Yes yes YES!"

Picking me up he spun me around in his arms "I hope I get that reaction when I really do propose" he chuckled.

When he set me back on my feet I gave him a kiss on the lips and turned to Hope who was jumping up and down on the couch happily.

Edward sat down pulling Hope onto his lap and me to his side "I love both of you"

Hope giggled "We love you too daddy".

1 year later

We watched Hope run up the stairs and right into Edwards house where everyone was having dinner.

"Edward my dads going to flip we've barely started college do we really have to tell them tonight" I put my head on his shoulder.

"I know love but everyone else will be their so it won't be that bad" he kissed the top of head and took my hand as we walked into the house where all hell might break loose.

Without even waiting till dinner Edward called everyone into the living room.

"Well erm it just that we have.." I was so nervous. God my hands were so sweating.

Edward whispered into my ear "Bella calm down if they're going to kill anyone it will be me"

"That's what I'm worried about your not bullet proof" I whispered back.

"What are you guys talking about?" Alice asked.

"Bella's pregnant" Edward beamed while I hid behind him as if they were going to attack me.

"But you.." Charlie was cut off.

"God Edward do you have super sperm or something" Rosalie laughed "But Congrats"

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