Heather POV

Okay, if Alejandro thinks that I cannot hear him then he is mistaken. He is sooo predictable. I knew he would follow me, because let's face it, I have the advantage. No matter. I could always lead him on a false trail, lose him and then work out what the real challenge is.

I have to admit, this won't be easy. Alejandro is a smart guy. But I am smarter, I hope. WAIT! What am I saying? Of course I'm smarter! He's just a stupid jerk.

I feel tempted to turn around, just to let Alejandro know that I'm not falling for his dumb 'follow Heather' trick. But I can't let him know that I am onto him, otherwise it will be harder to guide him onto a false trail.

At last I spotted the campsite, but it crossed my mind that it was probably best to lead Alejandro away from this place and lose him in the woods. I changed direction and quickened my pace.

Alejandro POV

Ah there's the campsite. But where is Heather going? She's heading for the woods. Why would she do that when logic says the best place to look is at the campsite?

I watched her walk faster, and disappear into the trees. As a last minute thought I decided not to follow her and head for the camp, now she had shown me the way.

I 'm betting that Heather knew I was following her the whole time and intends to send me on a wild goose chase. After all, it was kind of strange that she did not turn her head once to look behind her. Almost like she had to force herself not to. Well we'll see who the fool is now! Let her go in the woods by herself and waste her own time!

Wait, aren't there BEARS in the woods? What if she gets into trouble? "Focus" I said, slapping myself in the forehead once again. Besides Heather knows this place she can look after herself.

I wasn't for a moment before I realized my feet were taking me into the woods anyway. "It's because she might actually find the challenge there" I said to myself, even though deep down I knew that she wouldn't.

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