Kirk, Spock, Sulu and McCoy went to the bridge after changing, Spock arriving first, then Sulu, who still wore a wistful expression as he stared at the viewscreen. Though they were behind one of the moons to keep from being seen, it still showed the planet below, unobstructed. Kirk took his chair from Scott, who seemed more than willing to relinquish it and McCoy stood on the upper deck.

"Were you able to find out anything, Mr. Scott?" Kirk asked as he sat, taking a PADD from the yeoman and looking over it.

"We ha' a theory, sir, bu' wi'out much hope o' provin' it. If those ships traveled through a wormhole, we can'na find an' radiation signatures that woul' tell us. They're sublight vessels, so no tachyon radiation."

"Ze only zing ve found vaz zeir record of Earth'z hiztory waz zomevhat different," Chekov supplied. "But, zat could juzt be who vaz recording it. Zere iz no mention ov ze Federation."

Kirk handed the PADD back to the yoeman and turned to Spock. "Well?" he asked of his science offers.

Spock straightened from being bent over his instruments, a posture he'd taken as soon as Chekov returned his station to him. "That would be a reasonable theory, Captain," he replied.

Kirk rested his hands on the arms of his chair. "Are you saying, Mr. Spock, that we may never know the answer?" he asked, a note of teasing in his voice.

Spock turned, his hands behind his back, a eyebrow slightly raised. "No, Captain. I am saying at this point in time, our understanding of the Universe or the multiverse does not offer us a method of confirming or disputing the theory scientifically. Logically, the theory is valid with our current level of understanding."

Kirk smiled at his half-Vulcan first officer, knowing that his teasing had been accepted and returned. He turned to the helm. "While I know it isn't a dragon, Mr. Sulu, do you mind taking us out of here, warp factor 1?"

Sulu looked over his shoulder. "I wouldn't insult the Enterprise by comparing her to the dragons, even if they are magnificent," he said solemnly. He turned back to his station, "They can't fly through space," he added with a grin as his fingers worked laying in their course.

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