Black Blood X Red Blood?

Hey guys! This is my first fan fiction so please review! Okay so looked for a Ragnarok x Maka fan fiction but to my horror there was none. I had to do one! But one problem. He's attached to Chrona's back but I've found a way around it! It's a odd pairing but it'll do okay...I hope. So kick back,relax and enjoy.(This chapters based on Ragnarok point of view)

School had started. While Chrona and I was trying to find class we saw her. I looked at the She-pig a weird feeling stirred in my stomach. Why did the She-pig appear in my dreams every night? She isn't hot at all! I thought.

"Hey Chrona!" A cheery voice called out to Chrona. It was Maka of course. I would know that voice anywhere. I came out of Chrona's back.

"G-good morning M-Maka." Chrona stammered. Baka.

"Good morning She-pig!" I said grinning.

"Good morning Chibi Ragnarok." Maka said patting my head. My heart made a painful jolt.

"Hey She-pig! You know what you need?" I asked.

"No." Maka answered.

"A date." I said. The words was out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

"W-what the!" Maka yelled blushing fifty shades of red.

"Uh..." I sunk back into Chrona's back hating myself.

"Urm R-Ragnarok d-did you j-ust ask Maka to go out w-with you?" Chrona said. The only reason he knew was because I learnt him about relationships. Well I teased him because he would never have one.

"Shut up idiot!" I yelled. Damn it! Damn it! Those words ran though my head. Why me. If I ever came out again I would be Maka chopped into next year.

"Uh Ragnarok how does Saturday sound? Come to mine at six." Maka said blushing.

"What the? You? Why?"I screamed but felt happy. Really happy. "I'm a part of of Chrona's back! Are you nuts? Are you sure?" I asked.

"Uh yeah. I've liked you for a while Ragnarok. You're greedy with a bullying streak but you're funny. Just cut down on the bullying and pervertedness and you'll be fine." Maka said grinning. Okay. What just happened I thought gazing at Maka as she ran to her partner Soul. Chrona dragged his feet along the floor to say good morning to Soul. I was floating in my own happyness. All of a sudden.

"RAGNAROK! LET'S FIGHT!" A angry looking Soul yelled.

"Ragnarok...S-soul is asking for a fight. I don't know how to deal with it." Chrona muttered.

"Who cares. Let's do this thing!" I screeched. This kid is going down. I thought grinning.

Soul's arm changed into a scythe. Chrona opened his hand and I changed into a sword.

"Damn you sure are stupid!" I said smiling a little. Soul charged growling. Chrona blocked with ease. Soul aimed a punch with his free hand too Chrona's gut.

"Oof!" The wind left Chrona. He put me into his arm. Black blood gushed out of the wound.

"Bloody needle!" Chrona yelled.

"STOP!" Maka yelled. Crap. Maka dodged the hardened blood.

"MAKA CHOP!" Maka hit Chrona over the head with her book. Then she hit Soul.

"!" Maka yelled at us. After explaining the story of Soul randomly attacking us Maka hit Soul.

"You fool! Why the hell did you do that for?"

So after hard work and tears what's Soul going to say? How will Maka and Ragnarok's date go on? Please review so that Black Blood X Red will continue! Thank you for reading.