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-Chrona's POV-

I was tugged in a bush.


"Quiet fool!" Came a low snarl.


"No the milkman."

"I don' know how to deal with sarcasm." I muttered.

"Big surprise. Look Maka overheard me talking out loud." Kagami whispered.

"What?" I felt confused. Why does she need to pull me into a bush for that?

"Listen I accidentally let slip that you like Maka."

"WHAT?" I yelled. I then felt my face heat up.

"Shut up god damn it!" Kagami growled,obviously losing her temper.

"S-sorry." I stammered.

"It's okay. Listen deny that you like her."


"Well if she spits her dummy out,maybe Red Eyes will overhear."

"W-why does S-Soul have to overhear?" I asked. She grinned.

"To cause conflict."

"I don't know how to deal with-"

"Conflict." Kagami said tonelessly. I felt offended. I rarely got cut off during a sentence around here.

"Oh here she comes." Kagami said suddenly. She pushed me out of the bush. I looked at it helplessly. Kagami gave me a thumbs up. She then made her way up a tree.

"Chrona!" Someone very familiar yelled. Yes I was right. It was Maka.

"We need to talk." She said seriously. It was obvious that we weren't going to have a friendly conversation.


"Do you love me?" She asked almost immediately. Suddenly something snapped.

"YES I DO ALRIGHT! YES I HAVE FOR A WHILE! AND GUESS WHAT? RAGNAROK YET AGAIN TOOK SOMETHING THAT I LIKED! MY FOOD,MY SANITY AND YOU! AND I'M TIRED OF THIS LIFE! I'M TIRED OF PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING! I DON' KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS!" I screeched. I felt embarrassed and slightly proud. I done something I never did. I spoke my mind. I looked at Maka. Her jaw was inches away from the floor. I then heard something from a nearby tree. Something that sounded like a hand hitting a forehead.

"MAKA CHOP!" Maka threw the book at the tree.

"Ow!" Came a voice. Then a black clad body fell from the tree. I felt a massive pressure on me. "Oww!" Moaned Kagami. She massaged her head that had a book shaped dent in it. And she looked down. She was hovering over me. She yelped and jumped back. My head felt like it would explode from redness.

"Holy shit! Maka chops hurt like hell!" Kagami said looking surprised.

"I thought I sensed another soul." Maka said. "Kagami what where you doing up there?" Kagami to

my surprise laughed. "Enjoying scenery. What do you think smart-ass?"

"What has Chrona got to do with you?"

"He's my... my... he's my." She mumbled something I couldn't hear. Nor could Maka.


"My friend."

"How did that take so long."
"I haven't had a friend for a while." I smiled at that. She counts me as a friend.

"So?" Maka asked impatiently

"So I went to see how he was."

"It's strange you come to see him when you let something slip."

"It's strange you didn't notice yourself. He obviously likes you." The two girls glared at each other.

"Do you still view people as toys?" Maka asked. I gasped. Was I really a game to Kagami?

"Some people."

"Like Chrona?"

"No like you."


"You must be one of the most selfish people I know. You know some boys like you. Like Red Eyes and Chrona."

"By Red Eyes you mean Soul."


"No. He did but him and Patty are going out."

"Giraffe Girl is too 'uncool' for him."

"How do you know what he says?"

"I listen."

"So how do you know she's too uncool for him?"

"I know body language. He looks at you a awful lot.

"Shut up."

"Did I hit a nerve?" Kagami asked. She was laughing. Maka stormed forward. She threw a punch. Kagami didn't bother blocking or dodging it. She let it hit her. Kagami head butted Maka. She then elbowed her in the stomach and kicked the knees from under her.

"That little combo is called 'broken mirror.' Goes with my name." I then grabbed Kagami's arm.

"Enough! Don't hurt Maka!" Kagami looked at me. Her eyes became hard. She laughed yet again.

"Yeah I get it. Stick up for her. You bitch pig look at him. He probably would give his life for you without hesitation. Ragnarok however... well you'll figure it out. Anyway your lucky to have someone who loves you that much. I kinda wish I had someone like that." Then something collided

with Kagami.

"Aw that is so cute! Who knew you had a heart under that cold exterior!"

"Muse! GET THE HELL OF ME!" The small meister screamed. Maka raised a eyebrow even though she was obviously in pain,she started to laugh. Even I had a giggle. Something was just funny seeing Muse attached to Kagami's back and Kagami straining to uppercut her.

"Still Kagami I thought you like Black✰Star." Everyone became still and silent. Kagami then fell under the weight of Muse.

"Shouldn't you be sucking faces with Stripes?"
"I guess that's Kid?"

"Yeah." She then shook Muse off stood up and ran.

"We should leave her." Muse said after a long and awkward silence.

"Shouldn't w-we go and see if she's o-okay?" I stammered.

"The last time I done that I almost got my wrist broken." Muse said rubbing her left wrist absent-mindedly.

-Soul's POV-

I watched from a distance. Oh I will get little Chrona back. And when Ragnarok comes back from hunting I may just tell him what I saw.

-Kagami's POV-

I packed my sleeping bag up. I was leaving. Forever. Oh food. I grabbed my supply of food and left a note written on a leaf with charcoal. It read,

Dear Muse, Chū, Chrona,Black✰Star and the others,

I'm leaving. Forever. You may find me in the forest dead or alive and well hidden. So basically you will only find me dead. That is okay. No don't worry as I can survive without weapons. And Muse, Chū your my only family so keep safe. And if I find you dead I'm gonna kill you.


I then sprinted full speed to the forest. After a while I got tired. I sat at a small river. Oh it's night time. I didn't notice. The moon shone on my face and I looked at my reflection. My scars stood out more than often. They generally are unnoticeable by moonlight. The air around suddenly felt cold and uninviting. I smelt something odd, a musty smell. And something that smelt like copper. Blood. A crunch from behind me. I turned ready to kill whatever was behind me. I caught bright yellow eyes. Putrid breath on my face. A flash of yellow fangs. It growled.

I then knew what is was. Maacura, just bigger. Way bigger. It was twice the size of me. I didn't take chances, not ever. And I'm not gonna change now. I ran, hoping that it's size hindered it's speed. It didn't. As I ran I noticed something that terrified me. It was playing with me. If it wanted to catch me, it could. I gulped suddenly out of my comfort zone. That hasn't happened to me in long time. I swerved right and jumped onto a tree. The beast caught up to me and lazily sliced the tree I was standing on in half. I leaped off the tree but my landing stumbled. I fell painfully on both knees.

I didn't stop. And I'm not a fan for screaming for a hero ether, but extreme measures call for extreme actions. So I screamed. How can actors scream for so long? My throat hurts already. Not really caring that my throat had burst into flames I continued to scream as loud as possible. Nothing came.

I sighed. This is the last thing I can do. I grabbed the necklace. The string had turned into a chain. Which is bad. When it turns into a chain that means I'm close to dying. I snarled and showed the small dragon to the beast. It stopped. And fell asleep. I sighed in relief. The charm only works once on one animal. So the next time I face it, I'll lose it's protection. I then noticed it's about to wear off. It only lasts five minutes. Without thinking I dived into a bush. I waited until it stood up. It then flew off into the mountains. Excellent. I now know where it lives. And I have a idea what it does. I smirked and decided that going back to camp would be good after all.

"You what?" Came Chūjitsuna's angry yelp.

"I met the leader of the Maacura."

"And didn't bother taking us, your beloved weapons?"

"Cut it out!" I snarled. "I can have a moment to myself you know!"

"MAKA CHOP!" A book came flying to my head.
"Ow! Enough with the Maka Chops!"

"That's for leaving! We're a team you know!" Maka raged. I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever-" I got cut off. I was glomped.


"MUSE!" I roared. Then when I thought things couldn't get worse.


"I will join the hug! Just as long as it's symmetrical!" Kid yelled.

"I want to hug my beloved daughter!" Spirit yelled, coming out of nowhere. Luckily before the group hug started Ragnarok snarled.

"No way!"

"I don't know how to deal with hugs!" Chrona yelled.

"Hugs are uncool!" Soul whined.

"Giraffe! Giraffe's hug, don't they sis?" Patty asked Liz.

"I don't know." Liz said. By now Muse had me around the neck.

"Gah! Muse!"

"Umm,Muse-chan I think your suffocating Kagami." Tsubaki pointed out. By now my eyes where streaming.

"Ah sorry!" Muse said. I glared at her. She immediately shot over to a nearby hut sitting under it's shadow.

"Okay as I was saying before I was interrupted." I shot a glare at Muse who was attempting to hide behind Kid. "The location of the Maacura is-"

"The mountains! Kagami you where right!" Stein exclaimed, blood on his hands, he had just appeared out of nowhere. I rolled my eyes.

"That's what I was just about to say."

"So your saying we just have to kill this this one? And it's all over? Cool."Soul smirked in a way that put me on edge.

"You know what I hate? When someone asks a question then answers it themselves." I snarled at Soul.

"How are we gonna track it?" Soul continued.

"Inspect every cave in the mountains." I grinned.

"No, I have a better idea." Stein said.


"Well we leave tomorrow. We watch where about in the mountains most of the Maacura leave and we guess which point of the mountains the denning place is while they hunt."

"Good idea." I muttered.

Some time later...

I watched the mountains the suspense killing me. Watching. Waiting. Praying for them to leave. Then, many dark shadows was leaving the top of the highest mountain.

"Aww come on." I whined.

-Two hours later in Soul's POV-

I was in scythe form and the mountain, judging how all the meister's was panting and groaning, was hard to climb. Kid was however trying to fix the many rocks muttering about symmetry and trash. In the end Kagami lost it and started to drag a sobbing Kid away, ignoring everyone's protests. Maka however was glancing at Chrona, then Ragnarok then at me. She then tripped.

"Baka! Watch where your going!" I shouted at her. A black clad figure appeared by Maka's side. A shock of black hair and a,

"watch where your going." Ragnarok murmured softly in her ear. However it wasn't soft enough. Jealously gnawed and squirmed in my stomach. No wait. I'm with Patty. Patty the love of my life. Aw who am I kidding. Jealously and liking two girls is seriously uncool. I'M FREAKING UNCOOL! Everyone had stopped walking and was gazing at me or at Maka. Maka however was looking down at me and blinked.

"What did I say out loud?"

"I'm freaking uncool." Stein said.

"Word vomit is uncool." I murmured. Black✰Star started to laugh.

"Well uncool people do uncool things." Black✰Star choked.

"Shut it!" I yelled at him.

"Black✰Star, Soul-kun please stop!" Tsubaki pleaded. This was gonna be a long walk.

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