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His lips left a trail of fire in their wake as they moved down her neck. Hermione moaned as a passion she had never felt before gripped her soul. Their clothes lay scattered on the floor and Hermione was currently watching as the blonde head of Draco Malfoy moved down her body, his talented fingers working their incredible magic doing things she didn't think were possible, reaching points she didn't even know were there as they dipped in and out of her, his thumb rubbing circles over her swollen clit.

Hermione gripped the expensive sheets of the four-poster bed below her, writhing as the pleasure mounted. She was amazed at the powerful pull she felt towards the boy who was her friend's arch-nemesis. Amazed at the power his voice had over her, the voice that was now purring in her ear.

"You won't regret this." Draco smiled an honest smile, something that was a rarity in the Malfoy bloodline. He leaned down to once again claim her lips in a searing kiss, seemingly the only kind that they shared. He trailed his long fingers up her body to her jaw, tracing them up her face to her hair, his long digits entangling themselves into her silky brunette curls.

Hermione's eyes fluttered closed as she melted into a kiss that never failed to send shivers down her spine, no matter how many times their lips joined as one. She gasped, breaking the kiss as she felt Draco push into her, stretching her walls to encompass his length.

Draco grinned at her expression, knowing full well that is was he who made the Gryffindor Princess cry out, writhe and moan beneath him. He ran his nose along her collarbone, as they began to move together, in perfect harmony.

All coherent thought was driven from Hermione's mind as their pace increased and Draco sucked on her neck, causing a small red mark to form, joining the others that dotted the supple skin over her body. Hermione moaned as Draco transferred his attention from her neck to her breasts, lavishing each one with attention in turn, sucking and kneading. She knew that she had never felt anything like this before, and that no-one could make her feel it again, only Draco Malfoy had that power over her, only he could make her loose all her inhibitions in such a wonderful manner.

Slowly, drawing out her pleasure, until she was begging for mercy, Draco coaxed Hermione to her climax, until she came, screaming his name. Unable to hold on for long, Draco joined her with a grunt and a groan. He collapsed and rolled to the side allowing her to breathe. Hermione turned her head to the side.

"No regrets." She whispered, more to herself than anything, still riding out the heavenly feeling.

Draco heard her and turned on his side to face her, trailing his fingers over her breasts, and down her flat stomach, circling her belly button and tracing lazy patterns on her creamy skin. Hermione sighed blissfully and closed her eyes, revelling in the bliss that surrounded her as she sunk into a deep sleep.

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