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Her constant movements showed how impatient she was. From time to time the soft thrumming sound of touching metal became audible as she let her fingers travel under the cuffs to check her skin or to just have to do something, I wasn't sure about that. The cuffs per se couldn't cause irritation of her skin, they were barely closed in fact she probably could just slip them off if she wanted to.

She didn't, so I guess she was in for the fun.

45 minutes had passed since my fingers had their first journey on her thigh.

45 minutes in which I was growing impatient as well. My pants were long past comfortable, caused by the sight next to me, the noise she made, my imagination running wild or the anticipation of what I knew would come.

Maybe a change in strategy was in order.

While I drove on in search of a rather remote parking area, I let my fingertips move upwards over her thigh to the lacy piece of fabric she calls underwear, not that I'm complaining.

She bit her lip, suppressing the urge to moan, while I found what I was looking for, a nicely hidden parking spot.

With a smile I stopped my teasing again. „Get out of your panties."

She would be busy with that for a minute so I could concentrate on parking the car

When the car was parked and I glanced back to her, her panties were laying on the ground in front of the seat. Luckily she couldn't see my grin.

„You seem a bit eager Abs. What are your expectations?"

Not sure if she was allowed to speak she turned her head towards me.

The silky scarf still in place, she waited.

„Answer" I said softly, getting quietly rid of my jacket.

„There is only one thing I expect from you," her voice was throaty, heavy with lust. „By the end of the night I want to scream your name in bliss."

I groaned, feeling the pulsating in my lower body parts increase.

„Damn it Abs, this was supposed to be your payback."

„Trust me Jethro" she said. „It is!"

I sighed. „Stretch out your arms."

My Goth did as I said. Only a moment later one wrist was freed of the metal bracelet.

„Now turn your back toward your door and let me guide your leg where I want it."

She willingly followed my orders.

With tender fingers I guided her leg to my seat, which I had moved as far back as it was possible, turning my upper body towards her, bending down and kissing my way up her thigh.

This wasn't doing anything for my back and I was sure Abs probably had more comfortable positions in her life than that moment.

But somehow I believe we both couldn't care less.

My tongue found its destination, which Abby very noisily commented.

Her hand found my hair and held me in place while I continued with the movements of my tongue.

She moaned a „Please."

I sat up pulled her on top of me while I freed her eyes.

Lips found each other as did her hands found my belt buckle, and what was hidden behind it.

„Jesus, Abs."

I let my tongue trace a line at her neck while her hand moved into my pants.

„Promising" Her voice was teasing and I couldn't help myself as I grinned against her skin.

„You think" Sounding teasingly myself.

It didn't take much longer till she took what she wanted in her own hands, so to speak.

To be honest, I don't have a clue, how she always manages to get rid of my clothes without me noticing it.

On the other hand, it was not too surprising. As soon as her lips were on mine my mind went blank and my body switched to autopilot.

That happened usually when my mind and body were already in overdrive.

Not before I felt her muscles working around my member I realised that she indeed took what she wanted.

„Abs, my Abs." She grinned against the skin of my neck while she was kissing and nibbling her way from my throat to my ear.

I let my hand wander under her skirt to the place where our bodies were joined.

On the way, I let me fingernails scratch up her inner thighs.

Moans left her lips with every added cm and when my thumb reached its destination she bit down on the skin of my neck, hard.

I groaned and another wave of want rushed down towards my middle.

Trying to concentrate on the 'task at thumb' was difficult, not least caused by her more and more erratic movements and the clenching muscles around me.

I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer but Abby seemed to have the same problem.

My lips were seeking hers as she moved faster up and down my length.

Everything happened in a matter of a nanosecond. Our lips met and my thumb stroke one last time over the bundle of nerves while our bodies met in mid-push.

Screaming, she let the wave take her away, taking me with her.

If anyone would have passed my car a little while later, all he or she would have seen, was a bundle of limbs resting on the driver seat of the car.

It seemed that we both passed out for a moment.

About fifteen minutes later I felt her stir. For the last couple of minutes I had held her in my arms softly stroking along her spine under her shirt.

„You know;" her voice was soft, „it is the first time in over 12 month in which we barely took cloths off."

I kissed her neck before answering. „Someone was eager to get what she wanted."

She laughed softly. „It all your fault."

Reluctantly she pulled away and moved towards her seat again.

„Tell me where are we going?"

„That my Abs, is still a surprise." I answered while I cleaned myself a little and closed my pants again.

After a peck on her pouting lips I started the car and went back to the street which would soon bring us to our destination.

The best part of it was that we still had a whole weekend for ourselves, alone!


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