Summary: Its been 6 years now all of SEES members have separated and lived their own lives except a few, not a single attack of the Shadows, but a new entity has been reborn and new persona users awakened. Will they be able stop this entity and regain peace on earth? Will they fight against this evil entity? And how will Souji Seta react if he saw his two cousins again all matured?

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Chapter 1: The Return


The area is nothing but darkness only two figures can be seen in the area a male and a female holding their hands together while looking at the darkness then a small light emits in front of them, then they both looked at each other

"It's…over…isn't it…?"The female questions the male; the female had long auburn hair and red eyes.

"Yes…I can feel it." The male answered, the male had blue hair his left eye is covered by his bangs he had blue eyes." The power of the Nyx is flowing through our bodies." He added

"We'll be able to see them, all of them." The female spoke

"Everyone" they spoke in unison as they close they're eyes

~Yasoinaba/Train Station~

It was the afternoon there are less people roaming around and exiting and entering the station there three male exited, one adult male whose hair is silver and short he wore a long sleeved maroon shirt with black vest on top and he also wore leather gloves and wore a black slacks and black leather shoes on his left hand carrying a black leather coat on his right a bag. The second adult male wears a long red pea coat and a black turtle neck shirt inside and he also wore a black beanie on his head his hair is dark brown and wore black pants his right carrying a bag behind his right shoulder. The last one was a young teenage boy with blonde hair wearing an orange shirt and a black jacket with black jeans who carries a back pack .

"So this is Inaba huh?" the blonde hair asks.

"Mitsuru said she already gave us an apartment here lets just go there first and settle our things." The silver hair with a shirt and a vest spoke.

"I guess your right." the short and blonde hair with a black jacket

"Tch lets go already." The tall man with the red pea coat grunts as he walks

"Hey Shinji hold up." The one with silver spoke as he followed the man with a coat

"Ah Senpai wait!" the blonde hair followed as well

The three called a taxi and got a ride to their apartment

~While inside the taxi~

The driver took a glimpse on his mirror and looked at them. "So new in town?" he asked while driving

"Yeah." The silver hair replied while looking at the window

"…" the man with the pea coat said nothing while his arms are crossed

"Oh yes." The blonde haired boy answered in a bit of nervousness in it

"Well it's a good thing you got here before the incidents." The driver spoke while he took a right turn

"Incidents?" the silver hair questions

"yeah it started about three years ago…" the driver explained that two years ago reports of dead bodies died in an unknown cause and they were just hung up in electric post in an odd manner and it ended two years when the murderer was caught." And pretty much that's how the little town of Inaba got peaceful, not a single murder in a year, oh looks like this is the place were I drop you off." As the driver stops in front of the apartment.

They all exited the taxi and the silver haired man paid him." Thank you and have nice day." The taxi driver accepts the payment and drove off.

The three entered they're assigned apartment on the 3rd floor.

~Apartment 3rd Floor~

"whew looks like we're here okay lets just settle down for while and unpack our things." The silver male spoke as they entered and put down his bag on the side of the door.

They all unpack they're things and went to their rooms as soon as they finish fixing up their apartment the sun starts to set, after a moments of rest in the living room the two sitting down and watched T.V. which are the silver hair adult and the young boy, while the other is busy in the kitchen.

"Hey Shinji how long are you gonna make us wait?" the silver hair shouts while he looks at the kitchen.

"Shut up Aki I'm almost done." The one busy in the kitchen replied with an irritated attitude.

"By the way Akihiko-senpai tomorrow I'll be starting in the Yasogami High right, what about you?" the young boy asks

"I'm going to the police department and report of my arrival." As Akihiko replied to the boy. "Well good luck on your first day of school tomorrow it's not like the school where we were used to be so try to make good friends Ken." After he said those he remembered something Friends… He closed his eyes and remembered the time when they were in high school, as memories started to flow he pictured in his mind when he was in senior, he belong to the group called SEES a group with unknown powers called Persona. Then he remembered their leaders, especially his girlfriend Minako… The name echoed in his head, his girlfriend's name, then memories came back to the school rooftop where she lay on the bench, the feelings of that time where he felt he ran to her the feeling of fear, holding her to his arms tightly as if he was about to lose her, the scenery stopped and Akihiko went back to reality as a voice interfered.

"Dinner's ready." The man with brown hair went to the living room to call the two.

"Okay Shinjiro-senpai." Ken replied

"Y-yeah ok." Akihiko responded as well, he left his thoughts behind and went to the dining room where they all ate a hearty meal

~Kirijo Group Company, Laboratory, France~

Inside the Lab various scientists are all over busy doing their jobs the right corner of the lab there is a small lounge room the door there is open. There two females and a dog can be seen two women sitting on the sofa and beside the sofa a dog sleeps. On the right, the female which is reading, has red long hair and her left part of her almost covering her eye with her bangs, she wears a white turtle neck shirt sleeveless and black pants the end of the sleeve are slacks and her feet wore a pair of black laced sandals that has a two inch high heels, she held a book that is entitled "The Mystery of Darkness". The other female has a green colored hair ,wears a simple blue green dress with white frills at the end of her dress her skirt reaches below her knees the sleeves are short and her feet wears red shoes. She is holding a laptop on her lap that she is working on. The dog on the other hand has a white fur and a red collar with a tag that says "Koromaru" its tail is curled, sleeping on the floor beside the sofa.

A scientist enters the small lounge and knocks on the wall. "Umm ."

Both the women notices the scientist and the red haired woman started to speak." Yes, is it done?" then the scientist replied. " Yes madam." Then she stood up closing the book which she is reading and placed it on top of the coffee table which is in front of the sofa. Then she approaches the scientist, then the scientist gave her a clipboard with papers attached to it, she took the clipboard and began reading it page by page. Suddenly at the last page she was shocked.

"What's wrong Mitsuru-senpai?" the girl on the sofa looks at her and notices the shocking expression.

"T-This is…impossible." She murmured. "How could there be, a number of people hospitalized, become positive of Apathy Syndrome?" She spoke while her eyes widened.

"W-WHAT!" the girl on the sofa shouts in surprise.

After the they had spoken the dog which is sleeping on the floor raises its left ear and opened its eyes and stood up "*BARK* *BARK* Grrrrrr." the dog barked and growled. Then a voice of a female came from the entrance of the lounge.

"Koromaru-san said 'It is impossible, we have already destroyed the shadows and destroyed Nyx.'." then suddenly a female enters the room. She has a short blonde hair and her ears are covered with a look-like-headphones with no cables. She also had mechanical arms and legs her body is like a white swimsuit but it is actually a metal plate, a female android. "Mitsuru-san it is best to report this to everyone immediately and we must assess this situation." As she look at the red haired woman.

"Y-Yes we must if this were to spread across the world then…" she spoke with a bit of fear in her.

"But Mitsuru-senpai can we still summon our Personas?" the girl on the sofa questions Mitsuru as she places the laptop on the table in front and stood up.

"I don't know but I doubt we will be able to summon them." As Mitsuru spoke while she crosses her arms with on hand on her chin. "Yamagishi go to the office and start contacting everyone." She added.

"Okay." As Yamagishi replied. "Fuuka-san I will join you." The female android said. "*BARK* *BARK*." The dog followed her as well. "Koromaru-san wants to come with us." The android translates what Koromaru said.

"Okay Aegis, c'mon Koro-chan." Fuuka agrees and went to the office alongside Aegis and Koromaru.

Meanwhile Mitsuru and the scientist went to the Lab and started examining the results that she received.

~Mitsuru's and Fuuka's Office~

They entered the room, the room has divided two styles each had a desk and filing cabinets, an elegant style and atmosphere on the left and a simple and yet quite elegant on the right. Fuuka went straight to the right and sat down on the chair and started her computer as she logged in she started typing a message. "Everyone there's something we have discovered, it seems here in France there were number of people getting hospitalized and all of them were positive that they have Apathy Syndrome we still don't know the cause of this but its definitely the Shadows it seems they have returned I hope that all of you would be able get this message." End of message. When she finished typing the message Mitsuru suddenly entered the room she looks at Fuuka.

"Yamagishi have you been able to contact them or send them a message?" She asks. She sends the message to a list of names.

"I've just sent them a message. I hope they are all alright." Fuuka replied with a worry look on her face.

"Good. I hope that we'll be able stop this.." Mitsuru paused and then looked at the big picture on the wall at the far end of the room from her position.

"If they became The Great Seal. Then, why on earth would there be people having Apathy Syndrome?" She says with a frown on her face.

"Mitsuru-san could it be possible that there is another cause of these cases?" Aegis asks Mitsuru while standing in front of the big picture on the wall.

"Maybe. According to the results, our hospitals under the Kirijo Group, said that it started just two days ago, but still where is the source?" Mitsuru then sits on her chair which is on the left side of the room and started to think.

"If this spreads around the world, then, this could be a horrible nightmare." Then she glanced on her window.

~Tokyo, TM Studio, Yukari's Dressing Room~

The room's atmosphere is filled with cute and adoring feeling. In front of a mirror a woman with orange short hair stands and gussy up her looks she wore a white choker that had a heart shaped button on the left side, she is wearing a pink dress with white fur surrounding her chest and she wore a pair of white boots with pink fur around her knees. "Whew that last set totally tire me up." She sighed and sits on her chair in front of the table that had a big mirror in front on the table there is a picture on top and a pink celphone.

She sighed and looks at the photo and then she smiled. Then all of a sudden her celphone started to ring, she received a text message, she opens up the message. After she read the message she was shocked and then started to think. Wait! There are people getting Apathy syndrome I thought it's all over even after Minato and Minako became the Great Seal!...Minato…if only you were here for me to be happy at how much success I did…I wish you were here and Minako too you two were the only ones I got close with…Then she remembers about Minato.The time when she was in high school she remembered Minato, a blue haired teen his left eye is covered by his long bangs, his head laid at her lap she was crying so much tears she shed. Then Minato reaches her cheeks wiping off her tears then he said. "Don't worry I'm doing this for you…that way you can live and be successful…don't worry I'm always right beside you." And there he said his final words. She cried a lot then she went back to reality. She was crying, she suppressed her cries so that no one could hear her then someone knocks on the door.

"Y-Yes!" She responded on the door.

"Yukari-chan can I talk to you." A voice of a young female.

"S-Sure!" She replies and quickly wipes off all her tears and she walks to the door and before she could open the door she inhaled first and opens the door with a big smile. "Oh Rise-chan."

"Hi Yukari-chan that last set really tired us out huh?" she said while she had a big smile on her face.

"Yeah. Oh! Hey! Did you ask the Director if we're going to have a vacation?" Yukari asks.

"Yup and we could have a long vacation he says!" Rise replies.

"Really! Great!" Yukari responded with excitement. "So where are we going?"

"Well…" Rise thinks. And then she snaps her fingers. "Aha! How about Yasoinaba my grandma lives there we could have vacation there, and I've got some great friends there too. Oh that place also has a great inn its called "The Amagi Inn" its really great trust me." Rise explains that she went a year ago to go to school and relax and how she met those great friends of her in school.

"That's great! Okay let's get ready our things." Yukari said in a happy manner even though she is hiding her feelings inside, it's a good thing that Rise didn't noticed it.

"Alright, we leave in two days is that okay?" Rise asks.

"Okay I'll be sure to be ready lets meet at the train station okay!" Yukari replies.

Rise nodded and left. "Bye!"

"Bye!" Yukari responded then she went back to her room Inaba huh? Hmmm now that I think about it Akihiko senpai was sent there by the Ayanagi Police Department along with Shinjiro-senpai and Ken-kun. She thought and went back to her seat. I wonder how's Junpei and Chidori going…they're really living peacefully in England. Oh well I should stop thinking about the past and get ready for our vacation. Then after she thinks she gets her stuff ready and went outside of the studio waiting for her ride, while waiting for her, some fans spotted her. "OH! OH! ITS! YUKARI!, YUKARI!" some fans rushed at her before the stampede of fans about to reach at Yukari a group of securities stopped the fans and prevented them from reaching Yukari. She's used to this. When her car arrived she quickly went in the car drove off, leaving a bunch of fans in front of the studio wrestling the securities. Then she went back to her mansion. As soon as she entered her home she was greeted by her maids. "Welcome back Yuckari-sama." And when she greeted them back she went straight to her room and started changing into her pajamas. After that she went straight to bed, but before going to bed she first said. "Good Night Minato and Minako." Then she went to sleep.

~Iori Residence, England~

It was 6 o'clock pm someone unlocks the door and opens it. "I'm Hoooome~."

An adult male walks in wearing a business man suit his tie is removed and he had a short black hair with a blue cap. He places his bag at a nearby table

"Chidoritaa~ where are you?" he said while looking around the hall. Then a female with long red hair and a headband wearing a white simple dress and an apron.

"Oh welcome home dear are you hungry I've just finished preparing dinner." She greeted him.

Then a voice of a little girl is heard on the second floor. "Stupei!" a short red haired little girl started running down the stairs the little girl was wearing a blue children's night gown.

"Hey! How you doin' little Midori." He hugged her and he carried her. "C'mon Midori say 'Daddy'." He then snuggles her. " Stuu~peii~!" she yelled. Leaving him with depressed face and a –sweatdrop-.

Then the red haired woman giggled. "C'mon Junpei its time for dinner." She reminds him.

"Okay c'mon Midori mommy made dinner for us." He smiled ad went to the dining area while carrying Midori. "Yay!" she cheered.

After dinner and an hour of play time Midori yawns. "I'm getting sweepy." She says. Then Junpei went to Midori's room while carrying her and puts her to sleep. He wents back to the living room and started watching T.V. "Haaah."

He sighed then suddenly his celphone started ring. He gets his celphone and started reading, after reading the message he suddenly stood up and shouted.

"W-W-W-WHAT! People getting Apathy Syndrome!"

Then from the kitchen Chidori was washing dishes and suddenly he heard Junpei yelling. Chidori went straight to Junpei in a hurry wondering what it was or why he yelling. " What's wrong Junpei!" She asks.

"I-I don't get it why the hell would people getting Apathy Syndrome!" He shouted.

"What? Apathy Syndrome? I thought it was all over I mean you and you're friends did stopped the Shadows didn't you?" Chidori questions Junpei with a curious look.

"Yeah. I don't get it err. I've got a bad feeling about this." As he spoke he sat to the couch and looked depressed.

Chidori sat next to him and patted his back. "Don't worry I'm sure you're friends will figure something out." She comforts him.

"Yeah I hope so. Oh by the way I just got a vacation leave from work and I was kinda wondering where you and Midori would like to go?" he asks Chidori.

"Hmmmm.." Chidori thinks then she remembered something in a magazine that she read a small town in Japan called Yasoinaba, that place had a great and relaxing inn called "Amagi Inn" she thoughts and requested Junpei to go there.

"I haven't been in Japan for a long time, maybe we could meet you're friends there." She added.

"Oh really ok lets go there then, alright lets started packing and request a room there." Junpei said in a relief.

"Okay lets leave in two days, I'm anxious in meeting you're friends there." She giggle.

"Alright get ready Inaba cuz Here comes Junpei! Hahaha!." He yelled and stood up and pose like a hero.

"What's all the commotion." A voice from behind can be heared.

"Oh Midori-chan sorry I woke you up." Junpei looks behind with a sweatdrop on hi face.


A man wearing a blue suit is in front of the two statues, a female and a male statue. He notices a marking looks like an Ankh on their chest and a voice from nowhere can be heard. "The power of Nyx…resides…in…them…the time of their burden has ended…their freedom is now…" as he heard those words he closes his eyes and mumbled. "I see so it time for them to be released." He smiled. Then the same voice can be heard again. "A new entity has been born…a new darkness…their new profound strength is needed…and must eliminate this new dark entity…along with new and old allies…" again the voice vanished. "I see, then they must be called here." He mumbles and he opens his eyes and looks at the two statues. "New allies eh?" Then He smiled.

To be Continued on the next Chapter.

Chapter 2: Reunited and Recruits

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