Chapter 4: A New Case, A New Cause

~Yasoinaba Police Department/ Akihiko's Office~

Akihiko watches the news as he drinks his coffee. "Weather for the week, it seems that this rain will keep pouring until next Monday, and a heavy fog will hit the town of Inaba tonight. In other news…."

*knock* *knock*

"Yeah." Akihiko turns off the T.V. and puts down his coffee he walks towards the door and opens it.

"Hello Sanada-san, Dojima-san wanted me to tell you that he wants to see you in his office right away." Koichi greets him.

"Alright I'm on my way there." Koichi soon left and Akihiko went over to his desk and grabs his coat and went straight to Ryoutaro's office while holding the folder and his coat.

~Dojima's Office~

Akihiko knocks on the door and soon heard Ryoutaro's voice. "Come on in." He then enters the office. Ryoutaro sits in his chair while he is reading a paper.

"What is Dojima-san?" Akihiko sits on one of the chairs in front of the desk.

"I want you to go to this address today and ask about the person who went missing." Dojima gave the folder to Akihiko.

He opens the folder and started reading the front page. "A missing person?" He looks at Ryoutaro.

"Yeah, I wanted to go there but I got a call from my sister to pick some people up today. And since you're new here I decided to give this case to you for a while."

"Alright I'll see what I can do." Then he stood up and before leaving the office.


Akihiko looks at Ryoutaro. "Take this." He throws a badge to Akihiko and he grabs it.

"You're badge just came in."

Akihiko nods and left. After leaving he read the address and looks at the name of the place "Amagi Inn" 'One of the chefs there went missing last night.' The client's name is Yukiko Amagi. He left the building and went straight to the place.

~Amagi Inn/ Iori's room~

Junpei wakes up late Chidori and Midori are already awake. "Good morning dear." Chidori gave him a quick kiss. "Morning hon." Junpei stands up and went to the bathroom and took a shower. Chidori was drawing at the window, Midori was just playing with her doll. Then they heard a knock on the door.

*knock* *knock*

"Hey Chidori can I come in?" Yukari opens the door and looks at Chidori.

"Of course you can." She smiled.

Yukari sat down next to her. "Hey have you heard one of the chefs here went missing."

Chidori stopped at what she was doing and looks at Yukari. "What really?"

"Yeah I overheard one of the maids here, they told me that last night he went missing while he was cooking something." Yukari gossiped to her about the missing person.

"Aaah…nothing like a good shower in the morning…huh? Yuka-tan what are you doin' here." Junpei got out from the bathroom while wearing a shirt and a pair of shorts and sat beside with Chidori. Yukari explained to him about the incident.

"What are you serious that's gotta be a joke."

"Well why don't we ask Yukiko about this." Yukari stood up.

"Alright, alright let me get change first." Junpei went the closet and grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom.

"Aren't you coming Chidori?" Yukari looks at her.

"Its alright I have to look after Midori." She continued her drawing.

"Okay. Hey Junpei! I'll wait for you outside!" Yukari left after screaming at the bathroom and went to the hallway.

~1st floor~

Akihiko enters the Inn and Yukiko, was wearing her school uniform, walk towards him. "Excuse me are you Ms. Amagi?" Akihiko notices her as she approached him.

"Yes. Are you the detective they sent?" She was blushing a bit by his handsomeness.

"Yeah I wanna ask you about the Chef here who went missing." He asks her. Soon someone interrupted they're conversation.

"Hey Yukiko!" Yukari and Junpei walks towards her.

"Oh hey guys." Yukiko looked at them.

"Huh? Takeba! Iori! What are you two doing here?" Akihiko looked surprised to see them.

"Ah! Sanada-senpai!" Yukari was surprised

"Hey what are you doing here?" Junpei was also surprised.

Yukiko was left confused there and soon interrupted. "Ummm do you know each other?"

They were then taken to the lounge room and discussed about how Yukari and Junpei arrived here.

"So you two are here for a vacation." Akihiko smiled to see his old friends.

"Yeah." Yukari sighed and looks at Yukiko.

"Well I guess it's a good thing that you were on vacation you two." Yukiko giggled.

"Anyway what's this accident I heard from Yuka-tan?" Junpei poped the question.

"Oh right that. Well one of our best chef just went missing last night, he was actually experimenting on a special dish so he worked here late."

"Was he alone?" Akihiko looks at her.

"Yes but by the time that we were about to go to sleep, we suddenly heard some ruckus downstairs. Then when we went there to see what happened he was gone the place was a mess the pot filled with water fell, we looked around the Inn and he's no were to be found." Yukiko showed them a black feather. "This was the only thing that we found."

"A black feather?" Yukari looks at the feather.

"By the way have you seen the news a while ago?" Yukiko grabs the remote control of the T.V. and turns it on.

All of them watch the T.V. and they saw the news. "Today's news is about Mr. Hayao's daughter murder that occurred last week; investigators have found an evidence of who this person is." Then the news shows a man wearing a chef's clothing and has black short hair. "Reports have determined that this man is held responsible and acclaimed that he works as a chef in the Amagi Inn in a small rural town called Inaba." Yukiko then turns off the T.V.

"What the hell?" Junpei widened his eyes.

"I'm still not sure if that's really him. We actually had this type of incident two years ago."

"I see anything else I need to know of?" Akihiko stood up.

"No so far that's the only thing we have." Yukiko looks at her watch and stands up. "Oh my looks like I'm gonna be late for class. Is there anything else you need?"

"No I think this'll do for now. Thanks for you're cooperation Amagi." Akihiko nods.

"Well I guess I better be going to school now. Bye Yukari, bye Junpei." Yukiko grabs her school bag and left.

"Wow she's a really busy person."

"Yeah kinda reminds me of Mitsuru-senpai."

"Alright looks I gotta go now. Take care you two" Akihiko leaves the Inn

"I'm gonna go to Rise's house, see ya Junpei." Yukari left.

"Man what a vacation, first a new shadow boss and now a missing person, how the hell am I gonna relax." He sighed and went back to his room.

~Train Station~

Souji and the twins exits the station while carrying they're bags and looks around. Then someone gets they're attention. "Hey you three over here!"

They looked over at the parking lot on the left and saw a familiar guy. "Uncle Dojima!" Minako smiles. The three of them walks toward him and a little girl beside him.

"Big bro!" Nanako runs over to Souji and hugs him. "Hey Nanako how've you been." Souji patted her head. "I'm okay."

"Hahaha first Souji and now you two." Ryoutaro chuckles looking at the twins.

"Minato and Minako right, well it's been a long time since I saw the two of you."

"Yeah it's kinda surprising to see you too Uncle." Minato rubs his hand at the back of his neck.

"By the way who's the little girl?" Minako looks at Nanako.

"Oh she's my daughter, forgot you two haven't seen her yet huh?" Dojima shrugs.

"Well c'mon get in the car, I'm pretty sure you're tired from the trip." Dojima went in the car along with the rest. They soon left and went home.

~Dojima Residence~

When they arrived they settle they're bags at the sofa and relaxes on the living room. It was around 6 pm and they sat there with dinner on the table. "C'mon eat up little celebration is for our little family reunion." Dojima started the conversation telling the time when Souji arrived here two years ago and the twins were just laughing at the part were Souji dressed like a girl in school.

"By the way Nanako-chan how old are you." Minako looks at her.

"I'm 7, by the way can I call you Big sis?" Nanako smiled at her.

"Sure." Minako replied with a smile too.

"Then you can also call me Big bro." Minato chuckled.

"Okay!" Nanako laughs a bit.

"Well now that we've talked about ourselves what about you two." Dojima looks at the twins.

The twins explain they're high school life and they're friends, but when Dojima heard the name Akihiko he interrupted. "Akihiko Sanada? Oh that new guy."

"Eh? You met him Uncle?" Minako spoke after she took a bite of the food.

"Yeah he actually came here three days ago I'm really surprised to hear you both actually live in a single dorm." Dojima took a sip of miso.

Then they continued they're conversation about themselves. It was mid night and the three went to they're room surprisingly all three of them fit in a single room. Minako didn't mind sleeping with the two boys. Still Dojima allowed her.

Minako sat on her futon and embraces her pillow thinking. He's here…I still can't believe that he's here…I wonder how he is and the others…Aki…We can finally be together…But…I still love Shinji…What should I do?…Argh I'm so confused!

"Hey Minako what are you staring at." Souji notices her staring at the wall.

Minako shook her head. "I'm fine, by the way Souji-kun isn't the midnight channel going to be revealed tonight?" Minako looks at him.

"Huh? Well I don't know if its still there but…" He was soon cut off by Minato.

"Don't worry its there…we'll just have to wait and see." Minato sat next to his sister.

Souji looks out side and saw the heavy rain the place was also covered in fog. He then sat next to Minako and looks at the T.V.

It was midnight, and at exactly midnight the T.V. started to glow and then it shows a man wearing a chef's clothing, by the looks of the scenery he seems to be running around. Souji was surprise to see and went near the T.V. the twins also went near it. After the scene the T.V. it suddenly went black. Minako suddenly tripped and Souji was pushed towards the T.V. When Souji's hand touches the T.V. it suddenly went white then his hand went inside along with half of his body, his other arm was holding the side of the T.V. trying to pull himself out. The twins helped him and he was pulled out.

"Whaa~!" Souji landed on top of the two.


*knock* *knock*

"Are guys okay?" Nanako knocks on the door.

"We're fine~!" Minato replied.

They can hear the footsteps fainting. They stood up. "Ugh…okay Tomorrow I'll be going to school maybe I need to tell this to my friends." Souji sat on his futon.

"Yeah and be sure to tell them about the new enemy." Minato went to his futon and laid back.

"Well at least we know now that the midnight channel is there, the only thing missing is…" Minako looks at her brother.

"Tartarus…" Minato whispered.

Souji nods and went to sleep and the twins went asleep as well.

~Yasogami high/ Class 4-E~

The next morning Yukiko and Chie are sitting side by side at the back of the class. Yosuke was sitting on front of Chie. The three of them are having a happy conversation.

"Hey they say that there will be a new transfer student here." Chie started the conversation.

"Really? I wonder who it is?" Yosuke replied.

Then a teacher walks in while his hands are in his pockets with a folder in his armpit, he is wearing a black coat and a white shirt, his shirt's buttons at the end of it are unbuttoned. His hair is black and a bit rough like a fire. His face was somewhat handsome and charming even though he looks like he's on his 40's though he looks a bit angry and aggressive. He walks in and throws the folder at the table.

"Alright class settle down." He walks in front of the board facing the class.

Then the whole class started to gossip to each other.

"Hey what happened to our sensei?"

"Yeah usually she was the first one to enter."

"You're former teacher Ms. Kusanagi has been sent to the hospital because of an illness." He sat down the chair after writing his name at the blackboard.

"Hey isn't he the one dating Aya-sensei."

"Yeah I heard that he invited her to a date."

The teacher got irritated when he heard the whispers around the class and started scolding them.

"IF YOU KIDS GOT SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT ME THEN WHY NOT SAY IT TO ME FACE TO FACE!" he slams his hand on the table. "Little bastards..." He whispered.

The whole class was silent after that. Then he relaxes and calms down and continues his introduction.

"From now on I'm gonna be you're homeroom teacher."

"I'm sure you're all smart to read my name on the board since you've got the brains to keep yapping while I'm talking."

The class looked at the board and reads 'Kitarou Tsurugi'. The whole class was starting to shiver after they were lectured.

"Alright according to the old man he told me about the new transfer student that was assigned here." He looks at the content of the folder. At first he paused to see his profile but then resumed. "Hey! New guy get you're butt in here and start introducing to yourself!" He looks at the door.

The door opened and the three students, Yukiko, Chie, and Yosuke, was shock to see someone familiar. The young teen entered and greets to the class. "Hello everyone I'm Souji Seta." Souji bowed soon Mr. Tsurugi interrupted. "Alright you can sit over there beside the orange guy." He points at Yosuke. And Souji was surprise to see his old friends and sat down at his chair.

"Souji you're back" Chie whispers.

"Souji-kun It's good to see you again." Yukiko blushed a bit.

"Yeah how've you been partner?" Yosuke patted his back.

"Yeah it's been a while huh? Guys"

"You can talk with the new guy later for now…" Then an announcement interrupted them and sirens begin to be heard from the outside. Then the teacher walks over at the window and looks at the heavy fog, it seems police are surrounding the school gates.

"Hmmm…alright class don't leave the room without further announcement." Soon he took off leaving the class behind.

"Hey what was that all of a sudden?"

"Yeah he just darted off in a hurry."

"He was kind of cute though."

The class started a commotion. And Souji and his friends started talking.

"Hey what's the deal here it's like déjà vu." Yosuke looks at Souji.

"Alright guys there's something I need to tell you right now." Souji explains, while whispering to them so that no one can hear them, about what happened last night and about the day his cousins visited him he also included about them fighting the shadows and how they became the seal. All of them were a shock they all suppressed together and talking privately.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah I mean it's kinda surprising to hear that you're cousins also has Persona but…" Yosuke looks at him.

"Then the murders that's going to happen now…"

"Yup it's like repeating the same whole mess over, except the only thing is it's different." Souji nods.

Then the door opened and they're teacher went inside. "All of you can go now, but, don't disturb the police they told us that there was an accident, just a while ago."

All of the class prepares to leave; Souji and the group started walking outside.

There the teacher just looks through the window after he was left alone. He grabs a photo in his pocket and looks at it. The picture shows his family, himself on the left and his wife is beside him, there he carries a little auburn haired girl in his arms and his wife embracing a little blue haired boy in her arms. "Don't worry honey I always keep my promise."

~School gates~

Souji and the group walks outside and notice someone. A silverette walks toward them.

"Hey Amagi I need to talk to you."

"Oh Sanada-san it's you." Yukiko looks at him.

"Huh? Who's he Yukiko?" Chie asks her.

Yukiko explains how she met Akihiko and his friends.

"Wait…" Souji interrupts them and looks at him. "You're Minako's friend right?"

"M-Minako?" Akihiko looks surprised. "She told you about anything."

"Yeah that's right they told me about you and you're group." Souji explains that the twins and him arrived here and told them that they were living in they're uncle's house.

He also explains to him about they're group and how the incident ended.

"If that's the case then, this incident right now is just the same mess that happened years ago." Akihiko crossed his arms.

"We're still not sure of it but we're gonna get the whole gang together and explain to them about this." Souji replied.

"I see alright you go on ahead I'll need to investigate this area. Be careful you guys. " Akihiko left.

"Man I didn't knew that this whole thing is that mess again." Yosuke sighed.

All of them went to Junes along with the other members of the team. They all sat on the food court. And Souji started to explain to them the situation.

"It's really good to see you sensei." Naoto smiles.

"Yeah senpai it's been a while." Kanji, the tall blonde swept back hair guy, looks at Souji.

"I really miss this gang." Rise giggles.

"By the way aren't we gonna call Teddie here?" Chie asks.

"Yeah some to think of it I kind of miss that guy." Yosuke looks around.

"Don't worry we'll get him soon but…" Souji was soon cut off when a familiar voice calls him.

"Souji-kun!" Minako ran towards them along with Minato being dragged.

"Minako! Minato!" the gang looks at them.

"Hey! Are these you're friends?" Minako looks at each of them.

"Yeah. By the way guys these are my cousins I mentioned earlier." Souji introduces them to the twins.

"Hey I remember you!" Minako points at Yukiko. She also recognizes Minako, that was the time when she went to Inaba for a interschool Vollyball trip.

"Hey yeah you were one of the Volley ball team from Gekkoukan high."

The gang greeted and introduces themselves to the twins.

"So you're them." Naoto looks at them.

"Yeah. So Souji asked you to find us?" The twins sat next to Souji.

"Ooow~ that's so cute Souji-kun." Minako patted Souji's head leaving him a red face.

"Looks like you already explained to them about what's going on then." Minato looks at the gang.

"But why would it go over the same whole mess again." Chie looks serious

"Because there was a new entity that was born and it seems it's connected to that case two years ago, our release was supposed to be free from troubles." Minato replies.

"Yeah if this new enemy hadn't been here we would've just lived our lives normally, but, because of this problem our new powers are needed and we really have to use it." Minako places her hand at the middle of the table. Her hand started to ignite a flame with purple fire. The gang was surprise except Minato. Then she puts out the flame and puts her hand back on her lap.

"Wait I thought you weren't suppose to use some of you're Persona's power outside the shadow world." Yosuke was surprised.

"Indeed but unlike us we can use them here in the human world." Minato explains how they're new abilities work. They can use they're personas here in the human world; they can still summon multiple personas. "And lastly we can detect who will be a target of the shadows. But there was already a first victim; he went missing before the rain and heavy fog last night." Minato looks down.

"He went missing before the rain and the fog last night? Wait then that accident at the school!" Yukiko stood up in shock.

"Yes. A shadow has preyed his soul, his body was left hanging at the post near you're school." Everyone was at shock to hear that.

There was a shivering silence that surrounds the gang.



"No…"Yukiko sat down shaking Souji embraced her and calms her down.

"No way…" Chie looks down.

"Dammit!" Yosuke slams his fist on the table.

"Wait Yukiko did you picked up a black feather." Minako sensed a dark aura holding her.

"Y-Yes." Yukiko shows to them and she gave her the feather to Minako. She then burned it with her flames. Suddenly Yukiko felt light like a weight was removed from her shoulders. The flames were extinguished when the feather was turned to ashes.

"Huh?" Yukiko looks around. "What was that feeling just now?"

"You were targeted by the shadows. The black feather you just saw is a marker for a new target." Minato replies.

"That's how they get they're prey. They leave a black feather and whoever holds one suddenly disappears in a week, after two weeks a heavy fog will cover the whole town, and the next day."

"The victim will die and be left hanging on a post just like the last one." Minako puts up a brave face. "Because we can detect a black feather we have an advantage to ourselves. We can destroy the feather and save those people. but there's a problem even though we can sense where it is, we would be in trouble if there were multiple feathers."

"But how do we stop this?" Naoto asks.

"We have to find the very core. but we need to defeat the 12 Arcanas." Minato added.

"There are currently 12 powerful shadows each represents an Arcana. just like six years ago there used to be a time where the shadows lurk and that would be the Dark Hour. And the humans without Personas transmogrifies. They look like coffins, and when someone is not transmogrified they are preyed by the shadows. But that was before, right now it seems they use that feather as a key to grab they're victims into the shadow world." Minako explained further about the 12 Arcanas.

Everyone was dumbfounded but somewhat understood a bit of the explanation. "Alright since now you know the situation we want you to meet our friends and tell them about it." Minato showed the group picture that was taken before.

"Is this Ken-kun?" Yukiko points at the boy.


"Hey who's this punk?" Kanji shows the twins the picture of Shinjiro. Minako looks at him.

"That's Shinjiro-senpai he's a nice guy even though he's kinda scary." She giggled.

"Really I did met him with Ken, though he really gave me and Yukiko a glare." Chie's face was getting sweaty.

The twins just chuckled. "Don't worry looks can sometimes be deceiving." Minato stood up.

Naoto stood up. "These are the people we need to inform then."

"I know who these people are they're the one who took the V.I.P. rooms" Yukiko points at Mitsuru, Fuuka, Aegis and Koromaru.

"Okay let's explain to them about the situation then." Souji stood up.

"You serious?" Kanji looks at Shinjiro at the picture.

"What's the matter Kanji afraid of Shinjiro-san~" Chie smirks at him.

"I ain't scared!" Kanji yells.

All of them just laughed except Kanji who was really pissed off. All of them went home, Souji and the twins went home together.

~Dojima Residence~

The three went in and only sees Nanako sitting on the couch watching T.V. She looks very lonely. Souji notices her expression and tells to the two that Nanako's dad won't be home early.

"Is that so?" Minato looks sad to hear that and looks at her.

"Yeah but let's try to make her feel comfortable and cheer her up." Souji went near her. Nanako notices them.

"Welcome home Big bro~!" Nanako stood up and embraces Souji.

"Heya Nanako-chan." Minako knelt down beside her.

"Hi Big sis and Big bro." Nanako smiled at them.

"So Nanako are you hungry?" Minato looks at her.

"Uhuh…but dad won't be home early tonight." She looks down.

Minako cheered her up and watches T.V. while the two boys started making dinner. After eating they're dinner Minako guided Nanako to her rooms and tucked her to bed. She went back down at the living room and sat down next to her brother and Souji.

"So Uncle comes home late when he's busy at work."

"Yeah." Souji turns the channel to the news.

"Huh?" Minako looks at the news and notices something.

"Today's news. Murder in Yasogami high school grounds, it seems that the missing chef at the Amagi Inn has been determined that the victim that was hanging at the post near the school was indeed the chef that worked at the Amagi Inn, His name is Kazuki Himura, age is 48 and…" The reporter keeps describing the person.

"Ugh I can't believe this." Souji looked a bit irritated.

"I hope we can stop this soon, the Apathy Syndrome is spreading around the world." Minato crossed his arms.

"By the way Souji-kun didn't you say that you and you're gang went to the shadow world?" Minako asks him while watching.

"Yeah. We actually went inside a T.V. to get there." Souji leans back pressing his back on the wall.

"Don't worry about that. I can open a portal to the Shadow world but only a limited time." Minato replied.

"Really Aniki? How come I don't get to do that?" Minako looks at him and tilted her head.

"That's because we have different abilities. Oh by the way Minako, did you read dad's letter?"

"Huh? Oh that's right I still haven't opened it. Let's read it together." Minako grabs the letter from her pocket.

"Well since it's just between you and Minato , I'll just leave you two alone here and hit the hay." Souji stood up and went straight to bed waving his cousins good night.

"Night." Minato smiled.

Minako opened the letter and the two of them started reading. At first she was nervous but when she opens it she unfolds the paper and both of them started to read.


To Minato and Minako,

I told you're mother's sister to give this to you after ten years or longer when you are matured. I know how puzzled you look after you read this letter. This letter is to tell you, that I survived that accident, after that accident I ran away from the scene and contacted my men, leaving you two there being taken care of by the police I can't let you be involved anymore. I may be somewhere else, but I don't want you to look for me, instead I will try to find you when that time comes and I'll tell you all about the truth. For now live you're life as it is and wait for me and when we meet we can be a family again. It took me so long to tell you this, so much strength to tell you that I'm alive. I know that you two look up to me as a strong person, But after what happened to you're mother I can't think of any other word but 'revenge', I have to kill the person responsible for killing her and will try to assasinate the two of you. I promise we'll be together again, and you can tell me all about the things that you did. And Minato I want you to keep taking care of you're sister while I'm gone.

You're father

Ryouma Arisato."

Both of them were shocked to see the content of the letter, Minako was so happy to hear that he loved they're mother so much.

"He's alive...the promise he wrote is..." Minato could only nod and embrace her. Minako covers her mouth with her hands and tears started to flow.

"Yeah. He always keeps his promise." Minato could only show a smile in his face, but, his inner feelings was anger that they're father could only think of revenge, "Why?...Why won't he just let it go?...He's too obsessed of revenge...He just made mom an excuse...I can't believe he just darted off the was weak and he wasn't even there to help her...instead he just abandoned us, he abandoned her...I won't forgive him...I won't forgive him at all!" Minato's hands clenched to a fist and greeted his teeth.

A feeling of happiness started to envelop Minako. She was very happy to know that they're father is alive. But Minato hates him for what he did to they're mother.

~Amagi Inn~

Mitsuru and Fuuka along with Aegis and Koromaru arrives at they're destination. They arrive at the Inn that evening. As soon as they entered they were greeted by Yukiko.

"Welcome to the Amagi Inn, Are you Ms. Kirijo?"

"Yes." Mitsuru looks around.

"I was wondering. Is there a Takeba and Iori staying here?" Yukiko was a bit surprised to hear they're names but she wasn't expecting that Mitsuru would know that Junpei and Yukari were staying here.

"Yes, please follow me to you're rooms." Yukiko guided them to the V.I.P. Rooms.

"Wow this place is amazing." Fuuka looks around while walking.

As soon as they arrived they're rooms Fuuka became more amazed by the design of the room.

"Do you want me to call the people you were asking?"

"Yes please." Fuuka nods.

Yukiko then went out of the room and went to Yukari and Junpei and told them that Mitsuru is calling them.

"No way senpai is here?" Junpei remembers when he was first executed by Mitsuru and his face became a bit blue.

"I didn't expect Mitsuru-senpai to be here. Do you think she found out something about 'that'." Yukari whispered at Junpei.

"Okay here they are." Yukari and Junpei entered the room and saw Fuuka, Mitsuru, Aegis and Koromaru. Fuuka was the first to notice them.

"Yukari-chan! Junpei-kun! You two arrived here first?"

"But we didn't actually go together we just kind bumped into each other here."

"Now that the you're all here. I think it's best to tell you the situation we are in right now." Yukiko interrupted them and explained to them the situation at hand.

"WHAT! No way Yuki-tan you can summon Persona too?" Junpei widened his eyes in surprise.

"Are you sure that the twins are here?" Yukari asks

"Yes. They were with Souji-kun, he was actually they're cousin."

"Hmmm…you mentioned a while ago the accident at you're school. Was it the shadows who caused it?" Mitsuru crosses her arms.

"Yes it was just like two years ago…" Yukiko explained the murder case two years ago and how they were the one who stopped it. "But according to Minato-san, this new entity has a connection to it."

"I believe it has also a connection to Tartarus." Aegis looked at her.

"Tartarus? Oh they also mentioned that one too."

"Tell me Amagi where are they?"

"They're living with they're uncle. I'll give you the address." Yukiko grabs a pen and paper from the room and wrote the address of the house of Dojima.

"Ryoutaro Dojima. Alright got it." Yukari smiles.

"We should tell this to the others." Fuuka grabs her celphone.

"Indeed give them also the address." Mitsuru nods.

"Oh by the way they also told me that you should go there at least three of you. Because people might think you're suspicious if all of you go there.

"Alright Yamagishi, Takeba, Iori. You three will go there tomorrow. I will remain here along with Aegis and Koromaru." Mitsuru looks the three of them.

For a while they had a conversation about Souji and the group of what they did. After the conversation they all finished the conversation and Yukiko went back to work, Yukari stayed a bit longer, Junpei went back to his room, Mitsuru went to sleep, and the others just talked for a while about they're jobs and how they are. Fuuka sent a message to Akihiko, Shinjiro, and Ken. About the twins and she gave the address as well.

~Apartment 3rd floor/ Living room~

The three guys are having they're dinner until they were disturbed by they're celphones.

"Huh? I got a message from Fuuka-san." Ken looks at his celphone.

"Yeah me too. What about you Shinji?" Akihiko looks at his friend.

"Yeah I also got a message from Yamagishi."

All of them opened the message and started reading.


After they read the message. All of them were stunned for a while until.

"THEY'RE HERE!" All of them shouted in unison and was shocked to what they have read. it seems the message was about the twins and Souji being here as well as Souji's group and there was also an address there.

"Senpai what should we do!" Ken looks to the two of them.

"Let's go there now!" Akihiko stood up grabbing his coat.

"Wait idiot!" Shinjiro stopped him.

"Why! She's here already!" Akihiko tries to break free from his friend's hand that was holding his arm.

"We can't just go barging in they're house!"

"I don't care!" Akihiko punched him but Shinjiro didn't let go.

"Grrr! Dammit!." Shinjiro gave Akihiko a strong punch at his stomach but the boxer didn't knocked out instead he gave him a right hook. Ken stood up and tries to stop them.

"Senpai! Please stop!" Both of the ignored him and continued beating each other up, both of them were disturbed by the sound of the doorbell. Ken went over the door and slightly opened it. There Naoto stands at the door.

"Is this where Sanada-san lives?"

"Uhh yes?"

"I see. Excuse me for disturbing you." Naoto enters the door.

"Naoto Shirogane?" both the men look at Naoto.

"Good evening." Naoto greets at them.

"What are you doing here?" Akihiko was a bit embarrassed because of they're argument a while ago.

"I came here to tell you about the talk we had with the Arisato twins."

The three of them were surprised a bit because of the name. 'Arisato'.

All of them sat down at around the table and Naoto explained the conversation they had in Junes. "We were told to meet you so that it would be faster to gather everyone and more organized to solve this new case that is happening here."

"So it was they're cousin that wanted you to help him look for them before. That's why you were asking me about my record."

"Yes. But since they're together again I will close this little case he gave me." Naoto chuckled.

"So you're group were the one that ended the murder case before?" Ken looks at her.

"Well that's new." Shinjiro looks away.

"They told me that you should only meet them at Mr. Dojima's house. But you shouldn't go all there otherwise it might think that something suspicious is happening there. I suggest you to go there one by one."


"Yes their Uncle."

Naoto explained further they're relationship. Apparently Ryoutaro is the youngest brother of the Dojima family the twins' mother is the eldest and Souji's mother is the second eldest sister of Ryoutaro.

"Well I suppose I shouldn't stay here longer. Maybe next time we will meet when everyone is gathered. I'll take my leave now." Naoto stood up and gave them a nod and left.

"We already got the address. I guess I'll go there after work." Akihiko stood up.

"I might go there tomorrow morning." Shinjiro crosses his arms.

"I guess I'll think about it tomorrow." Ken sighs.

As the three men finished they're meal they went back to sleep. Everyone was asleep except for Akihiko; he couldn't stand waiting anymore for her. He just kept thinking about her after a few hours he went back to sleep.

~Outside Dojima's Residence~

A tall man his black rough like fire hair wearing a white coat and a black leather shirt with a pair of black leather pants. Stands at the light post looking at the house. He carries a sheathed katana that is covered with layers of black cloth. He looks closely at the window on the second floor. There Minako looks outside the window and notices the man. His face was familiar to her and realizes who he was. When she saw him she quickly ran down the stairs and went outside. Souji and Minato were in a deep sleep so they weren't bothered by the sound of Minako's feet running downstairs. Minako reached the post where the man was standing and he wasn't there. She was panting and looks around searching for him but he wasn't found.

"*pant* pant*pant* where? Where is he?" She looks down of the floor and tears started to drip from her eyes.

"…please come back." She closes her eyes and looks straight when she opened her eyes she could see the familiar man a few meters away. He was looking at her.

"Minako..." He mumbled.

Her eyes widened to see the person she wanted to see when she read the letter. The person who would protect her and her brother. There he is standing looking at her, she heard her name coming from his mouth. There the two of them looking at each other, She bit her lips. Her heart started to beat faster, anxiety overwhelming her, and a thought crossed her mind and that thought came out of her lips.


Wiiiiiiiiiiiii what a twist remember this is my version of the story of P4 and P3P. Actually I got this idea when I watched the Series Supernatural. And thanks to that here is my Idea yaaaaaaaaaaay X3 plus its looooooooooooong! (0o0)

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