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Title The min break.

Monday the 1st of Febary 2013.

The time is 9pm

H and the gang have started there recovery at the Sun bean clinc.

It might be a long stay for the four friends.

Doctor Coco was checking on her pacints that checked in last night.

Inside the under water room were Miss H Newt was staying.

The walls had fishes and other sea cretures.

Before Doctor came to see H she had emailed Cagney.

Doctor Coco.

(Picking the folder that was on the desk.)

"Hello Miss Newt."

"How are you?"

"Did you sleep alright last night?"


(Who was sitting on the edge of her bed.)

"Hi doctor Coco."

"I'm great thank you and no I couldn't sleep very well."

Doctor Coco.

(who was smiling at H and you could see her white teeth shining.)

"Oh dear sorry to hear that."

"I can give you something to help you sleep a bit better."


(Who was trying not to cry.)

"Thank you."

"How is Mr Hall and the others doing?"

Doctor Coco was scribbling notes into the red folder.

Well H was waiting she was walking a round the room and she stopped in front of the paper rake that was on the conner table what was near the window.

Doctor Coco.

"I'm on my way to see them."

"I will ask one of the nurses to bring you some tablets."

I'm going to start you on a detox program right away.

Nurse Joy came into H's room with a small kidney shape dish with a needle resting inside it.

H now who was sitting on the bed the nurse passed the needle to doctor Coco.


(who hates the sight of needles.)

"You not going stick that in me are you?"

Doctor Coco.

(Holding the needle.)

"Yep and it will only hurt a little."

"Now please turn on to your side."

"Thank you."


(who had a white dovet coving her up and she turned on to her left side.)

"Will you tell me when have jab me."

Doctor Coco did say anything to H she just jabbed with the needle.

Doctor Coco.

(Placing the used needle back in the dish.)

That wasn't so bad was it.


(Trying to fight the tiredness that has taken its toll.)

"Now I didn't feel a thing."

Nurse Joy will be spending the night with H to keep an eye on her.

Doctor Coco left to carry on with her night rounds.

Nurse Joy tucked the dovet around H and turned on the side light.