Chapter 4.

All packed ready for home.

Thursday the 4th of February 2013.

Christine was getting a coffee from the coffee pot in the canteen and chatting to perfacers Nichol and Shipstone.

Lisa H and Alice was sat around a big wooden dinning table.

They was eating poached egg on toast and orange juice.

Alex and Joe were witting in line for the hot buffet.


(Pouring herself some orange juice.)

"Honey ya look a lot better this morning."

Then you did last night."


"Thank you Alice and I do feel better."


(Putting her knife and fork down.)

"You where out of it for two days."

Joe Alex joined H Lisa and Alice at the table.

H was colleting the plates and glasses up on to a tray.


(Who was sat next to H and Alice -Christine.)

"Dude you look dreadful."

"You alright you not ill."


(Who was standing up and had hold of the tray.)

"Yea I'm ok really .

"I'm going to clearing this plates away."


(Who was placing his plate on the table.)

"Here Let me help you."



"I forgot to tell you Perfacer Nichol."

"Mm What was it I forgot what it was now."


"I do she has a program to help us chill out."

"Its to do with some chickens be hind our flats."

"I think"

Joe and H when to take the pots away their bags where already in Alice Christine's car.

Alice was going to take their bags home for them well Christine what in the bus with the others .

Perfacors Shipstone and Nichol will contun to work with Joe Hope Lisa Hall H Newt and Alex Hall in the future.

The End.

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