A/N: My first chapter of my Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover. It's a story set around Deathly Hallows and New Moon. The pairings will be Edward/Bella, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Carlisle/Esme, Rosalie/Emmett, Jasper/Alice – canon parings. I hope you enjoy it.

Summary: Edward left Bella unknown to what Bella really who she really was as well as what. She's a witch and the sister of Harry Potter. Bella returns and begins her adventure with Harry, Hermione and Ron to find the Horcruxes and save the world from Lord Voldemort. Will Bella and the Cullen's reunite? Especially Edward and Bella?

Disclamier: I do not own any thing from Twilight Saga and Harry Potter Series – they are owned by the wonderful writers J. K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer.

'You taught me how to love; you taught me how to live; you taught me how to laugh; you taught me how to cry, but when you left, you forgot to teach me how to forget you' – Hendie.

'Now those memories come back to haunt me, They haunt me like a curse' – Bruce Springsteen.

The Sister


The blowing of the wind brushed past me as the figure of my one love disappeared from the glimpse of my eyes. The fast blur of bronze and white vanished through the dark, now hauntingly eerie once the beautiful figure had gone – the figure of the man who stole my heart and shattered it into millions and millions of pieces.

A gaping hole ripped through my insides easily like two pieces of fabric. My breathing turned into hyperventilation of heavy gasps as my hands clutched the pain that spread through me like a darkening disease with no cure. The pain was dismembering the feelings of the legs I was standing on so shakily. I collapsed to the ground feeling nothing but the shattered heart and the dark hole within my chest.

"Edward..." my lips subconsciously spoke in a bare broken whisper of the night. The whisper was melted into the loudening wind as it whistled through my ears and whisked through my brown hair and pressed against my ivory skin.

My body seemed to be unable to hold me any more – everything was too much; the pain, the tears that slowly leaked down my face and the weak feelings that washed over me pulling me to the ground before the violent sobs racked through me, the tears beginning to loge into my throat, too weak to care.

"Edward... Edward... Edward..." my racking sobbing voice was able to crack out. "He's gone... he's gone..."

Chapter One - Broken and Packing.

The annoying ringing erupted through my ears awakening me from a tired slumber – a slumber I had forced upon me by a few pills that was intended for colds. I would do anything to take away the pain that always seemed to be placed in my chest – the pain of nothingness I have been feeling for the last month, if it had even been a month – the days, weeks and months seemed to be the same, repetitive. Nothing mattered any more.

The darkness through my shut eyes began to bring the agonizing memories back of the man I thought loved me just as I loved him. The memories was always the worst – the flashbacks of his cool, cautious touches of his rock hard skin bringing the electric charges surging through my body or the gentle whispers of his love which was now realised to be simple lies. How did I ever let myself to believe someone like him, so perfect, like someone like me?

If he had known what I really was – would he have really left me? Was it because I was a simple to human to him – well, that's as much as he knows – ? If he had known the one thing I had been since I was born, would he have taken it well? Or would he just left anyway, even more repulsed once seeing my real looks.

However, I couldn't even take that into consideration – I was vowed not to tell my secret of who I was to any person in Forks for my stay I had been forced upon for my safety.

It all happened so long ago – too long ago for me to ever know what really happened – but all I knew was my real parents whom where officially not Charlie and Renee had died by something so evil, so dark no person who knew of him or it couldn't bare murmur a word of him. He killed my parents only leaving me and my twin brother I hadn't known of until I had turned eleven years old. That was the day I had found out I was a witch.

Without a doubt, things changed from that day. Professor McGonagall of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry came to my house with Renee in Phoenix telling me who I really was – Isabella Lily-Marie Potter, twin of Harry James Potter – the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One, my brother. Something that took me to great surprise when the all tartan dressed woman, or witch, told me.

Renee had been the friend of my real mother when she had been younger – before she was witch – and used to see my mother in the summer holidays after her terms of Hogwarts. Then Renee moved over to America, after that they contacted through letters – Renee knowing nothing of Lily's being a witch.

It was only until a year after I was born that Renee found out Lily was a witch; Lily had visited Renee one night asking if she could look after me for one night – the night she and my father, James Potter, died. The headmaster of Hogwarts, Professor Albus Dumbledore, had visited Renee that night telling Renee everything and asking if she would be able to take care of me – at that time Renee was still with Charlie and both of them took me in as if I was their own – for that I could be nothing but grateful for. I was never mad for not being told nor was I ever mad at Renee and Charlie for leading me to believe they were my real parents because they were impossibly enough still the best parents I could of hoped for – second from my real parents – even if Renee wasn't the most wonderful, reliable mother being totally harebrained.

From the very day of July, things began to change from a normal life as a muggle in an ordinary elementary school then suddenly on September 1st I was off into the magical world as the secret living member of the Potters – a member everyone expected to be dead.

I remembered the very day better than anything – that was the day I met my real brother and things began to get better...


The steaming scarlet train huffed out puffs of white stream that slowly seeped across the platform of 9 and ¾ as Renee and I walked through the crowds of bidding goodbye families as they watched their children boarding the Hogwarts express.

I nervously fiddled with Renee's hand I felt with a firm grip as both of us pushed the heavy loaded cart of brown paper wrapped packages of string tied boxes or the large trunk of year supplies of clothing and Hogwarts uniforms or the rattling cage that contained a beautiful pure black owl with beautiful tawny eyes of golden amber and chestnut brown whom I had named Merlin from the famous wizard I had seen in a wizard book.

As we came closer to the train, I heard the faint sound of weeps to my left. I looked up to see the woman I considered a mother trying to cry silently – her soft eyes where leaking out clear tears forming from the tear ducts and running down her flushed cheeks leaving wet trails.

"Mum, I'll be fine," I tired to reassure Renee by speaking sincerely. Professor McGonagall had reassured me, I would be perfectly fine at Hogwarts – many would be in the same situation as me. Well, many would be in the same position as not knowing of magical worlds until now.

Renee nodded but the tears still formed down her cheeks. She let out a throaty laugh. "I know you will darling but I worry." I smiled at Renee's affection – even though she wasn't my real mother she still had her motherly moments.

"Don't worry, Mum. I'll be sending you letters every week by Merlin," I said. "Just don't be surprised when a owl flies through your kitchen window." I laughed, Renee soon joined in with the laughter.

After putting the luggage onto the Hogwarts Express, Renee pulled me into a hug, kissed my cheek and whispered a emotional goodbye as the tears began to form again down her cheeks.

"Bye Mum! See you at Summer!" I shouted while waving as the train began to start and the steam blowing, shielding the vision of Renee while I was stuck in the mass of children waving and shouting out the windows and doors just as I was.

The train began to increase speed and the small outline of Renee began to disappear as I heard the faint shout of goodbye mixed with the other cries from parents and families goodbye. The other students of Hogwarts around me began to lessen and melt away down the narrow corridors that rattled along with train as it huffed out of the magical platform 9 ¾.

Once the city scape became the scene of the windows and was now alone in the corridor, I began to struggle with picking up the very heavy trunk Renee and I both put a effort into the train itself. As the train bumped, I flew and trip over the trunk landing near Merlin and his cage whom hooted loudly as if to ask if I'm all right.

"I'm fine," I whispered to Merlin who cooed before nestling his head into his wing and looking as if falling into a small slumber.

I gripped onto the door and pulled myself back to my feet and began to try and pull the trunk again down the corridor merely moving an inch. I started to regret agreeing to put in the extra clothing Renee offered to put in.

"...I've heard it's massive! Twice the size of my hand!" a boys voice said and the sound of footsteps echoed around me mixed with the trains loud sounds against the metal train rack.

When I looked up towards the voice of the boy as two boys, twins, came around the corner. They had startling red hair, pale skin, freckles and a mischievous looks about the two. They looked as if they were at least a year older than I by their almost lanky forms and tiniest skinnier face.

The twins looked at each other then back at me as if doing a secret discussion. "Need some help?" they both asked in sync.

I breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes please," I breathlessly asked. I was pretty sure my face looked as one who was struggling.

The twins both picked up the trunk. "Whoa, you sure do have a lot in here." one of them said and I instantly felt bad.

"I'm sorry," I said, biting my lip as I picked up some of my other luggage and Merlin's cage where he snoozed.

One of them waved his hand off at me. "No need – We've got used to it, your our second person we helped today."

I let out a smile. "I suspect your experts by now," I said and they both laughed.

"We're Fred and George Weasley by the way." they said as we walked down the swaying corridor as we peered in compartments as we walked. Most of them where already full of students chatting excitedly or some nervous first years, as myself, squeezed into the compartments.

"I'm Bella." I told them – I wasn't sure how they would react to my last name, so I thought it would be best if I merely said the nickname I had found for myself from the hatred of my full name.

Just then I spotted a compartment which would do. There was two people in there – a boy and a girl; the boy was chubby, round faced and looked relatively nice while the girl I was a little cautious about, she was talking very fast, her mouth was moving so fast I wasn't sure if the round faced boy could even understand. She had frizzy brown hair with large buck teeth and brown eyes.

"Here will do." I said to the boys. "Thank you so much," I said to them before sliding open the compartment door stoping the girl mid speech – I felt guilty for interrupting. "You don't mind if I sit here do you?" I shyly asked.

The fizzy haired girl shook her head with a smile smile on her lips and the round face boy who smiled back like the girl, just shyly. "Not at all," the girl said.

Fred or George – could not see which one was which – helped me with my luggage onto the shelves over the seats and strap them in safely so they down fall off then both of them looked at me, taking in my appearance – they both looked curious as if they were seeing something I wasn't.

"See you Bella! Hope to see you in Gryffindor!" They said before making their way down the corridor again as I called back.

"Thanks again!" I said before sitting down on the brown fabric seats to see both of my compartment companions where staring at me.

"I'm Hermione," the girl introduced herself. "And this is Neville." she introduced the round faced boy herself as seeing he looked to shy to say something.

I smiled at them. "I'm Bella," I said.

"Is that short of Isabella?" Hermione asked, I nodded. "Oh, there was a girl in my class of that name – she was awfully nasty to me – not that I'm saying your nasty or anything..." the girl rambled off and began speaking how she was just before I had intruded.

I listening faintly to Hermione's loud yet rather confident tone as the city scape slowly disappeared as if melting away and changed into fields and fields of grass, trees and farms – England was defiantly beautiful, I admit – I wasn't sure why Renee really moved to America at all – the places she moved to was a town called Forks – where she met Charlie. Then, after that went to a Phoenix in Arizona. Both places were complete opposites to one another; Forks was wet, cold and no sun while Phoenix was constant sun and heat while it was lucky to get rain three or four times a year.

"... I don't particularly like the sound of Slytherin – as most of the dark wizards where known to be in Slytherin. I don't know whether I would be allowed in anyway, being muggle-born that is. Gryffindor looks the best though Ravenclaw sounds just as good – I read a lot about Rowena Ravenclaw, the woman who created the house you know? There's Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw-" Hermione's babble was cut off.

"Oh no!" Neville wailed suddenly, he was looking around the compartment with panic – he looked on the urge of tears.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

Neville flung himself to the floor looking around. "Trevor! I've lost Trevor! Gran's going to kill me!" he cried as he looked under the train seats of the compartment.

I wondered who or what Trevor was but attempted to try and reassure the frantic looking Neville. "Don't worry – we'll help you find him, won't we?" I asked Hermione who nodded and began to search through the compartment.

"I'm going to ask other people's compartments," Neville said and stumbled out of the compartment clumsily calling Trevor as he walked.

"Who's Trevor?" I asked Hermione.

Hermione snorted. "His toad – he's lost it once already today." she rolled her eyes while standing up from looking under the seats just as Neville had. "Come on, lets ask around." she said.

Both of us walked down the corridors knocking on compartments and asking if they'd seen a toad – most of the peoples where reactions where slightly embarrassing; they either said no or some of them even laughed. Hermione would mumble something like: 'I bet their Slytherins' before walking off down the corridors again.

As we came to the last one, Hermione let out a annoyed sigh as she closed the compartment door of another refusal. "I'll go check on Neville – you might want to put on your uniform." she told me as she pointed down at my simple top and jeans with sneakers. I never saw the point of wearing anything special when McGonagall said we would be changing on the train and thankfully, I fitted in with all of the other people – they too were wearing simple clothing as I was apart from Hermione whom was already wearing her uniform.

I nodded and we both walked down the compartment before I slipped into our empty compartment after saying good luck to Hermione. I drew the blinds around the compartment and put on the plaid grey skirt, clean, spotless oxford white shirt, the knee-high socks with the black jumper and soft, silky like black robes with the Hogwarts crest of a 'H' surrounded by a badger, raven, snake and a lion – all symbols of the Hogwarts houses, I correctly remembered when reading Hogwarts: A History which I found extremely interesting and a great change from Austin books I had been reading all summer.

After changing, I pulled the blinds back up just to see Neville and Hermione walking to the compartment both in Hogwarts robes while Neville looked sad – from that I guessed they have yet to find the toad.

"Gran is going to be so mad." he moaned as he slumped into his chair.

"Don't worry – your going to find him." I told him patting his shoulder, he gave me a small awkward yet grateful smile.

"Thanks for your help both of you." he told Hermione and I.

Hermione was going to say something, her mouth open when the screeching of the train made us jump. The train was stopping.

Outside, through the now darkened scenery was a stone platform, smaller than platform and 9 ¾ with the words 'Hogsmead station' on a sign that was slowly filling with students who rumbled off the train, buzzing with excitement.

Hermione, Neville and I made our way out of the train – Neville silently weeping as we went – and into the crowds of students in black robes and school uniform. The three of us went with the crowds and through the platform.

"Firs' Years!" a gruff voice shouted through the platform. Hermione, Neville and I turned and scurried through the crowds with hurry and stopped in front of a very,very tall man. In fact I wasn't if he was man – he was so full of frizzy black hair and beard you could hardly see his mouth nor his cheeks while his eyes was a beetle black with a intimidating look about him with his bulky and tall frame except something about him was soft and gentle as you looked into his eyes. "This way, Follo' me an keep up." he said as he held up his rectangle, massive glass lantern and lead us through the trail and towards a massive dark looking lake that rippled silver from the half-moon light while the dark colours contrasted of the lake contrasted with the light.

"Ge' on," he suddenly said as a load of boats formed on the lake bank. "Four to a boa'" he said.

Hogwarts castle was beautiful. Inside and out. It was like I had walked into a magical medieval era as I walked into the Hogwarts Great Hall, Hermione by my side. Everyone seemed as awed as I was.

Professor McGonagall lead us down the Great Hall of watching students all in black robes on the four tables of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. I wanted to run away from the eyes that watched all of so closely. Slytherin's looked as if they were silently saying 'Oh, look it's the little first years' mockingly.

As the came to the end of the Great Hall that seemed incredibly long Professor McGonagall gave us the instructions to sit on the wooden stool and put on the hat and decide which house your in, in front of the whole school pupils – including the headmaster, Professor Dumbledore.

Professor McGonagall went down the list alphabetically until she came to Hermione. Hermione nervously went through the crowd and then with a steam of determination she sat on the stool and put the hat on her a bit roughly than others. Hermione sat on the stool, the hat covering her site until the hat with a mouth formed from the creases shouted: "GRYFFINDOR!" I smiled at Hermione as she caught my eye from the Gryffindor table – she was positively beaming with happiness.

The list went on and on and the line was decreasing more and more by the minute. As it came to the P section my heart began to exhilarate in my chest beating with incredibly fast.

"Potter, Harry" my heart froze and my jaw dropped as mine did though mine was for a completely different reason from the thousands in the Great Hall. My brother stepped forward, his messy black hair, round glasses, thin face and scrawny body with the most startling bright jade green eyes – my eyes, our mother's eyes.

His stepped forward and onto the stool, sitting down and putting on the stool and the hat began to pounder.

My brother – Harry Potter, in this room...

"GRYFFINDOR!" the hat called.

I saw Harry let out a breath of a sigh from relief and walk towards the Gryffindor table with Hermione and whom I only noticed until now – the Weasley twins. They were near another boy whom looked like he was related to him – he had glasses, thin face with pointy features and startling red hair like the twins.

"Potter, Isabella," there was even more gasps as my name was read from McGonagall. I saw Hermione stare at me, gawking like many others as I made my way towards the stool and the hat putting it on and letting the gawking people disappear.

'Well, well, well,' a voice said, more like whispered. I nearly jumped out of my seat. 'Miss Potter, it is good to see you are in fact alive as much as your brother is.' the hat said. 'You are very much like your mother – very passionate, selfless, big hearted but with the bravery of your father and the intelligence from them both... very noble too... why, this is easy to place...' "GRYFFINDOR!" the hat shouted and the table erupted.

"We've got the second Potter!" I heard through the mist.

I sat down next to Hermione and looked directly to my brother whom was gawking at me, the smallest of turn up near his mouth edges.

"Hello brother,"

The uncomftableness slowly crept upon me as I lay motionless in the bed. I groaned as I lifted myself off the bed and stumbled my way towards the bathroom away from the messy bedroom. Once in the bathroom I turned on the knob towards the red mark and began to undress for a shower.

Even though I hadn't known I was a witch, I knew something was different about me before I turned eleven – I was a, what witches and wizards call 'Metamorphose', I could change my appearance at will and I was ever since I was born, it frightened Renee to death when she first saw me change my hair to all the colours of the rainbow then change my eye colours. I attempted to keep it under control throughout my years of being a muggle, trying to fit in with others which wasn't always possible. Hogwarts was the only ever place I actually felt myself and normal at.

As my fingers knitted through my hair as the froth and bubbles of the strawberry shampoo, I felt the sudden emotion of sadness drop through me as I thought of Hogwarts – a second home to me. The faces of my brother, Harry, my best friends, Hermione, Ron and Ginny flashed through my mind bringing the sadness deeper inside me. I was pretty sure my Metamorphose was going under control now – I wouldn't be surprised if my hair was depressing deep grey as it normally does when negative emotions run through me.

It has been a year since I had set foot in Hogwarts and my mind was more and more panic filled as I thought of the way I had left; Dumbledore had died from a attack of Hogwarts in my sixth year, he had left me a letter telling me I must go to Charlie's and Harry couldn't of agreed more – he didn't want me around this war that was going on. He forced me to move to Charlie's until the war was gone and did an unbreakable vow with Professor McGonagall that I would not tell in the time of the stay of who I really was.

I changed my appearance to brown hair and brown eyes like Charlie and disguised myself as someone just a year older than I really was with the date birth of September 13th and the name Isabella Marie Swan moving from Phoenix to live with my father.

Then I met the Cullens. Things began to feel better – I was feeling less guilty of not being with my brother in the dreadful war going on around my brother and the magical world. Edward and the Cullen's made things better – I passed through my birthday of becoming age without even realising I was now at the age I could go on my own way and use my own magic. Edward made things better – he made me feel whole. With him I didn't fantasise on running back to my brother and family – I was more happier than ever before until now. I had lost the true love of my life – I felt like a part of me was missing and the pain of the missing piece was like pain I had never felt before.

Like a click of a light bulb the thought formed in my head. I could return. I go back to the wizarding world and fight side by side with my brother. The excitement that ran through me as I quickened my speed on washing my hair and scrubbing my body. I reached out and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around myself once the shower had been turned off.

I quickly went to the bedroom and began to change into a simple pair of straight dark straight leg jeans with a plain white, long sleeved t-shirt then put on some warm black socks before walking towards the bedside table draw, opening it slowly to see my pride and joy.

Inside was my beautiful wand; it was made from silver perch making the wand a silver grey that was carved beautifully to the tip in gold markings of leaves and ivy that curled around the wand's length of 13 ¾ inches. It cost me a bit more than others as it was one of the best wands Ollivander had made – it was his first wand he had made once he got his business running – it was a test run of Unicorn hair mixed with a Phoenix feather, very unique.

The warm feelings spread from the tips of my fingers, shooting up my arm as my hand curled around the wand. The tingling feeling ran through me bringing somewhat relief through me. It had been a year since I had last used my wand and as I felt the wand connect with my inner magic, it was like the first day I had ever held it.

"Accio Travel bag," I whispered and the chequered brown travel bag flew from the other side of the room and caught in my hands easily and swift-fully. It felt amazing. "Accio jumper," I said again and a brown jumper with white, red and green patterns came flying towards me and into my hands just as the travel bag did. "I've missed this so much!" I grinned feeling the old me fall through.

After that I did a few enlargement charms I had been reading from the books I hid in my underwear draw – Edward would never go in there nor would Charlie – to make my travel bag bigger on the insider rather than the outside then put on the jumper that Alice would have considered ugly. It fit me snugly and the warm feeling of wool clutched to my body.

I walked towards the mirror in my bedroom looking at the Forks Bella reflection; Forks Bella could be considered pretty with a natural look with the mahogany hair that I had mixed with Renee's hair and Charlie's hair and the brown eyes looked a lot more appealing than other brown eyes.

I quickly dried the wet hair that was sprayed around me then some Glamour Charm to make the hair brushed and untangled before changing me back into my real looks.

Accordantly to many I was a lot like my mother, almost a miniature version of her. My hair was a deep crimson red with the thinest hints of auburn that was hardly noticeable. It was naturally straight to my waist but being a Metamorphose I could sometimes change the lengths when I wanted to. Today I kept it as normal perfectly straight. My skin was clear with no pimples or scars and a clear ivory colour – the same as Forks Bella – though my cheeks always had a rosy pink glow with the faint tinge of bronze-pink. My face shape was heart-shaped while my lips were small along with my nose while my eyes were large, almond shape with a colour of jade green – almost emerald green. Then my height was taller – almost the same as Harry's – 5'6 while my body had more curves and bust size than Forks Bella's slender frame.

I sighed. I wonder what Edward would have thought of the real me, I thought absent-mindedly before snapping out of my pondering and summoned my coat, shoes, scarf and gloves. I put on the brown leather military type coat I had owned which was in fact one of Sirius' then some brown leather gloves, a lighter colour than the coat with brown leather, zip up heeled boots the same colour as the gloves – I mentally thanked myself that I wasn't really clumsy, it was just a façade I was made to put on.

After that I put on a knitted black beret type, beanie black hat onto my deep red hair and flipped out my middle parting long bangs before putting on the black scarf and putting on some brown tinged glasses. I looked like a walking brown blob as I looked at the amount of brown I was wearing – the only thing that stood out was my red hair which was hardly like the Weasley's red hair.

Once I had changed everything, I put my wand into coat pocket – jean pockets too small – and began to pack all my things for the journey to England. I would take the muggle transport until I was out of America where I could disapperate to Grimrauld place where I could send a message to Harry via Merlin.

Once I had packed everything I could I put a Feather-light Charm on the travel bag to make it light and effortless. Then picking up the bag I made my way towards the door onto to get my foot stuck in something.

I looked down to see my foot wedged into a look floorboard. I sighed trying to tug it out only my boot and foot was stuck. I groaned bending over and putting the floorboard out and crashing backwards onto the floor of my bedroom I had been in for a year.

As I held the floorboard I looked in the hole in the floor only to see something that brought shock and disbelief through me. There was a CD case – not just any CD case but the case that Edward had given me for my made up birthday.

"Oh my god..." I whispered as I picked it up in my hands with feather touch. The CD case was shiny and spotless – not mark on it. 'Bella's Lullaby' was listed down many of the piano sound names that Edward had composed.

I could have been staring at for an hour or so when I realised tears were trailing down my cheeks slowly. I watched as the tear drop that had crept to the very tip of my chin fell down into the hole of the loose floorboard and onto... card?

Down in the hole was a plane tickets from Esme and Carlisle to Jacksonville. Both of them where still straight and shiny. And under that was a picture... a picture that was folded of Edward and Forks me.

The sobs were uncontrollable now. The face of Edward's expressionless – his topaz eyes that were normally full of love were filled with nothing but that which until now I realised was just fake. This photo represented how he really felt of me.

I sniffled and slipped the things into the travel bag before re-standing and picking up my things then taking out my wand, flicking it at my face to disappear the tear strained cheeks and blood shot eyes which was still covered by glasses.

Slowly I made my way out the bedroom door letting my eyes run around the room one last time before turning and making my way towards Charlie's room which I knew was empty – I was sure Charlie had gone a long time from now for work. Inside was the dark colour of green and browns of Charlie's rooms with a blue and white plaid quilt with dark wooded furniture but in the corner was a cage with Merlin sitting in it. He was flapping his wings excitedly when he saw me.

Charlie had been looking after Merlin for me in his room for me as I didn't have much space. I had put a silencing charm on Merlin so he didn't wake Charlie in the night.

"Hey Merlin," I whispered as I walked towards the cage. I slowly opened it and put in some Owl snacks I had bought from Diagon Alley ages ago – I had almost two years supply of them hiding under my bed.

Merlin cooed before nibbling at the treats. I slowly stroked his silky soft feathers of his wings.

"I need you to go to Sirius' place – you'll do that right?" Merlin cooed again then lightly niped my finger. "Go straight there, no where else – stop for food and water though – be invisible at all times." Merlin was a special, magical breed of birds that was found by a group of wizards in Egypt 300 years ago. They have a special ability to become invisible and where known to be most beautiful type of owl around. They were very rare and very valuable.

Merlin's eyes showed understanding before he niped my finger again affectionately before flapping his wings and taking off into the night.

I sighed then summoned a pen and paper before descending down the stairs and into the kitchen before righting a note:

Dad, I'm sorry I haven't stayed longer – I really liked living with you Dad. I'm going back there, don't worry about me – I'll be fine. No need to get out a search party. I love you, Bella.