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Summary: Cloud ran away to Midgar when he was 10 after an incident with the villagers. He was picked up by one of Midgar's most dangerous gangs, Arc Light. But when he and Reno get busted on a job, the TURKS take notice.

ჯჯ Arc Light Rising ჯჯ

Kaillen L'Arc DeWinter, called both Kail and L'Arc depending on who you asked, was suitably perplexed by the random space in the middle of Wall Market. He huffed and approached the area quickly and quietly. The flower girl, Aeris, stood next to the small blonde boy quivering on the street whispering calming words. It was obvious that the boy was new to Midgar but had been living alone for a while by the few mannerisms Kail could observe. He looked at Aeris silently asking permission before kneeling down to the younger boy's eye level. He reached out and then the boy uttered something that confused Kail greatly, but Aeris seemed to understand.


Kail cocked his head and looked at Aeris again; well that wasn't either Common or Wutaian… I wonder what it was? "Um. What was that?"

The word was repeated "Bitte!" and the boy scooted back slightly, edging toward Aeris.

Ah. So 'Bitte' means either go away or stop then. Kail reasoned at the boy's reaction. He hummed slightly for a moment. "Do you speak Common?" he asked.

The boy cocked his head in the same direction as Kail's. "C-C-Cummin?" the boy's voice was hesitant and confused.

"That would be a 'no' more than likely. Okay, simple thing first. I" he pointed to himself "am named Kail. You named…?" he trailed off pointing to the other boy.

Aeris joined in "I am named Aeris." She explained quietly.

The blond was confused momentarily so Kail repeated "I" he pointed to himself "Kail. You?" he pointed to the blonde again.

"Ah. I iz C-Cloud. I Nibel." He said in broken Common. He then rambled for a moment in the language Kail didn't know. He sighed, why couldn't Aeris just tell him what Cloud was saying! This was gonna be a long day.

"Nibel?" he asked patiently, trying to see if the boy would expound on the word.

The boy nodded, "I Nibel." He repeated, he gestured to the city then said "Nibelheim on-n-n Nibel." Then he pointed west, "Way."

Kail thought back to the map he'd once seen, Nibelheim was the capital of the Nibel region that encompassed the entirety of Mt. Nibel and the surrounding area. So that's what that meant. "You speak any other language?" he said miming speaking with his hand then put his hand to his lips. The boy nodded then rattled something off in Wutaian. Kail sighed; this just couldn't be easy could it? "Can you fight?" he asked pointing to Cloud then punched his fist into his hand.

Cloud nodded eagerly "V-V-Vin-ce, Vinva, t-tetch me." He gestured at his hands and made punching movements, then pulled a knife out, then put up two fingers and said "Bang!" which Kail took as guns. Kail thought about it, if he was right taking this boy in would be a major help to their cause, even if he had to be taught how to speak. Maybe he would like Reno…

"Come with me, I think I know how to help you." He pulled Cloud up and started down a nearby alley. Cloud trailed behind but stopped protesting. Maybe this would work out. "See you Flora!"

"Don't call me that!" Aeris yelled after them. She sighed sadly as the pair walked off. Maybe L'Arc would make a new friend and maybe Cloud would be able to survive the streets. Just maybe.

ჯჯ Arc Light Rising ჯჯ

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