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Summary: Cloud ran away to Midgar when he was 10 after an incident with the villagers. He was picked up by one of Midgar's most dangerous gangs, Arc Light. But when he and Reno get busted on a job, the TURKS take notice.

ჯჯ Arc Light Rising ჯჯ

It had been four years since Cloud, often referred to a Nibel, had first come to Midgar. His Common speaking skills had rapidly improved, however he still switched back to either Wutaian or Nibel when he felt Common couldn't properly express how he felt. He sighed, he needed to get moving again, no need for Shinra to find anyone at Headquarters after a raid, right?

He turned down an alley off of Wall Market and slid through a gate into the alley that they used as Headquarters. A glance told him that there was no one there and hadn't been all night. Good. Cloud froze and slunk into the shadows of the alley, tugging his black hat over his blonde hair, listening to the footsteps drawing closer and closer to him.

"D'ya think there's anyone here Seph? I mean gangs are normally better at hiding then this." One voice said energetically. Cloud could practically hear the speaker bouncing in place impatiently waiting for a response.

"Hmm. Possibly. According to sources they normally send someone to scope the place to make sure no one gets caught." A deeper calmer voice replied. A shiver ran down Cloud's spine, this man had an oppressively strong presence. He had only ever felt this kind of presence during riots when SOLDIERs had been sent out to break it up. Only three people had this kind of presence, Genesis, Angeal, and Sephiroth.

Cloud connected the dots easily, oppressive presence, the 'Seph,' Shinra had sent Sephiroth to investigate their hideout? Were they really causing that many problems? It wasn't like they were killing people or anything, they just stole what they needed from people who had too much, in other words, Shinra.

"D'ya hear that Seph? I think there's someone here!" the energetic voice said. Cloud froze, what could they be hearing to alert them to him? He felt his pulse race, oh, that would be what they were probably hearing.

"Yes, I hear it Zackary. Would you please come out?" Sephiroth, Sephiroth, said. Cloud thought about it before stepping into the light where the SOLDIERs could see him.

"What'chu want, yo?" Cloud drawled, using the accent he picked up from his partner in the gang, Reno.

The black haired SOLDIER smiled wider and asked bluntly "We were wondering who you were, and what you have to do with Arc Light."

Cloud cocked his head to the side in mock confusion "Abso'utly nothin'. They got a gift for me to sell yo. They told me to meet sume'un here yo. Why?" The statement was truly ironic, for while he was lying through his teeth he was telling the truth; he was the black market contact for Arc Rising.

He watched as Zackary spluttered for moment before asking incredulously "You're their black market contact? I mean, you're not that big, or scary, or menacing, or- "

Sephiroth cut off Zackary's rant about how unimposing the blond seemed compared to most black market dealers. "Do you know when they will meet you?" the statement was said in the same cold, flat tone as all the other things he had said.

Cloud shrugged, continuing his half true tale "I dunno. They show up, when 'n where they want. I jus hang 'round here until I see one, or noon. If they no shown up by then, they got nutin to sell. Simple rilly." The fact that the two Soldiers actually believed him was astounding, he guessed what Vinva had said about the best lies being half-true really was true,

Sephiroth nodded while, Zackary still seemed to be dissecting his speech in his mind before his face lit up with understanding. Cloud fidgeted for a moment under the observation of the pair before demanding "C'n I go now?"

Zackary's face dimmed slightly, as if he was loosing a new friend but looked up at Sephiroth, also wondering the answer. "Of course."

ჯჯ Arc Light Rising ჯჯ

"Yeah here we go for the hundredth time

Hand grenade pins in every line

Throw 'em up and let something shine

Going out of my fucking mind"

When Cloud finally arrived at the celebration spot in Fifth District the party had already begun. Forty kids and teens, ranging in age between about five to almost twenty, stood in a long alley with music blaring and most of the alley being used to a free running competition. Cloud smiled slightly as he saw Reno bouncing slightly while waiting for his turn to run and do tricks.

"Filthy mouth, no excuse

Find a new place to hang this noose

String me up from atop these roofs

Knot it tight so I won't get loose"

He felt almost sad when he saw L'Arc walk up with a business like look on his face, The older teen had the same slightly sad look to him, as well as the ragged exhausted look that came from running a crew of kids and teens with half of them being older then himself. "Nibel, I'm really sorry, well not really but you get the point, about this but I need you and Reno to go jack a transport. With Shinra scrambling around the streets looking for us, we might as well hit them again while they're out." Cloud nodded in agreement and did a few tricks on his way back to the end point of the free run area to wait for Reno.

"Say your prayers and stomp it out

When they bring that chorus in

I bleed it out digging deeper

Just to throw it away

I bleed it out digging deeper

Just to throw it away"

Cloud looked up as he heard a round of applause from many of the gang members. Reno was standing at the end of the course a cocky grin on his face, he bowed deeply before running over to Cloud.

"What'sup, yo?" Cloud listened to Reno pant for a moment before replying.

"'Port jackin', Hittin' Shinra 'gain soon. L'Arc tapped us for it." Reno nodded distractedly before seeming to regain his energy.

"What are we waitin' for, yo? Let's go!"

"Go stop the show

Choppy words and a sloppy flow

Shotgun opera lock and load

Cock it back and then watch it go

Mama help me I've been cursed

Death is rolling in every verse

Candy paint on his brand new hearse

Can't contain him he knows he works"

ჯჯ Arc Light Rising ჯჯ

Cloud froze when he heard a voice coming from behind him and the cold feeling of a metal gun pressing against the back of his neck. He heard Reno's muffled yelp, which meant the redhead was in a similar situation on the other side of the transport they pickled out. He wondered briefly about Rea, their lookout before deciding that saving his own life was slightly more important.

"- you both will be put under arrest for attempting to steal a military vehicle."

Well that sucked. Of all the unmarked trucks in the area, they just had to pick one from Shinra didn't they. It figured. He heard Reno yelp again before starting to mumbled about harsh treatment, and how he was totally going to sue them for damages, yo. Cloud resigned himself to being handcuffed and stood up when directed. He felt the man behind him lean in.

"You are a lot quieter then your friend, I wonder why?" Cloud ignored the voice and concentrated on Reno, he heard none of the trigger words so he kept still. After all, there was no point in revealing their talents to their captors now was there.

All was silent as they were moved to the rear of the truck, which was revealed as some sort of prisoner transport. Cloud perked up a bit as he heard the cocking of yet another gun, this one behind his captor. Perhaps they were saved…

"I bleed it out"

ჯჯ Arc Light Rising ჯჯ

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